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  1. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 91 (End of week 13): Better week. Still getting small pimples here and there but very happy with my progress! I don't think or stress about my skin nearly as much as I did and I am so thankful for that. It seems like I can just live my life normally now without basing every decision I make on the state of my skin. I'm not worried about dating anymore and my confidence level is high! I am still dry and getting headaches but again, all manageable.
  2. Happy for you Bonrat! Your progress has been amazing!
  3. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 85 (End of Week 12): Had a 2 bigger pimples on my chin this week as well as some smaller ones on my forehead. A little worse than the previous 2 weeks but still good all in all. At this moment I don't have any actives, although I did yesterday. I'm happy with how things are going. I had my Dr's appointment this morning and we decided to keep me at 50mg. I still look burnt, have dry lips, dry arms and I got my first nosebleed this week despite putting vaseline in my nose twice daily. Nothing unmanageable :)
  4. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 77 (End of Week 11): Skin has continued to improve! I had about 4-5 pimples over the week but they were all small and came to a whitehead very quick. I am noticing that any spots I get now come and go a lot quick than pre-acctuane. All spots disappear within 2 days which is fantastic. It's so amazing to be able to leave the house without having to worry about my face, I am very happy at this point with my progress. All the suffering in the initial two months has been worth it :) As far as side effects, my arms get red, patchy rashes from the dryness if I forget to slather cream on them twice a day and my lips are always dry. I also look constantly burnt, but luckily it's summer so I can blame it on being in the sun if people bring it up (which they do ). Aside from that no new side effects to report. Stay strong everyone and have a fantastic week!
  5. need help!!

    I use CeraVe and have been very happy with it!
  6. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Thank you! I constantly look burnt but I'll take that over pimples every day of the week :) The Dr hasn't actually told me but I will push for 120mg/kg at the very least. I could grow a beard (albeit, not a great one) at around 21/22. Look at your dad's ability to grow facial hair, it's probably pretty close to what yours will look like. Glad to hear your progressing as well!
  7. Accutane!

    Hopefully you are like me and start seeing improvement over the next few weeks! Stay positive :)
  8. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 70 (End of Week 10): Finally, progress!! My skin really started clearing up this week! I had a few pimples, about 1 every day, maybe every other day, but they are small and manageable. I am sooo happy I didn't get any larger spots and everything is starting to look much better; better than pre-Accutane for sure. I should really knock on wood haha. I didn't take a pill on Saturday because I was drinking but Itook 40mg until Tuesday and now I'm back up to 50mg. Side effect wise, my back is much better. The dryness is pretty bad, especially on my arms. I forgot to moisturize one day and the next day both arms were incredibly flaky. I don't get headaches anymore although I do experience a little bit of cloudiness. This morning I blew my nose and there was a bit of blood. I rub Vaseline on the inside of my nose everyday and it definitely helps with the dryness. Otherwise im sure I would have a million nosebleeds. It definitely gets better, stay positive everyone!
  9. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 64 (End of week 9): This week was extremely busy as I had a work trip to Montreal and it was my first week on 50mg/day. At the beginning of the week I wasn't having too many problems with the 50mg, maybe just a little flushing and a few breakouts, but nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. I flew out Monday night after our first softball game of the season (we won 25-17! ) and my back as a bit sore afterwards. When I finally landed my back was very sore, a lot more than usual. I shrugged it off and went to my meetings. Everyone commented on how sunburnt my face looked. I had about 3 spots of my face that were quite noticeable but honestly it could have been a lot worse. After meetings we went out for dinner and drinks and by then my back was really bothering me, it's all I could focus on. When I finally got back to the hotel I could barely move. I didn't sleep all night even though I was exhaustedIn the morning I could barely move. It took me 15 minutes to get out of bed and it hurt to stand up and breathe. Everyone noticed I was basically a cripple and so I decided to take Advil extra strength. It helped a bit but I was really scared. I don't know if accutane is the cause but I'm sure it was a contributing factor along with not stretching very well before softball and sitting idle for hours in those notoriously uncomfortable seats. So I didn't take any accutane the next day (Wed) and dropped down to 30mg Thursday and 40mg today. My Back is still quite sore but a lot better than it was. Maybe it's because I have not stopped taking advil every 5 hours but I hope it gets back to normal. In addition to the terrible back pain and tane burn (face looks extremely sunburnt) I started developing a terrible rash on both my arms and hands around mid week. It looks like I am turning into aqua man or something. It's scaly and looks like a rash. The increase in dose really hit my hard. My face is also extremely dry and is peeling. I had to use so much moisturizer and my face just looked un-natural. In saying all this I am definitely improving, with only about 1, mayybeee 2 smallish whiteheads everyday. It was a bad week for having the fewest pimples since I started this process but I am still optimistic. I really hope my body gets used to the higher dose soon. I am going to take 40mg until my body adjusts and then go up to 50mg once I feel ready.
  10. Accutane 10mg log

