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  1. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Day 148 (End of Week 21): Thought I'd check in! Everything is going great!! See effects have subsided and I don't even notice them anymore! I've had many 2-3 small teeny tiny little pimples that go away very quick since my last update. My skin has never looked this good I could not be happier with this treatment. Stay positive everyone, it works.
  2. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Originally posted by "===" Posted September 11, 2012: Generally suggested minimum cumulative dose would be 120mg/kg, and 150mg/kg is considered on the higher end. mg/kg is, literally, milligrams per kilogram, i.e. how many milligrams of Accutane you've taken throughout your course divided by your weight in kg. weight in kg = (weight in pounds) / 2.2, if you need it. Once you've found your weight in kg, multiply it first by 120. This amount is, for you, a lower but still advisable cumulative dose. Then multiply the weight by 150; that gives you a higher, but still reasonable, cumulative dose. You can think of those totals as goalposts, you want your final cumulative dose to be somewhere between these two numbers. It's ok if your total cumulative dose is a bit higher than your 150mg/kg measurement, but lower than 120mg/kg and you're risking a higher chance of remission. So, for example, if you're 140 lbs, that's 140 lbs/2.2 = 63.64 kg, roughly. 63.64kg * 120 mg/kg = 7637mg <--- lower suggested dose 63.64kg * 150 mg/kg = 9546mg <--- higher suggested dose Then you'd probably want to go about finding your cumulative dose with the plan you and your derm have planned. Say you're on 20mg for the first month, 40mg for the second, and 80mg for three more. 20mg/day * 30 days + 40mg/day * 30 days + 80mg/day * 30 days * 3 months = 9000mg total, which is right around what you'd want. Not only was it not a permanent solution but I also noticed that it made my hair thinner. Taking high doses of things for a long period of time cannot be good for your health and there was no long term studies I could find on safety. Ultimately I've realized that the only thing that has worked for me is Accutane. I have never been acne free for this long before. My skin looks great, I'm off BP and could not be happier I decided to take this medication. I really hope it's permanent after I am off it. Time will tell.