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  1. And that is the truth. No one really gets it until its on their face. Many forget the mental trauma and subsequent depression that follows such battles of the physical change that you are almost helpless to resit. In the case of acne it is a losing battle most days. You just welcome the fact this is what it is going to be. Because fighting it takes some much out of you. In your case i cant begin to understand. But i know the suffering. You're beautiful you've forgot it though because others have took that from you. You can't seek approval from others you must believe it for yourself as you once did. Someone will realize that someday and they will respect your courage and what makes you you. And they will want to be with you. I guess that is my belief. Though in the off chance that's why i am building up a savings account for adoption
  2. All that surgery and plans of procedures will give you hope and joy when you finally get to your goal though it all will be short lived in my opinion. You'll never be happy and always want more. They call this an obsession. You'll need to come to peace with some part of it sooner or later. I have scarring that has improved in some areas while in others no and in the right kind of light and closeness it shows. I've reached the point in the last two years to where i just do not care. Its part of this body its part of me. Take it or leave it. If that is your focus for judging me as a person then you are one shallow mother F. That is my feelings. I've slowly come to terms with something harder than the physical effects of acne. I realize that I am a person and a decent one at that. I have things that make me different and unique. There are those that will appreciate it and others that over will look it, Its their loss. I do not care. I keep a job because i work night shifts and i work in a locked unit away from crowds.
  3. An older topic that I did enjoy reading. While i do not fully support some of the topics brought to the table here, i do feel that they have some merit. Everything about everything has changed. Really it has. While movies and grandparents tell us one thing about dating the reality in today's world is much different because of a complex web of happenings. Not one piece is a direct cause. The whole world has evolved and had its influences and in this case some for the better and others not, In respect to dating in today's world it is hard for both sexes in different aspects. There is a great focus on image and sex appeal by men to women and women demand to be treated as equals as they should be because 1 guy ruins it for the rest of us few, decent men by thinking with his cock instead of his head. Women abusethe good guy for his money or sex and dump him when done. Vise Versa. People judge each other severely on looks and preset mindsets about each other. Which impedes either party from actually meeting or establishing a life together.Its a vicious circle of people being wronged, expectations, image, social stereotypes etc etc. And its not going to change. Dating today is really a form of hell. In my experience I have one female I attempted to date that today as i reflect on it makes me see how messed up peoples perceptions are. She had great charm, attitude, unique personality, and while she was overweight and a single mother it did not deter me as the "whole" picture of her drew me into liking this person. Emotions are a funny thing. She "demanded" her man treat her like a queen. Flowers, chocolates, little surprises, she expected me to cook, pay for every expense, she demanded i contact her every few hours via text message. Which usually meant she texted me every few hours asking "whats up" "what are you doing" "you should bring me coffee". Her response to this being treated like a queen is that i got treated like a king in the bedroom. As if life revolved around her vagina. Funny thing is i bought into it. Because im a decent guy who could do all she asked. Because after trying to date for over a year she was the one who payed attention to me. Not anyone else. Im glad it never worked out. She didn't trust me around her kid. Which was the deal breaker. This nurse loves kids. The idea is there a few of us with level heads on our shoulders who are good people who want what we see from our friends, family, tv, movies, grandparents. Times have changed, people before us have fucked it up. There are standards everywhere and real sick expectations. Some of the things listed in this thread are examples.