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  1. Sorry to hear Savo, mine came back shortly after finishing accutane as well. Definitely discouraging. I am currently in my first month of my second course which sucks but I'm hoping a higher dose will put it into remission. I'm surprised our acne came back so quickly as we both have mild cases. Best of luck to you in the future!
  2. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, Day 22 (Week 3): My IB seems to over (knock on wood)! Seeing a little more improvement this week. Still breaking out but not nearly as bad. I have 3 cysts, 2 on my right temple which has proven to be a be problem area and one on my forehead but that is about it at the moment! My face is red and my arms/lips are dry but nothing out of the ordinary.
  3. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, Day 15 (week 2): The day after I posted the last set of pictures (day 9) my face was an absolute disaster. Another huge breakout along my temples, it was horrible. Things have definitely calmed down since then and this week has been better. I'm still getting pimples every day but it's much more manageable. Hoping My face will continue to improve over the next week. I am completely off the Benzoyl Peroxide face wash I was using and am just using cetaphil dash wash morning and night. I am spot treating with Benzaclin which I got from my Dr. side effects are minimal: occasional light headaches, slight lower back soreness and dry lips/arms. During my first course I had acne all over my face, especially my forehead, jawline, chin and upper lip but now my forehead is really the main problem area. Although, in saying that, I did get a bad one this week on my upper lip. Stay positive everyone!
  4. First month in accutane at 80mg per day

    Can already see improvement after 10 days! I had brain fog when I upped my dosage but it went away after my body got used to the dose, lasted about a month. I also had some lower back soreness. Body aches are common. Good luck on your course, looking forward to seeing your progress!!
  5. Accutane journey-alex

    Looking good man. Awesome to see your progress, it gives the rest of us hope. Keep your spirits up
  6. First Month on Accutane

    What dose are you on? Your skin looks so nice and smooth! I'm very jealous your IB only lasted a week haha. One down, a few more to go Best of luck with your course!!
  7. 40 m/g 3rd month (please answer ASAP)

    Were you clear before and started getting tiny bumps? Whenever this happens to me the little tiny bumps means they will turn into whiteheads. I think it's the skin pushing everything to the surface. As for dosage, that's a question for your Dr. As long as you end up taking 120-150 mg/kg you should be ok, although relapse rates tend to be a little higher with a lower doses regimen.
  8. is accutane working? (pics)

    Some clear up within a month, some clear up after 3 months and some don't clear up until after they are off Accutane, believe it or not! No two cases are the exact same and there are so many different factors (age, weight, ethnicity, diet, dose, climate, etc) that affect absorption, trough levels and efficacy. Your skin looks a lot better however I wouldn't worry about getting clear. It will happen eventually, trust me, although I can understand your frustration. "Good things come to those who wait"
  9. My Accutane Log

    There is no interaction between the two so you're good to go I take them at the same time, but it's not imperative that you do the same. Shouldn't matter.
  10. My Accutane Log

    Hey Cisco, good luck with your course! The first few months can be tough but never lose sight of the goal (clear skin)! As for tips, I haven't seen too many people mention it but it would be beneficial to take a probiotic as accutane can be hard on your gut. I have found that it has helped myself.
  11. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, Day 8 (Week 1): My face is breaking out quite bad, although I'm not sure if it's the initial breakout or just the status quo for my face. Lots of whiteheads on my forehead/temple area and the odd one on my chin. I'm using BP wash every second day now and really cutting down on the amount I'm using each time. Side effects aren't bad but they probably aren't in full force yet either.

    Hi Kmmrh, I have tried just about every antibiotic, topic and natural regimen to get rid of acne and nothing has worked to the extent Accutane has. Accutane has been the only thing that has 100% cleared me. I was on a 6 month course earlier this year and it worked great, unfortunately I relapsed after a few months and am on my second course now. I understand you are frightened of the side effects as they should be taken seriously. I would bring your hesitations up with your Dr and get some insight from a medical professional before stopping. These side effects are very rare. If you think how many people have been on accutane since it came out in 1982, statistically there are bound to be some outliers who experience these unfortunate side effects. Thankfully the majority of people will not experience any long term side effects. Remember, not everyone will write a review about their Accutane experience and people are much more likely to share their experience if it has been negative which is why there is a disportioncate amount of bad experiences to good experiences. I respect your decision to quit but I would consult with your healthcare professional as some people are more predisposed to get negative, long term side effects than others and they will be able to better explain why this is and if you may be at risk.
  13. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Thanks for the post Suite! I'm glad you were able to go on accutane once again as it worked so well the first time. It's beyond frustrating to have it come back, especially when you thought you were in the clear, pun intended. I wish I had went on a higher dose course but my Dr was reluctant because my acne wasn't severe. It's ironic that i'm just reading this post now as I just got back from the Dr after visiting him because of a breakout. I pleaded my case and thankfully he agreed to put me back onto accutane for a second course! I told him I wanted to do a higher dose for 5 months (40mg for the first month then 80mg x4 months) and he agreed. Hopefully it works well for the both of us and we can remain clear! ... And so the journey begins once again! COURSE 2 Day 1: Currently I have 2 whiteheads and about 5 red spots that are recovering on my forehead in addition to a few smaller ones around the rest of my face. I have been using BP wash since January so I will ween that out as I start to dry up. Going to remind myself to drink tons of water.
  14. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Went to the Dr and he said my acne is not severe enough to go on another course. Recommended topicals. Back to the drawing board for me Very disheartening, really thought this would be the end of my nightmare. Good luck on your second course!
  15. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    ~1.5 month post accutane: Hello everyone! I regret to inform you that my acne has indeed come back you have no idea how sad this makes me! I am guessing that it's because the most I ever took was 50mg and the relapse rate for a lower dose course is higher. This sucks. My acne is definitely less severe than it was prior to accutane, and that's with applying BP everyday, so things could be worse. I have a bunch of small little bumps on my forehead and a few large pimples on my temples that will not come to a head. I guess I am so discouraged because I was completely 100% acne free while on accutane. I don't think my acne is severe enough to go on another course, but I may go back to my Dr in a few months and plead with him. Sorry I have to be the bear of bad news, I really thought I was "cured".