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  1. Miss CP added a post in a topic CAVEWOMAN!!! Body Acne   

    Oh yes, an one more note, my shoulders/upper arms look amazing after stopping with the pro-activ body wash, I really feel like that was the source for the majority of my zits (even the ones i'm dealing with right now) When i started scrubbing hard with it my arms broke out, since I have stopped they are completely smooth with no clogged pores or bumps, I really hope it's not a coincidence. As my arms were usually always smooth before i washed in that place. I started washing more vigorously when i was planning a tropical vacation and wanted clearer skin, Well i got the exact opposite due to scrubbing.
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  2. Miss CP added a post in a topic CAVEWOMAN!!! Body Acne   

    Well, so far so good! I have 0 zits on my chest (1 clogged pore which may go away) and 4 zits on my back that are quite small, it has been approximately 1 week and my skin looks alot better than when I use products. The vitamins may play an important role in this, also the fact that I cut cut out dairy and am eating very healthy meals

    I am trying not to pick, it makes the skin red and look so much worse. I think this alone could make my skin look 50% better. As I usually only get inflamed zits when they are irritated.

    I will give it some time since it is not very time-consuming (just shower 2x a day and cleanse with spectrojel), if this fails after a few months of use I am going to try Paula's BHA or Dans AHA. But hopefully with summer around the corner I won't have to worry about those, as I usually clear up pretty nicely in the summer... still have a few minor zits though. I have LONG hair so if I go to the beach I usually wear it down so it covers my back. I know this is bad because of the oils from my hair but I shower afterwards, and cannot bare to have people see the bare skin on my back.
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  3. Miss CP added a post in a topic CAVEWOMAN!!! Body Acne   

    I am starting the caveman on both my chest and back. After using Differin for 2 weeks and stopping I really hope this won't cause a break-out. I used to eat pretty unhealthy (fast food, candy, popcorn etc.) and smoke alot of weed (daily for 5 years). So I am 1 week clean now and have started taking Vitamins (B-complex, Zinc, Fish Oil, Vitamins A D & E). I'm hoping this "light" acne was caused from my drug habbit or unhealthy food-eating habbit, because stopping those things could be a rather easy fix. I've heard that Marijuana increases testosterone... which is bad. I'm sure it will take a while to get out of my system... hopefully not TOO long. I am also starting to eat more pro-biotics and I am on the No Red Meat/No Dairy Diet.

    I am not doing completely caveman. I am just going to be cleansing with SpectroJel (purple) and applying 2% Salicylic spot treatment (Clean & Clear Advantage). I currently use Proactiv for my face and get about 1 zit a month, so I am going to stick with that, but it did not work for my body.

    Hope this works.
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  4. Miss CP added a topic in Back/Body/Neck acne   

    CAVEWOMAN!!! Body Acne
    I am a 23yr female with light bacne/chest acne that I have had all my life. I would like to know if anyone has ever tried just cleansing for their body acne. Using something like Cetaphil or Purpose only, without any topicals or chemicals! I have used products since I was 14, and since I was 14 I have broken out. Recently I noticed that the body wash I was using for 2+ years(Proactiv) was breaking me out terribly, I was scrubbing pretty hard with it and got zits in places I never used to. My older sister also had bacne (moderate-severe) way back in the day and now she is relatively clear minus a few odd zits around her period. What she does to acheive this? Nothing, she tells me she doesnt even use soap in the shower, just water. She thinks that all the chemicals and stuff she had been using to help the problem were actually making the problem alot worse.

    I am currently starting the au-natural regimen on my chest, Day 3 and I just have 1 zit from before when I had been scrubbing with Proactiv, no new spots though.

    Before I realized that it may be my products causing it I had a REALLY bad breakout from scrubbing with those darn beads, so I went to my doctor and got a prescription for the first time. I have been on Differin on my back for 2 weeks now. Because I only have light acne I'm scared my IB will make things 100x worse. I think I might want to stop and go plain jane to see if it works so I can go to the beach this summer without burning.

    Has anyone had success/failure with going natural?

    PLEASE RESPOND, No one ever gives me advise on these posts

    Just a note: I have also been eating healthier and started taking vitamins to help.
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  5. Miss CP added a blog entry in 23 y/o Fem w/ Bacne   

    First Entry Ever!
    I am a 23 yr old female from Canada, I am on Day 6 of using Differing 0.1% gel and Clindamycin cream for my bacne which I have had since I was 14. It is a rather mild-case I think (usually 1-3 inflamed pimples and 5-10 closed comedones at a time). The only other product I have used is Salicylic Acid wash in the shower to this day, I should have noticed before now that it just wasn't cutting it. This is my first time on prescription medication so I am hoping for good results.

    So far, I have not had any new zits pop up, I have noticed a few of the closed comedones came to head and were very easy to pop with little effort and they seem to be healing up quicker. I'm not sure if this is a result of the prescription as I have only been using it for 6 days and supposidly it doesn't work that fast. I am afraid of an initial break out, however, due to the fact that it is on my back I will be able to cover it up until it goes away. If all goes well after 1 months time I will begin using it on my chest (which I get pimples on occasionally, but far less) I just want to know the results on my back before I use it in a place that I expose more often due to V-neck shirts and such.

    Oh yeah, and just FYI, my skin on my face is relatively clear, right now 0 pimples. I do get the occasional 1 pimple a month or so. I use proactiv on my face (the benzol peroxide), but I do not want to use benzol on my back, it is not worth the risk of ruining my entire wardrobe with bleach.
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