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  1. CeraVe or Cetaphil?

    I use the pm lotion, just bc it feels lightweight. I hadn't moisturized for years and years bc it seemed I wld break out while using. My derm recommended the cerave lotion and I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. CeraVe or Cetaphil?

    I personally like cerave bc it has never broken me out, and I like the feeling of it. I have never tried the cetaphil tho.
  3. Who Has The Best Scar Doctor In The Usa

    I'm not a huge fan of Dr. Novick either. I went to him for scars, and a full body check. Besides scars on my face I had a rash about a nickel sized that simply wldnt go away. When I got there we ended up on focusing on suspicious moles. I had 4 removed at 350$ each, yes you read that right. I showed him the spot on my forehead, which I had cryosurgery on 10 months prior and he told me it was just healing, and that it was fine. I also had a clogged pore right on my lip line that was noticeable. I asked him if he cld extract it and he said np. It took him all of 2 seconds and he charged me 200$ for it! I was beyond shocked when I saw on bill. He does not accept insurance. Also the body check was 350$. I did know of all these charges prior, except the extraction. I was going to him bc he seemed to know his stuff. The story gets worse...I got one biopsy result within a week...he sent the biopsies to 2 different labs. I got one result in a week and it was negative thank god. He sent the result via email..w really no explanation..just said it was negative. Well then I waited another week for the other results and got nothing. I called the office 3 times and left messages. (btw always had a problem reaching his office by phone, he seems to prefer email) . Waited another week to call bc I had heard nothing, I also had sent emails and nothing. I finally reached the office and his receptionist said she was sorry but they were on vacation. What I found so aggravating is that the whole week he was answering tons of questions on real self. The receptionist told me she wld look for my results and wld get back to me. Well that day I get an email from Novick ..a very short one stating the results had come back and all was ok. Well this made me mad bc I wanted info on what the suspicious moles were. So I emailed him back asking for the results to be sent to me, which was a whole other ordeal that took about a week. I got my results emailed finally...well got even more disgusted w him...he got All of my results back in 2 days from both labs, the copies he sent had the fax numbers and dates on them. Like really made me wait weeks for results, but you had the time to answer 50 questions on real self..grrr The real clincher is that in June I saw a Dr. who was like you need to have the spot on your forehead biopsied. Well it came back as a basal cell cancer and I had to have Mohs surgery. Pisses me off bc Novick blew it off, like I was being paranoid. I told him how long I had the spot and everything, and he was like its nothing. Yes my derm had blown me off too abt it, but also my derm didn't gloat how long hes been in the business and how he was like the first dr. to do botox injections in the US... I found Novick very arrogant. I do have to say the one good thing I did like abt him is he does not overbook, and there is zero wait time. He makes sure there is enough time for appointments, he does not rush at all. I also can't really comment on how well he does w scars..actually he seems to get pretty good review for that..I just wanted to post my experience with him