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  1. I didn't expect this type of post when i read the topic, however, I will agree as a 24 year old single male without kids and a stable job in healthcare. I simply am not attracted to overweight women and by overweight for me I mean something along the lines of their figure being proportionate- there arms, legs, face appear "swollen" , they are short, their abdomen is by far hanging over their belt line. Some belly fat? I'm definitely okay with. Hey we are human and entitled to what we like. Why settle for less when we are told as kids "their are plenty of fish in the see". Especially when we see our friends marry people of all shapes an sizes and looks. They along with many Hollywood movies are are inspiration.... So I do not find the OP's remarks as shallow.  They like acne suffers do battle esteem issues. So I pay them the same respect and be humble as well as kind. We are in a similar boat. 
  2. Acne In The Media

    I've actually noticed more people adults mostly around my area with acne. Its treated as no big deal though at work some nights my coworkers will get in discussions and rants on this subject to which i stay clear as I want to chime in on my struggles though they simply wouldn't understand. Because i feel they were not immersed in the pain and suffering i went through. Mine is not as bad (practically clear now) but I still will not be cleared nor able to forget the struggle. Though again I find more people, ordinary people, with acne.