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  1. I just looked at the reviews for Clear Pores on this forum. The reviews are pretty weak. (I forgot this forum had reviews on products. Should have looked there first before posting about Clear Pores.)
  2. I am thinking of trying this product potentially as a natural alternative. It is recommended by John Gray (Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus) in the below video. I trust John Gray so I am thinking of trying it. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I took Minocycline for over 3 years starting in late 2012 after battling acne since I was 13. It worked tremendously well. However since December 2015 its effectiveness has declined. I decided to visit my Dermatologist and we discussed options. He said I could go on Accutane but I told him I would first like to consider other options. He prescribed Teva-Doxycycline and I have been taking it for 2 weeks. It did improve things a little but not by much. I recall when I first took Minocycline my acne was totally gone in 4 days. I am concerned that my Magic Minocycline days are over. I would like to hear from others who experienced the Magic of Minocycline but then experienced it losing its effectiveness. What did you do subsequently? I am a 38 year old healthy male. I had no side effects on Minocycline. It’s very important for me to be Acne free. After taking Minocycline and being acne free my confidence significantly improved and I was able to start a successful business. With the return of my acne, my confidence in social and business settings will likely decline. With acne my focus wanders especially when I meet new people. I wonder if they are looking at my acne and find it unpleasant. I observed my thoughts recently and when I have acne I feel like I am not deserving of high success. I feel unattractive and not worthy. When I am acne free I feel like my possibilities and options are vast and I have the confidence to engage people and focus on them, rather than on my acne. Thank you for sharing what worked for you after the Magic of Minocycline ran out.