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  1. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    Hi, I've been doing the caveman for one week. I'm pretty discouraged by the OP's post because he said it didn't work since his skin was so messed up from creams. I'm kind of in that boat. I used a ton of creams last year that made my skin unbelievably thinned and sensitive to sunburn. It's recovered a lot this year but it still seems to be very troubled and I think that washing it constantly and using topicals has been slowing my progress.

    Does anyone think the caveman could help my skin to get back to normal? After one week it feels a lot better and it seems to look better too. I've gotten 0 breakouts this week but acne isn't really my main problem anyway - its the insane sensitivity and roghness of my cheeks and nose. It's only my cheeks and nosetoo. If I go out in the cold, my cheeks and nose get super red and distressed looking, but the rest of my face looks perfect..

    I'm EXTREMELY torn between either doing the caveman to build up a lot of dead skin and oil and resistance to allow my skin to heal itself, or exfoliating and moisturizing like crazy. Ive had mishaps with exfoliation in the past - my skin is so sensitive and even one exfoliation can make my skin red for weeks. And like I said my face feels better after 1 week on caveman, but I just don't know...
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  2. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic Time To Give Up?   

    Long term benzoyl peroxide use will just irritate the skin which can lead to more acne and other skin problems. Please consider adjusting your lifestyle. Eat healthy as the above user said, cut out dairy and gluten, take Omega 3's, exercise every day, drink lots of water and get lots of sleep
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  3. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic Dehydrated Skin Problem   

    Im in the same boat. Skin is super dehydrated and raw from acne products ranging from proactive to retin-a. I'm discontinuing my natural oils now and I'm gonna let my face heal properly. Does anyone know If it's best to do a full caveman where you never wash, or should you wash with distilled water once in a while?
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  4. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic Is The Caveman Regimen Good For Dry Skin With Mild Acne?   

    I just saw your post now, but thank you that is helpful. It's frustrating because my skin has certainly improved on the surface, but the sensitivity is a real issue and I'm not sure that what I'm doing now is right for the recovery of my skin. For example, this evening it's about 0 degrees Celsius outside, and just going outside in that temperature for like 20 minutes makes my face get really red and raw.

    I'm pretty nervous about trying the caveman, but I guess if I'm as healthy as possible and supporting my skin internally that things should recover, even if it does take a year. I just have that gut feeling that what I'm doing now isn't really helping.

    is it best to do the full caveman where you don't wash at all, or to wash one every few days with distilled water?
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  5. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic Is The Caveman Regimen Good For Dry Skin With Mild Acne?   

    Okay thanks. I actually just got this amazing fermented cod liver oil supplement in the mail this week, and I ordered a flax oil supplement to go with it so I should be great for omega's once those take effect. What are EFA's, and how do you take them?
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  6. DanTheMan123 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Is The Caveman Regimen Good For Dry Skin With Mild Acne?
    I have dry sensitive skin with mild acne. The pimples are small and die quite quickly but the red marks do last a few weeks because my skin is so sensitive/dry so it doesn't heal as fast as it should right now. I decided to turn my lifestyle around. I've spent the last couple of years eating poorly, hardly exercising, not sleeping much, and being VERY stressed about my skin every day. I'm very excited about finally being healthy and freeing myself from this mental prison I've been in. It helps that my skin is better than it's been in two years, but it's still very dry and sensitive and I'd like to do everything I can to make it as healthy as possible.

    I've got all the internal health stuff figured out, but I'm very confused as to what I should do from the outside. The idea of using no products, and not even washing my face at all, really terrifies me, as I've been constantly using things on my face for over 2 years now. I stopped using medications at the start of 2012 since the medications were what made my skin extra fragile (in addition to my poor health) but as soon as I stopped using those I started using natural products (aloe vera and emu oil).

    I'm sure if I start the caveman there'll be a big adjustment period. My skin is very prone to flakiness right now and if I start the caveman I'm guessing my skin will build up a lot of flakiness, but someone said that was actually a good thing as it indicated healing. I'm very torn, I'm not sure if I should start the caveman and let nature do it's work or if I should continue my regimen to give my skin as much added moisture as I can. It's tough cause I know aloe vera and emu oil are good for the skin but I'm worried that constantly washing my face and applying oils to it is throwing off the balance and making it more dry/sensitive.

    Sorry for the long post but I tend to ramble when I get anxious about making a major decision like this. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and respond to this!
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  7. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    try this recipe:

    -2 tablespoons of plain greek yogurt
    -1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
    -2 teaspoons of raw honey (non-grainy)

    it makes for a really smooth almost liquidy formula, leaves no stain
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  8. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic It's Time To Love Me.   

    disagree with this for two reasons. First off the more you strip your face of oil the more oily it will actually get. When your skin detects that it's low on oil it overproduces it. If you just wash twice a day that's the perfect healthy amount where you shouldn't overproduce.

    Washing 5 times a day is also bad for the mindset because then your skin is on your mind all the time, with thoughts like "is my skin oily?" or "when should I wash next?" constantly pervading your head.
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  9. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic Found A Great Manuka Honey Based Product That Seems To Be Working On Pimples And Red Marks   

    it has a lot of ingredients lol. Has some acid too, are you sure it's gentle?
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  10. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic Can I spot treat with Epiduo without harming my face?   

    Boil a pot of water and trap the steam under a towel, then put my face in there for a few minutes until the steam evaporates. It's good to do about once a week there's lots of great tutorials if you google it.

    Everyone's skin is different though. I'm sure many people are in the unfortunate position of having to use topicals endlessly or else be faced with constant acne, but steaming your face should definitely help clear acne, and if your face is clear it'll help keep your skin clean under the surface, giving it a healthier look.
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  11. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic Can I spot treat with Epiduo without harming my face?   

    Not in my case. My acne was incredibly mild last year, and only reached a serious point because I treated it terribly (excessive masturbation, hardly washing it). Over the past 6 months as I've been using topicals I've also managed to completely quit masturbation, and I've developed a perfect routine of washing, cleansing and steaming that ensures my face is totally clean all the time.

    I've been off the topicals for almost two weeks now and have literally not recieved one new zit. All I have left is this leftover mark that I need to continue spot treating or I don't think it'll go away.
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  12. DanTheMan123 added a post in a topic Can I spot treat with Epiduo without harming my face?   

    I stopped applying the topical entirely since the rest of my face is clear, I just have one spot left which I realized probably won't go away unless I spot treat it.

    Basically I'm just wondering if spot treating during the day is ok or if I should do it at night. The day would be preferable since I'm probably going to use a different cream at night and don't want to try mixing.
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  13. DanTheMan123 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Can I spot treat with Epiduo without harming my face?
    For the past few months I used strong medications for my acne (Retin A followed by Epiduo) and just 8 days ago I finally quit the medications as my acne is almost 100% clear and the medications were making my skin really sensitive which led to redness and photosensitivity.

    However the reason I said "almost" 100% clear is because I still have one old mark left on my right cheek. It's really persistent but I'm sure it would go away if I were to spot treat it with Epiduo. My questions are:

    1) Is spot treating a viable option with this medication? Can I use it to treat one spot without affecting the rest of my face?

    And more importantly,

    2) Should I spot treat during the day or at night? Obviously at night would be preferable but I might possibly start using a soothing nighttime cream soon, and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a good idea to try and spot treat with Epiduo while there's another cream on my face. So would doing it during the day be viable or should I just leave my face bare at night so I can do it then.

    Thanks in advance
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