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  1. Comedonal Acne and Accutane

    I think there's huge improvement...looking really good and it will only get better!  So happy for you!
  2. Last Hope

    I wld give it a chance.  Sometimes I wld get bouts of dizziness , but it wld go away.  I've been on it for 14 months now and basically don't have any side effects.  It has been a rollercoaster ride for sure.  Right now I'm in a good phase, I really hope it stays that way!!  I'm on 150mg now...I started at 25mg. Hope you see results soon!
  3. When I used tazorac my derm told me it was best to use it everyday, but wld probably have to work up to that.  It was suggested I use every 3 days, then 2 days , then everyday when my skin could handle it.  I found I could use it everyday very fast, I had tough skin back then.  Most people have irritation in the beginning and need to work up to everyday.  There are also different strengths of tazorac..  
  4. Comedonal Acne and Accutane

    Good Luck!  Will be following your progress!
  5. Looks great Kristi!  Sooo happy for you!!
  6. Hi Ashley, I have been on spiro for over a year.  I didn't have breast pain until a few months ago.  I didn't have shooting pain.  It was like a dull ache that was constant.  My breasts were very tender and sensitive.  They were like that for a couple of months and then all of a sudden the pain was gone.  In my experience the pain did go away.  Good luck!!
  7. Yayyy!! I'm so happy things are getting better. I know how much it sucks waiting for red marks to fade, but hopefully yours will go soon. I hate the change of seasons..I tend to breakout ...winter to summer..summer to winter... So glad you're doing better!
  8. Hi ya OCD, Checking in to see how you're doing..Hope everything started to clear!! Pls let me know! xo
  9. Last Hope

    Hi ya Leelowe.. Glad to hear you started spiro, but sad to hear you're going thru breakout. Hopefully it will clear up, and you will stay clear! I'm doing pretty good but still get breakouts..nothing like I used to get tho..thank god!! Last week was the first time I got cortisone shot in 5 months. It really was my own fault. I messed with a pimple that I thought was def ready to pop...What a big mistake..I made it into a large nodule deep into skin..what a dope! I'm doing 125mg a day but might try 150mg. I feel like I am so close to having consistently clear skin and the extra 25mg will get me there. I am sooo better than I was a year ago, but still hate I get breakouts..I'm greedy, I want to always have clear skin!! Hope you're doing well and pls keep me updated!
  10. Hi Ocd, My spot took a few weeks to completely go away, but after a couple of weeks it was livable for me. I completely understand what you're going through. I have very pale skin and every red mark stands out horribly. I also have had horrible cysts, wounds etc that took forever to heal, it totally sucks. I can't tell you how many times I have spent crying in the mirror and having anxiety abt my totally sucks. I have had several spots where I thought there was no way this will ever heal, but they do, it just takes time, I know the waiting SUCKS! I've also had the crinkly skin that has come off, the redness always got better. Maybe you're trying too much on the area? Perhaps just wash it w gentle cleanser and either let it be or put aquaphor on it. Moist healing is suppose to be the way to go, less chance of scarring, i'm sure that's why your derm wants you to put it on. For some bizarre reason though I always did better with letting things scab up, my skin seemed to heal better, but I don't want to give you bad advice. I hope you're feeling a little better..I know how horrible it feels..Hopefully in a few days it will be healing ..please keep me posted
  11. Hi Ocd, I feel for you..I have been through almost the same thing. A few months ago I had 2 extractions. Was the first time I had extractions done. One went great, the other was pure hell. It also was right near my laugh line, mine was a clogged pore. It was a stupid lump, it wasn't red but it was bothering me, I wanted it out. Well I knew there could be swelling afterwards, but I knew right went I got home it went haywire. It was a swollen red mess, and so much bigger than the original stupid lump. I was so pissed. Just like yours the area around it swelled. After a couple of days the major swelling went down, but I was still left with a cyst like wound with a disgusting scab on it. The worst part was I went on vacation like this to New Orleans. On my 2nd day in New Orleans I couldn't take it. I found a derm, I wanted to get cortisone shot even though there was scab. Luckily I found a good derm and he gave me shot right into scab area. The scab area was so swollen. The next day it went down considerably. Of course I was left w big red mark but it looked so much better not swollen. Also when the swelling goes down the healing of the skin can begin. Not sure if cortisone shot wld be right for you feel lump, or is it just the whole area swollen? Maybe you cld go to different derm and get an opinion? Maybe a short course of prednisone could help... I know how hard and upsetting this all is, I completely understand...It totally sucks. I hope you get relief very soon!