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on 08/03/2011
I suffered from acne for 8 years, I then went to the The Private Clinic in Manchster to undergo N-Lite laser for the Embarrassing bodies show on Channel 4. Im alot happier with my skin now, only had 4 treatments so far, still a few more to go, but have noticed a big improvement to skin, yes still getting a few spots but not like before (mainly on cheeks and chin) forhead and sides seems to be alot clearer. Im also in the process of changing my makeup to a brand that doesnt contain bismuth oxchloride as I think this is irritating my acne. Also one woman said she removed this from her products and her acne cleared, its worth a shot! As for the clinic the staff were very friendly and advised on products to use alongside the N-lite laser (for me this was sebu b range by environ) this helped to clear some of the skin before I started the treatment (helps skin appear alot smoother) also had microdermabrasion and derma-roller for scars. So far the treatments are helping my skin alot so would definately recommend.<br/>to see me having the treatment see embarrassing bodes on you tube for 4od. This shows my treatment at the Manchester Clinic<br/>[link removed]