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  1. Looking good!! Lots of improvement with more to come, so happy for you!
  2. HELP! Adult cystic acne:(

    If it's hormonal, Have you tried spironolactone? It has worked wonders for me. It took quite awhile to kick in, but I do not break out anymore. It's been a lifesaver for me.

    Your skin looks fantastic!
  4. FAQ and big post seems to be broken

    Hi, All my problems are fixed except one. When I go to the new content section and at the bottom of the page it says load more activity, when I try to it just reloads that page, I can't see earlier posts... Ty for always taking the time to look into things and fixing! Much appreciated!
  5. I love Elta Md sunscreen for acne prone skin and cerave am moisturizer w spf 30
  6. Scar exicision gone wrong

    scarface you really annoy the crap out of me. You always diminish somebody's scars, but meanwhile I think your scars are minimal. For some bizarre reason you are attacking scarredandsad, I have no idea why. It's annoying and it makes you look like a moron.
  7. FAQ and big post seems to be broken

    I too am having problems. When I go to view certain topics I get a message saying page isn't working...