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  1. HiImMatt added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Do You Think 'fate' Is Real?
    We've heard many times before, that things happen for a reason, or fate will come knock on your door someday. Do you think 'fate' has a girl waiting for us guys? Or a guy waiting for you girls? Have you ever had a moment where it seemed like 'fate'? If so, if you'd like, take a moment to explain how it was. I hope one day it happens to me, in a good way that is. Most of what was fated to me so far, have been bad. Although im thankful I found a job a couple a months ago, and happy that the people at this job hasn't said anything about or relating to my acne, even a few of my co-workers had acne, so they understood.

    Fate plays a serious game doesn't it, lol. There are many day I go out and see so many beautiful girls and think, "Am I fated to be with one of them?" Nothing comes though. There is this girl on facebook that I had a crush on back in middle school, her name came across my head one day and i typed it in, and there she was. She was still as cute as ever. She knew I had a crush on her, because one of my friends blurted it out to her, lol. She took interest in me though, we started hanging out a little, like on break and such. One day though I was homeschooled for personal reasons, and i couldn't see her anymore, Happy a little I was out of boring old school, but also sad I couldn't see her anymore.

    I though she had moved, but suprisingly she was still living in a town near me. She probably is in a relationship though, but not a day goes by where i think "Could be fated for each other?". Whether she is or someone else is, I will love them with all my heart, cause they where crazy enough to like a guy like me .

    Haha, sorry for throwing you off the question with that xD. So, to remind you, Do you believe in 'fate'?
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  2. HiImMatt added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Facing The Truth
    Its time...I dont wanna say it, but its time...

    No matter what i do, it doesn't get better... No matter how hard i try, it doesn't get better....I guess its just time to face it. I've lost. Time to face the truth and try to accept this pathetic ugly life of mine. Im just gonna go on and continue without love or friends, or being called handsome or cute, cause that is just impossible now. Damage has been done. It LITERALLY looks like i just came from a battlefield, it looks like i got sliced and shot over 100 times, and i have the scars to prove it. Acne has did its damage in SO many places that i dont even wanna mention.. I hate it. But really, what can i do at this point..?

    I must continue my life with fake smiles and utter failure, forever. Im currently studying for my GED and hope to pass so i can on to collage and become something, i was thinking of becoming a paramedic, cause i've always had this hero part of me, its never really seen the light of day, but, i hope i can finally make it shine with becoming a paramedic to save someones life.

    Also looking for a job to keep me standing on my feet, so i can fulfill my dream. Its a battle though, not having GED, and dropping out school, and having horrible skin makes it very tough to find a job, but hopefully i will find one. A chick-fil-a will be opening around my area soon, so im planing on trying there since there gonna need people right away, so i might have a chance.

    As for love...I dont think its gonna happen, it would have to be a miracle for a girl to ever take interest in me, even though i would do anything for whoever she would be, even die for her, sounds cheesy i know but its the truth, haha. I dream everyday a girl falls in love with me, but i also fear it, why? Cause if i was lucky enough to find a girl to fall in love with me, she could easily find another guy who equals me in everything i've done for her and also have perfect looking skin, then she breaks up with me and goes with him, and then back to being alone again. Couldn't really blame her though i mean what would a girl want with a ugly scarred up monster like me when she could have a guy with good looks and skin. Anyway, all i can do is dream.

    Anyway i wrote this to get it off my chest cause its been there for quite some time. I know i shouldn't talk like this about my life but its the hand i've been dealt and i can't really change that.

    I dont want anyone to feel sorry for me or anything, this was the plan for my life from the moment i was born, and all i can do is accept it. Im very thankful for the things i have though, my health and my family, and as long as they're happy, im happy.

    Anyway, thanks for reading.
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  3. HiImMatt added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Should I Just Go For A Job At Fast Food Even Tho...?
    It would probably mean working around teenagers(who could be a**holes) and also having the risk of getting more acne due to working around deep fryers?

    Im just really in need of a job really bad and none of the place i've applied to(Grocery stores, retail stores, ect..) isn't calling me back. I applied to two subways, yes its fast food but at least not with deep fryers, just making sandwiches, they didnt call me either even though they WERE hiring :/.

    Anyway, should i just go for it? I mean fast food restaurants (excluding subway) are always hiring, especially mcdonalds. But i just dont feel mcdonalds for some reason.

    Theres a chick-fil-a about to open up here next month and there gonna be needing people soon, should i go for that?

    Also if i do get a job at a fast food restuarant, what can i do to prevent acne while working there?

