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  1. Accutane, the last resort. 23 yo female

    Skin is looking really good, so happy for you!!  
  2. Accutane, the last resort. 23 yo female

    Hi DarkenedCloud, Just wanted to say I know EXACTLY how you feel about the dry eyes...I was on Accutane 3 years ago and a month in I experienced extreme dry eyes.  Not only did I have red, icky eyes, my eyelid margins horrible.  I looked like a total freak.  I ran to eye drs (went to 3 of them till I finally found one that had experience with Accutane) ..He told me it was my decision if I wanted to stay on Accutane or not.  He said most of the time a person's eyes will go back to normal after Accutane.  What I had against me was my age.  I was 45 and he said as you get older your eyes get dryer and dryer.  He said unfortunately Accutane doesn't discriminate against what oil glands it destroys, it also dries up the glands in your eyes.   I was only a month in so I decided to stop Accutane..if I was further into the treatment I wld've kept taking.  I just couldn't imagine going another 4 months.  Just like you I thought I would do anything for clear skin, but when your eyes start getting all wacky its a different story...not sure if anyone can truly understand unless they went through it.    It took me a few months to get my eyes back to where they were comfy..Warm eye soaks, restasis eye drops, and hardly ever wearing makeup got me back .  With that said I often wonder what would've happened if I just stuck it through.  I only gave it a few days of trying drops, etc while on Accutane.  I've read soooo many threads here where a person is suffering bad dry eye and pushed through it with drops and taking care of their eyes. and were absolutely fine.  I don't want to scare you off Accutane bc I truly believe it is a miracle drug.  I always double guessed my decision.   I'm on spironolactone now for 1 year and 3 months.  I'm very happy with the results.  Ironically my dry eye has returned and have a feeling its due to the spiro.  It has been manageable but I truly hope it doesn't get worse.   Hopefully we will get through our dry eye problems bc it really sucks!!
  3. I love Cetaphil...Only cleanser that doesn't dry my skin out, so good for winter time.
  4. Hi Krissy, I'm so happy you updated, was wondering how you were doing!  Your skin looks fantastic, so happy for you.  I've had atrophy from cortisone shots and it has always gotten better, just takes should just keep getting better and better...So glad you're doing well!
  5. Regimen now causing severe reaction

    Hi mimi,   I'm 48 and same exact thing happened to me..I always used bp on my skin without any trouble.  A few months ago I tried the regimen's bp and my skin turned red for days.  I thought it cld be due to some other ingredient in the regimen bc I had never had a problem with bp my whole life.   I renewed a scrip for acanya..which also has 2.5% bp in it...same thing happened.  For some reason my skin can't handle bp anymore..I believe its bc i'm perimenopause..but who knows.  I'm on spiro for over a has def helped but I still do get breakouts..
  6. Comedonal Acne and Accutane

    I think there's huge improvement...looking really good and it will only get better!  So happy for you!
  7. Last Hope

    I wld give it a chance.  Sometimes I wld get bouts of dizziness , but it wld go away.  I've been on it for 14 months now and basically don't have any side effects.  It has been a rollercoaster ride for sure.  Right now I'm in a good phase, I really hope it stays that way!!  I'm on 150mg now...I started at 25mg. Hope you see results soon!
  8. When I used tazorac my derm told me it was best to use it everyday, but wld probably have to work up to that.  It was suggested I use every 3 days, then 2 days , then everyday when my skin could handle it.  I found I could use it everyday very fast, I had tough skin back then.  Most people have irritation in the beginning and need to work up to everyday.  There are also different strengths of tazorac..