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  1. I has the same thing .i though it was dehydrated skin but it was seb derm all over my t zone and chin and almost my whole cheeks.took me a while to find out it was Seb derm becuase I though seb derm flaks.but not all the time some people don't flake ,some just have some white film on top of the seb derm area.  My seb derm was not flaky but always had a white film on top of the seb derm areas. Everytime I was my face twice a day I would scrape this white stuff on my face .so I search and find out it was seb derm aka face dandruff on my face.so I got some head and shoulders 2 in 1 shampoo and wash my face with it once a day sometime twice a day,and leave it on for 7 mins like a face mask and rinse it all off.  But before I apply the shampoo on my face I would gentle use a wash cloth to remove all that white dead skin from my seb derm on my face,so the shampoo can work better. I did this for a couple of weeks and it fix it.   when you first use the shampoo on your face and leave it on for 7 mins.and rinse it.your seb derm area will be more visible and more red.but this means it working.it get a little worse before it goes away.this happen because the seb derm fungus is fighting or dying.  Just try this method for a least 2 weeks or a month and your seb derm should be gone.   and  wash your face aleats twice a day.because the seb derm will be harder to fix if u wash once a day.and second time u wash it u can leave it on for 1 min or 5  mins.just depend how senitive your skin is.if the h n s shampoo is too strong for your face then use the h n s 2 in1. And if that is too strong then just use the h n s conditioner. Good luck
  2. Dehydrated Skin Problem

    Ok quick update.i never had dehydrated skin.i had seb derm on my forehead and t zone,cheeks and chin.i fix this with head and shoulders shampoo 2 in 1 conditioner .i would use it every other day to wash my face.i will leave it on for 7 mins and rinse.fix it in couple of weeks. And one more thing every month I would rotate shampoo like selsun blue.so the seb derm aka fungus won't get use to the shampoo . Hope this help