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  1. Spiro - stopped working.

    Hi. I am at my wits end with this. I have been on Spironolactone 100mg for almost 5 years. Along with Beyaz, for a little over 8. I had large cystic acne, within a few days of starting Spiro, it just flattened all my acne, and it just stopped. It was a miracle. My hair wasn't oily anymore, my life completely changed. Now, I am 25 years old - and within the past several months all of my acne is coming back, this time on top of cysts + medium & under the skin pimples. They will not stop, around my hairline, forehead, a little on my cheeks and the big area is my freaking chin. My skin is mildly greasy, extremely inflamed (my laugh lines are deep and red) and new zits pop up literally every couple hours. My hair is so greasy, clean hair lasts about 6 hours. I eat very well - I don't do dairy, I don't like meat, I stay away from grain. Although I absolutely know no matter how PERFECT I ate, my skin would not change - this is hormonal, 100%. I've researched it all - foods allergies, foods to stay away from, foods to take, studied hormones, supplements, natural topical treatments. I've tried just washing my face with water. I've tried Doxycycline, I've tried different diets. I CAN NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. I do not leave my apartment, I work from home.  It is painful, and maddening and I have already went through all of this once, I can't believe I have to go through it again. Why would Spironolactone stop working - yes resistance possibly. And if it has, will stopping the Spiro HELP or HURT? I know there are at least a MILLION variables that could be the case but I haven't drastically changed anything for this to happen. Is the most obvious to me the actual problem, that my body has changed - and BC & Spiro are now working against me. PLEASE. Has this happened to someone else, your Spironolactone has quit on you after being on it for multiple years - and if yes, HOW did you fix it again. - Sara