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  1. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Thanks Gracie! Really hope it's all worth it in the end, it would be so disappointing to have gone through this again only to relapse. Course 2, day 12 (Week 16): This week was a lot better although I still had that one cyst that is still hanging around. I can't remember one that has remained active for so long! It seemed like it faded away a few days ago only to come back yet again! It's now red and inflamed without a head, although not as bad as in the previous picture. Face is still super red and my dryness is still is an issue. I am also concerned about the red spots on my arms, it looks like I have acne on both which is super embarrassing. I am going to my Dr on Monday for my last month (100mg). It seems short but maybe because that's because I'm still not clear and I'm scared to get off it for fear that it will all come back again.
  2. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, day 98 (Week 14): I have had 2 or 3 smaller (but still very noticeable), painful cyst like pimples on my forehead this week. Very discouraging. This time during my first course I was clear by now. Not sure if I am still adjusting to the new dose or what but I really hope I clear up soon. I am a lot more dry and my face is peeling a little. My arms have also developed eczema on my upper arms and they look like a cluster of pimples. I am also very red and have been flushing a bit. Not feeling great about my skin right now.
  3. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, day 90 (Week 13): Last few weeks have been extremely busy. I've been traveling like crazy for work and haven't had time to update this. The last 2 weeks have been better although I'm still getting small pimples on a semi regular basis. I've been progressing but at a much slower pace than my first course. I currently have 2 very small pimples that probably won't come to a whitehead. I am very happy with the progress however I am not clear yet. Today marks the first day of taking 100mg. I have 60 more days to go until I am done and I am praying that I will be remain clear after. As for side effects the headaches and moodiness have subsided and I am just dealing with dry skin and lips. Aquaphor has been a lifesaver. Last time I only used blistex and it simply wasn't enough.
  4. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, day 70 (Week 10): This week was full of highs and lows. To start the week my face was awful with a cyst and a bunch of other spots, but as the week progressed my face got much better and I actually had 0 actives at one point until 2 tiny spots developed a day later. Right now I have one spot just above my eyebrow on the right side, but other than that I am clear! Hopefully this continues as I have a national sales meeting in 2 weeks where I will be around colleagues pretty much 24/7 and it'd be nice to not have to worry too much about my skin. Lips are still very dry as are my arms and the back of my neck.
  5. Accutane Journey - Stephen

    Looking good! In my experience, and from reading countless blogs, ~day 80 is where most people see real progress so for you to be clearing up already after only 2 months is encouraging! Stay positive, it only gets better from here, and just in time for summer
  6. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, day 63 (Week 9): Skin has remained calmer than previous weeks, although I still have about 4-6 little spots, 2 of which are red and a little noticeable, although not large by any means. All in all I am happy with the progress and hopeful it will keep getting better! As far as side effects go my face is constantly red and looks sunburnt (luckily it's spring so I can blame it on being in the sun), dry arms/hands and occasional flushing. Edit: For some reason my face decided to break out on me today. After I posted this I noticed two larger painful red bumps on my forehead as well as a lingering spot that came to a head. My forehead is the only problem area and specifically my right side/temple area. Really hoping this course clears my forehead like the first cleared all my other areas. One can hope. Not feeling great about my skin right now
  7. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, day 56 (Week 8): Skin got worse than the pictures a few days after the post but calmed down a little as the week went on. After a massive breakout around my right temple I got another one that i'm dealing with currently but that's all. I'm still breaking out but maybe theres a little more time in between breakouts now. I've had to stay in the past few weekends because my skin has been so bad but I'm really hoping it's alright this weekend so I can see my friends. Side effects are dry skin, mainly lips and rare flushing.
  8. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, day 49 (Week 7): Skin was horrible this week! No cysts but a lot of large pimples on my forehead and upper cheek/lower temple area. It was embarrassing going to work. Was really hoping this week would be an improvement but unfortunately I was wrong. My diet has been garbage as of late and I haven't been going to the gym newrly as much as usual so I'm sure that's not helping. My my lips are a nightmare and I'm getting patches of tiny red bumps on my arms and forearms so I have to remember to moisturize after every shower. My bowels have been more sensitive too. Crossing my fingers I will get over the hump soon.
  9. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, Day 42 (Week 6): For the first 2 days I had to reduce my dose down to 40mg because I was had a stomach bug. I felt dizzy, nauseous, had diarrhea and a headache for about 3 days. I am feeling back to normal now but it was awful. Very rare that it would occur so I am thinking the increase in dose had something to do with it. As far as acne goes my skin was a lot better this week! I currently only have 2 spots on my forehead and 1 lingering one on my temple that doesn't want to seem to die. My skin has been a lot more dry recently and my lips continue to be chapped but the headaches have subsided. All in all things are progressing very nicely at this point in comparison to my first course.
  10. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    GracieP - I hear you, in the end I really hope it works out for you (and me). The emotional toll acne takes is awful, I'm glad there are forums like this where we can talk about it with others experiencing the same issues. It makes it better knowing we are all in this together! Course 2, Day 35 (Week 5): This was my first week on 80mg. I am taking 40mg in the morning and 40mg at night, trying my best to take them 12 hours apart which has been tough. The start of the week was awful and I got a tonne of cysts on my forehead. They were painful and very noticeable, I was so embarrassed I stayed in all weekend. Right now it has calmed a bit but i'm still getting new spots everyday. Side effects hit me hard; headaches, flushing, red face, very dry arms and lips... and my stomach has been upset. I'm not sure if it's because i'm eating late at night to space the dosing 12 hours but I was up all night throwing up with diarrhea and now I'm in bed with flu like symptoms. I am going to take the pills during breakfast and again at dinner to avoid eating so late/going to bed full.
  11. Accutane Day 9

    I am using Cetaphil oily skin cleanser and CeraVe moisturizing lotion and I have been flake free! The key is to apply to moisturizer liberally right after patting your face dry post shower (or washing your face).
  12. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    What dose are you taking relative to your body weight? The first course i was taking .67mg/kg/day whereas now i'm up to 1mg/kg/day. I have read that a higher dose for a shorter amount of time reduces the risk for remission so hopefully by switching things up we will both clear up permanently, or at least make the acne more manageable once off accutane. I am thinking about talking to my doctor about even moving up to 1.33 mg/kg/day (100mg) for the final 2 months so I can really blast the acne. Maybe because you're responding differently to this course it means you will have a different outcome (remission)! Stay positive, it can only get better from here!
  13. Accutane Day 9

    what cleanser can i use apart from cetaphil gentle one? Any oil free cleanser should work. Check out some reviews on this site's product reviews for cleansers. Should find one that fits what you need!
  14. Accutane Day 9

    Several Derms have documented that dry, peeling skin means the drug is being absorbed properly and anecdotal evidence indicates that those people have a very good chance of long term success post accutane! I wash with an oil cleanser as well and it has definitely helped with dryness. I'm using blistex from my lips and have about 10 lip chaps around my house/car haha. Best of luck with your course
  15. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, Day 28 (Week 4): Improvement seems to have stalled from last week. Although I didn't break out crazy like the first 2 weeks I'm still getting spots every day and currently have a very large one in the middle of my forehead. I had my Dr's appointment Monday and I will be doubling my dose and moving from 40mg to 80mg per day starting today! I'm excited as the most I took during my first course was a 50mg so hopefully the higher dose will clear me for good.
  16. 4th month on accutane

    Some people don't clear up until after their course. I know it's difficult, but hang in there. It's a long term game with accutane and i'm sure when it's all said and done it will clear you up!