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  1. jkoz added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    Rachel, I just read through nearly this entire thread (too much time on my hands I suppose). Your skin is so similar to mine before you took accutane. It's awesome to see how well you're doing! Do you feel as though you've had any lasting side effects? I'll be on 60mg for the next 6-8 months, ugh. Thanks for continuing to post post-accutane updates! -John
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  2. jkoz added a post in a topic I'm 100% CLEAR , CRYSTAL CLEAR!!   

    That's awesome! I don't like using harsh things, either. All of the stuff I use is natural, except for the tretinioin I use at night. I just cleanse twice a day, use the tretinoin at night, and moisturize. For quite some time I was using a lot of harsh chemicals, and i constantly wondered why my face was so irritated all the time. Sometimes less is more.

    Glad you're all clear now!
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