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  1. In the younger teen/young adult years nobody around me really showed interest in dating me. Looks matter. Then. As adults were more forgiving as we mature (hopefully people do mature) so looks and flaws mean less while things like personality, and character traits matter more like stuff not seen such as confidence which is often been said to me by various girls to be unique to each guy and highly attractive. While acne doesn't completely leave me alone one thing that has changed is my confidence which has made me lots of friends and them friends ask others and me if im single and am looking to date. I find this odd as this never happened growing up. But thinking about it these logical connections do make sense. So i will say self esteem, your attitude towards yourself, and overall confidence do matter. I've still only had relations with 1 person but numbers don't mean anything to me because its not a numbers game. Just lookin for the right one. As the above person said appearance should never be an issue as it does not define you