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  1. LastStraw added a post in a topic Insomnia-Accutane Anyone   

    Lmfao, I actually had insomnia before I went on tane. I was on Xanax and Lunesta btw. I'm into my second week of tane and it makes me sleep like a baby LOL.
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  2. LastStraw added a post in a topic Please recommend me a moisturizer!   

    I actually bought a bottle of that stuff and have used it before. It just makes my skin extremely dry so I had to stop using it.
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  3. LastStraw added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Please recommend me a moisturizer!
    Ok for people that have dry and red skin from tane...can you please recommend me a good moisturizer? It has to NOT make my face look oily. That is the most important thing. I was looking at the Eucerin stuff but they have so many different types that I don't know which to get. SPF is a plus too! Thanks!
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  4. LastStraw added a post in a topic Minocin   

    Antibiotics did nothing for me either and that is even after when the doc did a culture sample on my zits. I did notice that my bowel movements went to shit, pun not intended. My excrement were black and a lot harder then how it usually was.
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  5. LastStraw added a post in a topic Is it correct that Accutane is high doses of Vitamin A?   

    You're right. They are different.
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  6. LastStraw added a post in a topic Unconditional Love is Bullshit   

    What's worse them bible thumpers are anti-bible thumpers. I feel bad for you Freaky T. Let people believe whatever the fuck they want to believe.
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  7. LastStraw added a post in a topic Ladies...question   

    Holy shit. Atleast we got a honest female here.
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  8. LastStraw added a gallery image in Scar gallery   


    In album: Scar/Acne

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  9. LastStraw added a gallery image in Scar gallery   

    My face as of 11-2-2005

    In album: Scar/Acne

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  10. LastStraw added a post in a topic Girls Don't Like Boys......   

    You can keep living in your dream world if you want. Most of us are realists. I bet you're a neo-con too aren't you? And you said you would never date a guy that has multiple partners in the past...yet you think somehow a guy will tell you the truth? Also your assertion that good looking men in their thirties only get ugly old bags is false. You don't even make any sense. Good looking people will get good looking partners as long as they have the confidence to do so. Sorry that you live such a conservative life. Some of us actually want to enjoy our youth while we can because life is short. There is no harm done if both partners are willing...but I guess in your case, God might banish you to hell right?
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  11. LastStraw added a post in a topic Girls Don't Like Boys......   

    DarkDraggon, you are a god among men. Tell it like it is.

    You can't blame guys for it either. We are biologically programmed to reproduce as much as possible. That is how mother nature intended us to be. It's simply self preservation. If we were still primitive, the alpha male would still be having intercourse with random females of the tribe...but society(religion) now imposed something called "marriage" that is pretty much means that you only have intercourse with your wife.

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  12. LastStraw added a post in a topic LV Boy's Accutance Adventure   

    I don't think you should stop with the logs but one thing that would be more useful is if you talked more about the zits. How the existing ones are progressing and how the new ones are coming. I have moderate-severe acne and I'm thinking of going on Accutane. I have A LOT of scars on my face. I know some people that get 3 pimples their whole life thinks that they have severe acne. Give me a break. I constantly have over 15 on my face. And about scarring, almost my whole face has some sort of scaring. It's pretty fucking depressing. It totally drives down your self-esteem and I never want to go out anymore. I know for sure my acne is hormonal because once I turned 18, out of nowhere my zit was coming out like crazy. I had PERFECT skin before I turned 18. I mean not even one zit ever. All my friends ask me wtf I do to have such clear skin. The truth is, I don't do jack squat. I'm 21 now and my acne is worse then ever. My little brother also broke out the exact same time when he turned 18. Damn this family genes.
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  13. LastStraw added a post in a topic Is Propionibacterium acnes or P. acne worse than c   

    What causes P.Acne anyways? I mean, I'm pretty sure we don't grow it from our own skin. But christ, where the hell do they come from?
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  14. LastStraw added a post in a topic scabs!   

    I agree. Aloe vera gel from the PLANT is the best stuff ever. If you use it on your entire face for 2 weeks straight, it will be smooth and soft as a baby's bottom.
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  15. LastStraw added a post in a topic Anyone used this?(ebay)   

    I've heard of Carley's Clear and Smooth...but Juliets? LOL funny stuff. I can vouch for Carley's natural soap being one of the best soap I have ever used. I actually have 4 bars next to me right now. However their acne stuff never worked for me. There soap bar is the best out there. I'll continue to buy their soap for use as a shampoo and shaving cream.
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