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  1. I wanted to say there is truth to this. I don't login much either, often i have to reset my password I never remember Though i wish i could have read this sooner or it have been available way back then. I to have done essentially less and also find it does more for me then getting all worked up about the little things that become our OCD to controlling this pain. It will consume your life if you let it that's for sure. I find products only made or created a new problem. Steps made me anal and compulsive. Worrying and doing little things only created anxiety. I get a pimple now so what i dont care. I think what has helped is not focusing on it and growing older has probably helped. Acne hit me late so it wasn't like a problem until 17-18. It peaked in my early 20's right when i started using a shit load of things to treat it. I'm nearing 26 having gave my skin a break for 2 years + after not seeing a prolonged solution. it was the best thing for me. I support the OP. Thanks for your words!