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  1. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Here is what she wrote in another review of Optimox Iodoral High Potency Iodine Potassium Iodide Thyroid Support Supplement . She lists the supplements she is currently using that stopped her hairloss. I have always had irregular pap results on and off, never having to do more than get a colposcopy but still, the constant back and forth is a constant stress. Late last year I made the mistake of megadosing on vitamin b5 (I have reviews in for now foods product)--this REEKED havoc on my hormones. I began rapidly loosing hair and feeling crappy but I didn't realize it was hormone related until I had blood tests and a pap smear. I came back with irregular results, my estrogen was extremely high for me (28 yo no kids or anything) at near 600 and my progesterone was extremely low at >.5. I know from reading and experience about supplementation (except for the b5 i guess ha) so I began diligently taking a host of supplements that lead to a complete regression of all my issues. After about 6 months of taking various products that i will outline later, my Estrogen and progesterone are now in more normal levels, my pap came back completely clear, my hair is no longer falling out, i produce more vaginal fluid during sex (good thing), my hormonal acne has leveled ( i still get one or two occasionally).There is a STRONG connection between hormone regularity and all "female" issues- breast cancer, soreness, cysts--Cervical, uterine health.. much more. Before all of this BS I had no idea how vital it is to keep your hormones happy.What I take regularly.-Dim 1x day-folate (really important for cervical health)-iodine-d3-hair skin nails formula OR b complex-liver complex.-progesterone (topical)
  2. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    I found a review of Vitamin B5 on Amazon. This woman experienced extreme hairloss/shedding and was able to stop it. I am going to see if she can give us the list of supplements she used but she says she used Barlean's Organic Oils Essential Woman which contains Evening Primrose Oil and noticed a decrease in shedding after that. Here is here testimonial: I was really excited to start this supplement, as I am very much into a more natural approach to combating my acne. I have have acne since about 13 years old. Everything short of accutane, everything. So.. I started this supplement about 6-7 grams a day. About a week in, i noticed a good amount of hair loss. I would say I am losing a little over double what I would normally lose. I have fairly thick, long, undyed hair that I rarely ever style or apply heat.I did notice that my acne did seem to calm down, I definitely saw a reduction in oil production. I would normally blot every single time I used the restroom, and now when I test, there is barely any oil! This is huge. The hair loss though is scaring me. I take a variety of supplements in addition, I decided to add biotin, and extra B complex. I have only been taking B5 for about 2 weeks .I intend on continuing though greatly reducing how much I take. Probably only 3G as opposed to 6-7. If it helps anyone.. I am 125lbs, eat a healthy, pescatarian diet, hardly and dairy, lots of coffee (this could be a contributor?) I drink heavily usually once a week.I will update in a month or so regarding the hair loss. I really hope I still see the oil reduction on a smaller dose, and for my hair to come back!---9/22/14after just two days of going from 6-7g to 2-3g the oil has seemed to return. I am ordering some other supplements to help with hair/skin. MSM, read about it.9/2Well I am still losing an alarming amount of hair, and have spent over $150 on supplements to slow/reverse the hairloss. PLEASE USE CAUTION. Look into the link between b5 and hairloss. I even read about it first and thought it wouldnt happen to me.. it has. I really hope the new supplements etc I am waiting for help this issue. Try other remedies first.... I dont really understand how this is happening considering this isnt a fat soluable vitamin and you are said to excrete what you dont need/use..--update 11/11/14I continued to lose a lot of hair, especially in the shower. It definitely was apparent to me. I recently started taking a supplement called "essential woman" by barleans greens because I read that Evening Primrose Oil can slow hair loss. I dont know if its the mixture in the supplement or just the EPO but my hairloss has dramatically decreased. I am finally feeling like i might have a handle on this situation. I still lose hair, but i would say its more like 50-70 strands a day as compared to the maybe 200+ i was loosing before.Update 12/1/14My hair seems to have stopped shedding. I cant say I know what exactly it was.. maybe the loss ran its course, I still regret this though. I spent SOO much money trying to combat the hairloss. I am still taking EPOIf you are experiencing hair loss please feel free to contact me. I feel like I tried everything... I know how scary it can be.
  3. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Hey Elmechanico,   I have been on your supplements for 3 weeks excluding  GABA,  Chelated Calcium,  L-Glutamine,  himalaya salt, and copper. I just ordered these earlier today though and picked up himalaya salt on my way home from work. I also just started to cut alcohol and coffee out of my diet.   My shedding has not stopped yet though. I am considering ordering a saliva cortisol kit to test my cortisol levels.    Also working towards an anti-inflammatory diet. Here is a good site to start:   http://rosecityacupuncture.com/blog/nightshades/   Keeping my fingers crossed!    
  4. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Your hair looks great elmechanico. Congrats on getting it back.   While shedding, were you thinning on top or the sides at all? Or just the temples and hairline? 
  5. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Agreed. Yes please elmechanico
  6. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Any update on your write-up elmechanico ? Thanks man. 
  7. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Correct. Was on Fin for 2 years and Dut for a year and half. 
  8. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Yes, for me Fin/Dut did not work at any noticeable level. 
  9. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Yes I was on Fin and Dut. Neither worked or nothing that I noticed. No real sides though.  RU seemed to be the only thing to grow my hair, didn't stop the shedding, but the sides were incredibly unbearable with only the smallest amount used. 
  10. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Agreed elmechanico and look forward to the write up.