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  1. Feelin'SomeRhythm added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    I've woken up this morning and my forehead has absolutely exploded in zits overnight They're the really deep, inset ones that you can't get out at the moment either and not even my usual trusty Bare Minerals is covering them up! I'm due in work in an hour, and I'm just sitting here panicking because my skin looks absolutely terrible

    Only 11 days until I can FINALLY, after almost 3 months of waiting, start accutane...
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  2. Feelin'SomeRhythm added a post in a topic Male Makeup For Acne And Acne Scars (Uk)   

    After a bit of experimenting, I think I've found a good way to take some of the redness off. This doesn't cover active acne well and definitely doesn't give a flawless finish, but I'm not looking for that. Anything that can give a flawless finish is likely to be, on a guy at least, obviously makeup. Bare Minerals SPF 15 foundation (I use the "light" one, it's a tough lighter than my actual skin tone but I think this is a good thing) applied with a Real Techniques brush (thanks Avada Kedavra Acne!) really does take the edge off and it doesn't look like you're wearing makeup! I apply a very thin layer over my skin, wait a few minutes than pat off any excess. It works really well and just makes everything a little less obvious. To the average person, they probably look at me and still think "that guy has bad skin", but they don't think "that guy has terrible skin, AND he's wearing makeup".

    This is quite a good article as well: http://www.pamperedprince.co.uk/2012/03/bare-minerals-concealer.html
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  3. Feelin'SomeRhythm added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Hey guys,

    I hate to break the stream of positive posts (I'm really happy for you all!), but I'm feeling terrible about my acne again today I just can't believe how bad it's gotten so quickly. I was in work the other day (only my 2nd day, no less) and I had to go and sit in my car during lunch to cry. I'm normally a really strong person, but yesterday it just got too much - everytime I caught a glance of myself in one of the mirrors behind the bar, I just broke down a little more.

    I (finally!) have a GP appointment this morning where I can get forwarded to a derm for roaccutane. The side effects can do what they want to me, right now I just need this gone! I want to be me again.
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  4. Feelin'SomeRhythm added a topic in Cosmetics & grooming   

    Male Makeup For Acne And Acne Scars (Uk)
    Hey guys,

    This may be a really stupid question about a dream product which doesn't exist, but do any guys out there have any makeup tips to cover up moderate acne and acne scars? My confidence is at the lowest it has ever been right now and, frankly, I'd rather be known as the guy who wears makeup than the 22 year old who has acne. Is there any type of foundation which will look natural, won't clog pores and will effectively cover acne on us guys? I have graduation photos in a few weeks and I'm petrified about having to walk around all day with my hair pulled off my face exposing my severe acne underneath.

    I live in the UK, but I'm happy to order online if need be.

    Thanks in advance for any tips!
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  5. Feelin'SomeRhythm added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    I'm feeling awful today I'm about to start a new job in a cafe bar and I just can't bring myself to leave the house looking like this. Honestly, if there was some form of all over male foundation I could wear which would look natural, I'd go for it! It's ridiculous, I'm sitting here, almost late for work as it is, having a panic attack not wanting to leave, all because of my skin. I even got up 2 and a half hours before I need to leave the house, just so I could give my skin plenty of time to calm down beforehand. Why can't this acne battle be over?? Life used to be so much simpler
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  6. Feelin'SomeRhythm added a post in a topic My Accutane Journey So Far (3.5 Months) With Images ...   

    That's a fantastic improvement, man! Congratulations! It's weird actually how similar our stories are - I've tried all the usual things the doctors recommended, but I never took them up on their offer of accutane. Now I'm out of education and into full time employment (and I'm the business end of 22 years old... sigh), I've got a GP appointment later this week for an NHS referral for the drug. It feels like I'm at the very start of an incredibly long journey, but your posts are encouraging.

    Once again, well done on getting cleared!
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  7. Feelin'SomeRhythm added a post in a topic Testosterone = Acne?   

    I think that when it comes to masturbation, a lot of the "acne flare-ups" people experience after it are largely psychosomatic. Testosterone is elevated in the body at certain times and this in itself leads to the desire to masturbate - the actual act itself, I doubt causes the acne.
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  8. Feelin'SomeRhythm added a post in a topic Can Milk Really Cause Breakouts, Or Is It A Myth?   

    As a few other posters have pointed out, it really depends on the person. For some people, it's completely true and it will cause you to break out - for many, it's the sole reason they've got acne. However for others, myself included, milk makes absolutely no difference to their skin. I gave up milk and all dairy products for a month late last year and so absolutely no difference in my skin condition.
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  9. Feelin'SomeRhythm added a post in a topic still breaking out with salicylic acid   

    You may remember in the other thread I mentioned I was on something similar (1% salicyic acid in the form of Burt's Bees anti-bleamish cleanser). My initial breakout is just starting to wear down now and I can see small improvements - and I've been on it for almost 4 full weeks now. Often it takes around 8 weeks to see an improvement.
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