    Thanks for any replys.
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  4. HiImMatt added a post in a topic Sometimes Other Things Are Just More Important Than Acne   

    Love the whole post, but the one line i love the most "acne should never get in the way of the little moments that can mean the most to you" . Hope you two can be together one day instead of being 2 hours apart. Hope i find a girl like you one day . God bless.
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  5. HiImMatt added a post in a topic What Keeps You Sane?   

    "I LOVE The Smiths and Bon Iver."

    "It's really interesting how everyone is mentioning music, what music do you all listen to?"

    I listen to all kinds, from rock, pop punk/rock, punk rock, japanese punk, emo, indie,

    Favorites bands,

    Relient k
    Mayday parade
    Blink 182
    The click five
    Simple plan
    Secondhand serenade
    asian kung fu generation
    Forever the sickest kids
    All time low
    Jamestown story
    artist vs poet

    The list goes on...It would take hours to sit here and write all the bands i like LOL.
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  6. HiImMatt added a post in a topic What Keeps You Sane?   

    Im glad to hear that Jesus and god have helped you . No one should take there life from acne. I'd like to add god as well to my, what keeps me sane list .
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  7. HiImMatt added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    What Keeps You Sane?
    Music keeps me sane. My guitar and piano is always there for me [img]http://www.acne.org/messageboard//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img].

    What about you?
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  8. HiImMatt added a post in a topic Attack Of The Acne Conglobata Scars   

    Hi, Brawn. I treated my acne mainly with accutane last year. I still get acne even after accutane, but not nowhere near as much as i use to. Also sorry about the blurry face images, i have a very bad webcam lol. And thanks for sharing you information with me, does one know where i can get this pressure pad? This would be best for me now since im saving money to back to the derma again. Anyways, thanks again.
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  9. HiImMatt added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    Attack Of The Acne Conglobata Scars
    So, im about to show you pics of myself to show the damage acne conglobata has done to me. But, before i do i want to ask, if anyone and i mean ANYONE has any solutions for helping these i would REALLY appreciate it. Here are the pics (BEWARE, GRAPHIC)

    Look like a monster dont i? Lol.

    If anyone has acne conglobata DO NOT leave untreated, go to a derma ASAP.
    Anyways guys if you got any answers to how to make these fade or something WITHOUT going to a derma for now (Im saving up money to go one) please let me know, thanks.

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  10. HiImMatt added a post in a topic Acne on hands?!   

    I pretty sure its not warts, or anything, Their just little red pimples (theirs four of them btw) that have appeared on the top of my hands not the palm if thats what you were thinking. They act the same as any other little acne pimple, they form, stay there for a few days and then vanish. So im pretty sure its not warts, im pretty sure it just acne. I dont know, why the hands though?
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  11. HiImMatt added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Acne on hands?!
    Wow, is all i can say for this. Acne has already messed up my face, neck, arms, back and now its aiming for my hands, wow just wow. I pretty sure its goal is to attack every part of my body and leave its mark to make me more and more miserable. Why is this happening? I just want in to stop and leave me alone, thats all. Its even got me around my groin area, btw how do you prevent groin acne? Anyway i need some answers if anyones got the answers :/. I know acne can appear anywhere on the body, but i rarely hear of acne on the hands? Does anyone else get acne on there hands? Well thats all guys if anyone got a good answer please let me know i would appreciate it, thanks.
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  12. HiImMatt added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Going to get learners license next saturday
    Next saturday, i'll be literally forcing myself to get it cause i feel pathetic that i dont have my license at 18(Yes that is how much acne has held me back). But im still scared outta my mind, cause that is teenage paradise, Its like going into the lion den but except they wont eat you lol. But still, these are teens were talking about here, most or all with clear skin and will be making fun of you, laughing, staring. How do i do it?!

    Also, allow me to show you some pics of my face, most of these are scars, so dont think every red mark you see is acne.


    Sorry for the blurriness, its the sucky webcams fault lol. Also, the webcam makes my acne look more worse than is actually is.

    So anyway, can someone please tell me how to face these fears so i can finally freakin drive, Thanks.
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  13. HiImMatt added a post in a topic How long have you had acne for?   

    6 years and still battling it :/
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  14. HiImMatt added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    If you could have a wish to be clear or have 1,000,000$
    Hi, I just put this question up cause i was really bored lol but, I would like to know what you would take.

    Me i would take clear skin anyday of the week no matter what cause my skin is all screwed up from having acne for years. (See link below and see my picture's and read my story to see what i mean)


    But which one would you take? Now it doesnt have to just be these two choice's it could be any wish.
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