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  1. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Went to the Dr and he said my acne is not severe enough to go on another course. Recommended topicals. Back to the drawing board for me Very disheartening, really thought this would be the end of my nightmare. Good luck on your second course!
  2. Accutane Log, 26/M

    ~1.5 month post accutane: Hello everyone! I regret to inform you that my acne has indeed come back you have no idea how sad this makes me! I am guessing that it's because the most I ever took was 50mg and the relapse rate for a lower dose course is higher. This sucks. My acne is definitely less severe than it was prior to accutane, and that's with applying BP everyday, so things could be worse. I have a bunch of small little bumps on my forehead and a few large pimples on my temples that will not come to a head. I guess I am so discouraged because I was completely 100% acne free while on accutane. I don't think my acne is severe enough to go on another course, but I may go back to my Dr in a few months and plead with him. Sorry I have to be the bear of bad news, I really thought I was "cured".
  3. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 263 (Week 38): Wow, it has ben a long time since I updated! Since the last update in July I had remained on 50mg. My last Dr's appointment was Oct 4th where he said I was all done my course!! He was very happy with my progress, as was I! I had 15 pills of 10mg and 4 pills of 40mg left so I decided to take the 10mg every other day which I just finished and today started on taking the last of the 4 - 40mg pills which I will only be taking once a week which means I will still be taking pills for another month. After calculating my total cumulative dose I will be just under the recommended 120mg/kg. As for progress, Since my last update I think I had a total of 2 pimples that I would get pre-accutane and maybe a few smaller ones that you could barely notice and that would go away quick. My skin has been absolutely amazing and I can't even believe that I don't have to continually stress about it day in and day out. I feel like I am almost taking it for granted but it's truly a dream come true! No more BP, no more chemicals. I use a light oil free face wash morning and night while putting on a tad bit of moisturizer afterwards and my skin glows! I know I didn't have the worst acne but I feel free!! As for the side effects I experienced, after a little while they completely dissipated, aside from the dryness, after being on the same dose for a while. The only tough thing about Accutane is refraining from alcohol which I wasn't the best at. I still drank but luckily it didn't seem to cause any negative effects because my blood work was fine and now that I am almost off it my body feels great. I cannot say enough good things about Accutane and I am so thankful I was luckily enough to be put on it. I highly recommend it. It feel like it has been such a long process but so worth it. My confidence is at an all time high and it's amazing being able to go about your life and make plans without having to stress about how your skin looks. I will update again in about a month after I take my last pill. Stay strong everyone, we're in this together