    I love this! I think it's awesome. Whenever you are having a rough day you can look at the box and remember that it will all be worth it! My goal post accutane is to be clean shaven. I always have facial hair so I can hide my acne. I also want to join a dating website I always eat after lunch, usually it something like pasta/burritos/burgers/Vietnamese/soup. Good luck with your course
  11. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 57 (End of week 8): Still breaking out everyday, although (maybe, slightly) not a bad as previous weeks. I had one nasty cyst on my jawline/neck and currently have a small one on my forehead. I have plenty of whiteheads to deal with, currently about 5ish plus 5 recovering spots which is still more than pre-accutane. My theory is that my acne was a lot worse than I thought pre-accutane due to the fact I was using BP everyday for years. My skin texture is nicer and my oil production is a lot lower since the start of treatment. As for side effects just some dry patches on my arms; nothing some moisturizer won't take care of. I had my Drs appointment this morning and he noted that there has been improvement! I didn't think so but It was nice to hear him say that. He put me on 50mg which is more than I wanted to do but honestly I just want to hit my cumulative dose and I feel like 50 isn't too high. I have a work trip/meetings next week in Montreal and I am praying that my skin doesn't break out like crazy because of the increased dose! Cpie - Thanks for following along in my journey I have reviewed a lot of literature on Isotretinoin and found that initially the general consensus was 1mg/kg/day was the most effective dose but after some consideration and retrospective analysis they have now altered their tune a little bit and recommend 0.5mg/kg/day for the most optimal efficacy vs adverse effects profile. Of course, every Dr is different and probably has a different opinion based on their experience with Accutane. Also, my acne was pretty mild and I am scared of the side effects, both short and long term. I already have thinning hair so I wanted to ease myself into the drug and see how my body reacted before continuing on a 'normal' dose. Thanks for the support!! I hope things work out for the both of us!
  12. My Accutane Log - 17M - Pictures

    Yup, Day 53 and my skin has never been worse. I'm embarrassed to leave my house. I have so many spots on my face I can't even count them all. Before accutane I had maybe 3 spots at any one time. I can't envision getting clear, but it has to get worse before it can get better, right? Try coating the inside of your nose with some vaseline in the morning, it has kept me from getting nosebleeds. Stay strong man, we're in this together :)
  13. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 49 (End of week 7): I'm still breaking out every day however no cysts in the past week. I hope the painful and dreaded cyst part of this process is over as my acne was very rarely cystic before I started Accutane.I had 4 new spots come up yesterday so my face still looks like a train wreck, but the spots are manageable and not as large as they were in previous weeks. Still a lot of red marks from previous cysts/spots. My back gets a few spots every now and again but this past week I have noticed a few crop up. I have my Dr's appointment next Friday and am hoping he will increase my dosage up to 40mg/day, which is the highest I want to go. As for side effects,I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) so I have always experienced lower back pain, however the past week it has been a little worse than usual. Although that might be from lifting weights (felt a tweak) and playing hockey 5 times in 3 days. The back of my arms are very dry, as is the tip of my nose. Nothing that isn't manageable. Side note: I am LOVING being off of BP! My twice daily routine would look something like this: Shower, apply jojoba oil, wait 5 mins, apply BP, wait 20 mins, apply moisturizer, wait 20 mins, re-apply BP to actives to hide them a bit. Now I simply shower, apply moisturizer right away and be on with my day! Also, I can steam/shower at the gym without worrying about re-applying BP, or come home after a late night and not have to spend an hour on my face. It's liberating. Yes, this process has been frustrating and exhausting at times, however I remain optimistic about the outcome!
  14. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Hey Anne, thanks for the response! It's always nice knowing someone is experiencing similar tribulations. Accutane has certainly not been kind to us thus far, however it's important to stay positive and trust that this drug will work. Im on Roche Accutane. If we received a bad batch there would be no change in our acne. The fact that we are breaking out more than ever means the drug is doing its' job of eradicating all the junk we have in our skin. Don't give up just yet! Some people don't clear until the 5th or 6th month. Unfortunately for us it has to get worse before it gets better. We have come all this way, we might as well see it through to the end
  15. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 42 (end of week 6): My face is still breaking out everyday my forehead is developing cysts and painful red bumps that don't come to a head on a constant basis. My face has never been this bad before. I don't know if it's from Accutane or the fact I stopped using BP. Probably a combination of the two. This has been a very discouraging process, my face has been a constant mess this entire journey. I haven't had one day where I've been anywhere near clear. I can't picture myself getting completely clear on this but I dearly hope im proved wrong! Side effects have completely subsided other than my lips being a little dry.
  16. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 35 (End of week 5): Face is still breaking out quite badly. The large whiteheads on my forehead have dried up and are now just red marks. I now have a very large cyst developing in the right corner of my jaw. Lots of little bumps on my chin that I stupidly squeezed the little stringy gunk out of and are a little red. Face still looks awful with lots of recovering spots/marks. Can't wait until the day I can finally be clean shaven. I'm glad i'm off BP, it's actually liberating an marks a huge goal I've had for the past several year. Small win
  17. Hey man, I'm on day 35 and I am still breaking out in cysts which I normally do not get. My worst ever breakout was about 2 weeks ago and It was worse than anything I had before. I'm finding that it takes about a week for the cyst to heal if I don't pop it or touch it. Maybe even a bit longer. Try not to pop any of them as it will just lead to more down the road. I know it's hard, but leave them be! Good luck with your course
  18. need someone to talk

