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  1. BobDill added a post in a topic Need Advice & Treatment!   

    Tea tree oil did nothing but waste my time and money to be honest.. Try the new products from Neutrogena, called "all-in-one" for past present and future, they seem to be working pretty well, and don't forget to moisturize after every wash! As for spot treatments, I tried this stuff called bye bye blemish drying lotion, and I kid you freaking not you put it on at night and the next morning their gone! it doesn't always work on every pimple or bigger ones, but no joke it works very well. Only place I could find it was at drugs stores, like walgreens, CVS, etc, I do recommend it and don't believe it's that expensive. It works wayyyy better then tea tree oil and it works over night. I know normally things promise to work overnight and don't, but this one will work on at least some, sometimes you get unlucky with others, idk why but that's just how it is. Also, if you do use it, it has a pretty bad smell to it
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  2. BobDill added a post in a topic So I Am New Here.. But Heres Why Im Posting Haha   

    wellllll anyways.. It's only day 3 but it seems to be making a difference.. prob to soon to tell, but after i wash my face and put the gel / lotion on, it looks red / bad, but then within the hour it looks better then it normally does... so hopefully its doing something!
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  3. BobDill added a post in a topic So I Am New Here.. But Heres Why Im Posting Haha   

    yeah ironically i've tried both of those that you named cetaphil and purpose, thats why I am trying the salicylic face wash and gel now to see what happens, and I've been to a derm, he gave me epuido gel and some other thing that didn't work, I feel like every thing has already failed ;/

    My skin used to get pretty oily, not as much anymore, if it does it's just my forehead and my nose, again, I don't know if my forehead does because of my hair, or what, but if I use lotion on my forehead it gets even more oily, the rest of my face doesn't really get oily anymore
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  4. BobDill added a post in a topic So I Am New Here.. But Heres Why Im Posting Haha   

    haha nice... and I am only using the benzoyl peroxide for my back / chest, others don't seem to have any effect. never tried proactiv on my back either..

    But I dn't know what kind of skin I have, I have acne on my forehead most, (maybe cause longer hair?) some on chin / above lip area and black heads on nose. chest and bacne, that's it no where else, every once and a while a cheek spot
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  5. BobDill added a topic in General acne discussion   

    So I Am New Here.. But Heres Why Im Posting Haha
    My username isn't even really my name.. I just don't want my real name on here.. haha.. Anyways, the real thing that got me on here is I was at my church earlier this evening and helping watch some kids... This group of little girls always call me "justin bieber" because I look like him. Anyways.. Tonight one came up, said, "ewww it's justin bieber with zits!" and well... it really brings you down when you already avoid social things because of acne. It shouldn't be that way, but sadly that's how it goes for self conscious people. I know she was only like 10, and didn't know any better, but it still hurts. So I decided to post on here what regime I am trying and if it works, someone on here may try it, and find out... I believe it's new.. But I started a few days ago.. We will find out. I also bought a product for under my eyes, cause dark circles /thin skin / slight wrinkles, make it 10 times worse. Sadly, I am 20 and still look like I am 15, so probably shouldn't be complaining to much, but still....

    I use a newer product, (says new on products)...
    Neutrogena all-in-1 cleanser and salicylic acid gel, long links, but the first link is the face wash, and the second would of been the gel but for some reason I cannot find a pic of it.. but I am sure you can find it in your stores if you want...,r:0,s:0,i:75

    Back on topic.. I wash my face, then put this gel on it, and then use a lotion, lotion doesn't really matter what kind to me.. just the oil-free, etc etc, spf 15, but I use purpose by johnson-johnson dual treatment moisture lotion and I like all 3 of these products and the face wash feel on my face, with the exfoliating beads in it and everything.. I think thus far its a good product, haven't noticed any problems.

    I believe I have mild to moderate acne on my face.

    My back is a whole nother story. I have mild chest acne, and (what I would call, severe back acne, but no pimples, just marks? idk if they are scars but if they are, Idk how because I never really had pimples there.) Maybe cause I play hockey? Idk, but I shower after every game so I'm not sure what else I can do... But I also bought Pan-oxyl maximum strength with benzoyl peroxide wash that I am trying on my back and chest.. See what happens there, also put lotion on after... I don't understand acne. (heres the wash),r:2,s:0,i:82

    The places I don't have acne look like VERY health skin and glowing, but like my back and chest do not.. My face does look young still and cheeks are clear, still looks pretty clear but it's enough to bother the crap out of me. I don't think it matters how much acne you have, it sucks to be you if you have it.

    If anyone has any tips for me please do share.. However, I don't really want to hear a lot about diet unless you have some real tips. I've heard to much. I've tried ONLY eating health, makes no difference. I cut soda out a long time ago, and now maybe have one or two sodas every 3-4 months. (besides ginger ale a bit more frequently sometimes) but I do drink Xing Green Tea with Ginseng, best stuff ever.

    I've tried it all. I've spent tons of money on products, and if these don't work, i'll be giving up. I have cut milk out of my diet completely which is depressing, but I use Almond milk now which is very good anyways... Although I still eat cheese, so guess cutting milk out means nothing.. I did go a while without cheese milk etc, and I noticed absolutely no difference. I went on a 3 day fast, no difference, I went on the master cleanse for about 4 days, no difference. I am convinced diet plays little role in acne... I've gone off and on of proactiv (which it does work for me, but over dries my skin to the point of NO lotion works against it so it's acne free for completely flaked skin (which I was told is almost worst then having a few pimples.) Sooo yeah. Natural and un-natural products, I have tried it.

    A side note, I went to montana a few years ago to visit some family. By the time I was heading home, I was completely clear. 100% honesty, completely clear. The ONLY thing that changed up there was I the fact that I was in the hot tub every night while there. Other then that diet stayed the same, etc. Either Montana environment did it, or the hot tub.
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