    We are here for you. We are all in this together, that's what is so great about these forums. It's comforting knowing that others are going through the same struggles. How is your Accutane course going thus far?
  19. I'm in the same boat. Day 32 and skin is worse than ever. I'm starting to get cabin fever. Stay positive, i'm sure it will turn around for the both of us (not) soon enough.
  20. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 32: Decided to include some pics of my latest breakout my forehead is a disaster right now. I also have a few hiding in my beard. My breakouts are way worse than they were pre-Accutane and I have been breaking out consistently for 2.5/3 weeks. I would have hoped to see at least a little improvement by now but I realize I'm on a low dose and it will take time. On the plus side I haven't had a headache in a while and the dryness is very manageable. Im also off BP which is very exciting and may be contributing to my latest round of breakouts.
  21. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 29: Went to see the Dr this morning and he upped my dose to 20mg/day. I am also getting off the bp wash which I am extremely scared about because I have been using BP for years and I fear I will have a huge breakout. I will be using cetaphil oily skin cleanser. Face wise, a few more whiteheads today plus all the other spots. Ugh. Staying positive.
  22. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 28 (End of week 4): I am continuing to break out like crazy! I have one new cyst on my forehead but other than that it's mainly whiteheads. Im not popping them and letting them heal for the most part but it's hard because they look awful. Luckily I can hide some with my facial hair. I have an appointment with my Dr tomorrow and I am going to inquire about increasing my dose to 20mg/day. I am breaking out way worse than I did before Accutane so I know the drug is working and I am purging. My headaches have gone away and my lips aren't as chapped as I thought they'd be. The back of my arms are rather dry but other than that im not too dry anywhere else.
  23. Accutane!

    Usually the IB starts around 2-4 weeks, but everyone is different. I'm currently 3.5 weeks in and am still experiencing breakouts worse than I had pre-accutane. I used Dan's regimen for years and the best it did was control the breakouts and make them heal faster. Are you still using BP? It isn't advised while on accutane, so if you stopped the BP that could be the reason for your breakout. Best of luck! :)
  24. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Thanks for the tip! I have been drinking plenty of water to try and offset the dryness, I think that's why the headaches have stayed rather mild. Good to know we are pretty well at the same point in our course. Always nice to know theres people going through the same thing
  25. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 23: Decided to add some photos. Face is still breaking out like crazy it's way worse than it was pre-accutane. Some spots are healing, but it seems like they are popping up faster than they can heal. Another large one on my right cheek and some smaller ones all around my face. Headaches are still there but are manageable. My lips are getting more and more dry, but I always make sure I have lip chap in my pocket. I am also applying vaseline to the inside of my nose as my nostrils are extremely dry.