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  1. look at how huge that ice pick scar on my nose is, I think im screwed for life with that one life is so unfair. ever since I got this fucking decease is to be normal like everyone else.. sigh
  2. just look at the difference a jaw and chin implant can do for me. In one pick it's my normal look, in the other I stuck out my chin to show what a big difference it makes. I gotta get this personal loan soon man, I'm sick of being called unattractive.
  3. Thanks friend, I'll admit that after my traumatic experience with acne during my teen years. I may have developed a former of bdd, nonetheless I still feel I have a few trouble areas that I'd like to address. Just to give me the extra push from average to above average.
  4. Here is my story, it all began at the age of 12 that's when for the first time in my life I woke up one morning with huge zits on my face ever since then my life has been shit. High school was a messed up experience for me and has been the biggest reason why I haven't continued my studies due to having absolutely no self confidence. As a result I'm currently working some shit factory job as a temp, where I get treated like an incompetent fool by some female bitch that's my manager and I get made fun of by every low life wet back, old hag or dumb fuck in the factory. I can't stand living this way anymore, I never get any respect as a human being or as an adult. Nor did I in high school, the only time I ever banged a girl was when I paid for sex with some nasty whores. Females never show any attraction to me, because my face is fucked. It's a combination of issues that all add up to me looking literally retarded, as you'll see in the pictures below my eyes are crooked as fuck and so is my nose, on top of that my bottom row teeth are crooked and I have of course the scars left over from my teen years. I burned my left eye a little in my late teens doing some stupid shit and broke my nose doing something dumb too. Now people take me for an idiot even though I know im smarter then all of those fucks, but as of late I've been feeling less sharp due to picking up a drinking habit just to deal with the daily bull shit I go through. I'm 23 now and it's been five years since hs, since then I've gotten fired from every job because I just couldn't handle the daily bull shit people gave me because of my appearance. As a result I haven't been able to get the money to address these expensive issues. My stupid mom wonders why I'm such a failure at life, but when I Tell her it's because I'm ugly. She thinks it's all in my head, bull shit not according to just about everyone I've ever meet in the past 10 fucking years. My father completely failed my too divorcing my mother when I was 11 and never living up to his financial responsibility as a father to give me child support money. Money that as an adult I would have used to fix my face, for this reason I don't talk to that cheep fuck anymore. The only good thing about my mom is that she's let me live with here for some years as an adult but what good is it when my life fucking sucks ass. Believe it or not, due to being threatened on being kicked out I joined the army when I was 21, of course I failed basic combat training and honestly I knew I'd never succeed because I was totally unprepared for such a thing. My point is thought that even in bct I was treated like an outsider lol the drill Sargent all hated me and I knew they didn't want people like me to join. So you see in life it's not what you do, its what you look like that allows you to become who you are. Good looking people get nothing but positive reinforcement from society in general, which is the only reason why they think of themselves so highly. When in reality they are no different from anyone else, but all the dumb fucks make them think otherwise. Ok let's recap and highlight why my life currently sucks and has sucked for 11 years now. -have had acne since I was 12, resulting in acne scars -3rd world parents did a shit job for preparing me on becoming an adult -never had the money to fix my aesthetic issues, resulting in little to no sex for Years (that's hell for a young man) -everyone treats me like a freak because I look this way, and I do mean everyone. -never started college because high school was so bad for me, so now I work a physically demanding blue collar shit job, that pays shit. -my life experience has been fucked up all because of how I look. Sigh.. so what's the plan to turn this around? Well since I'm an atheist miracles are out of the question. But I have come up with something so drastic, so crazy, so extordinarry that it just might work. Are you ready to hear my grand plan to getting my life back? OK here it is and that is that in order to improve my life I'm going to have to change my identity by undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures, going to the dentist to fix my teeth and finally visiting the dermatologist to see what can be done about the scars. That's it, that's all I need to do to become an Alpha male and start fucking these dumb shallow cock sucking whores like the boss I know I am. Sounds pretty strait forward right? That's because it fucking is, it's common since that in order to make an awesome life for myself the way I want it to be, I'm going to have to take certain measures, that being the above. So great, I can finally move on with my life and start living the dream! Wrong, you schmuck did you forget the part when I said, I'm a poor first generation american that has parents that came from God Dame central America? So I have no money to begin what I have dubbed "project new beginning" if I succeed it will be the greatest achievement of my life, seeing as how from this one step alone I will change my life forever. I know as kids they teach us to be nice but as adults people are frighteningly stupid, cruel and down right cynical to each other. I've already done the resurch as to how much money and what operations I'll have to do. -I'm going to need a 15 to 25 thousand dollar loan to improve my face to a level that satisfies me. -I want to change my nose, raising my eye and get a chin implant possibly a full jaw implant. Based off of what is considered attractive in today's society these steps should vastly improve my looks and in turn help me regain my self confidence, something that I lost over a decade ago. I'm currently trying to increase my credit history so that the bank will be willing to loan me the amount I'm asking for. My credit score is currently 718 I have 4 credit cards all from reputable companies such as, Capitol one, American express, discover and chase. In total I have around a 6k$ credit limit for them combined. But we know that's not enough to do the things I want to due Which again is change my identity aka buy a new face. So in conclusion after years of failure I'm going to devote myself to this singular purpose in order to try and change my life forever, in the mean time I'll be the fool people take me to be at my shit job all for the sake of my ultimate goal, my dream, my new beginning. For those religious folk, I guess you can say I'll be born again lol. Not of spirit, but of nip and tuck haha. Right now I'm in a prime position to accomplish my goal because my mom and step dad are allowing to live with them for a few more years, giving me the time needed to scrounge up the funds for my project. Also, seeing as I consider my self a mghow that is a (man going his own way) I don't ever want to get married or have children so that pressure is off. Instead I'm going to become an Alpha male and fuck all these cunts after my vesictamy of course... So that's it guys after 11 years of acne, having an unattractive face and no confidence. I've come to the conclusion that this is what I want to do with my life and I won't stop until I make it true or die trying I'm done giving a fuck. I'm done caring about what people say, the smirks I get, the laughs at my face, the ridicule and humiliation I have experienced for 11 mother fucking years. I managed to not end up in prison or the graveyard for this long after all this bull shit, that I believe would have ended many other weak minding fools outhere. But not me, not this warrior, not this bad ass two timing, greedy, obnoxious, load mouth, asshole from hell compliments of the good old USA haha. But seriously, at this point there's nothing left to do but chase my dream. I'll get there guys, it's only a matter of time now........ thanks for reading, good luck to all you guys on your own Journey. Wish me luck to Since I couldn't decide what pictures to post I chose 30 random selfies that I have been taking throughoutmy days all from this year. Some are from a recent hair cut others I've grown some facial hair and a few are from the side and bottom angleft. Feel free to leave be as brutally honest of an opinion as you feel. In fact I kind of want that guys lol. I've been a member of the org for some time now since I was in high school, so this place has been a sanctuary for me over the years. Any inputs or advice would be appreciated thanks for reading.... later!
  5. I have acne scars all over my face it's all ice pick scars left over from my teen years. I'm now 23 and still dealing with this shit. Is there anything I can do for myself and how much might it cost?
  6. I'm 23 and haven't had sex in a long time, I'm now a part of the mgtow community. As I feel the whole dating thing is a big load of crap for us males.
  7. Dating and relationships for regular people is difficult enough, much more so for someone like me with acne scars and a generally unattractive face. So when I first learned about the mgtow movement a few months ago. my views on relationships, marriage and the way society operates regarding the two genders have been changed dramatically I have effectively taken what's been coined "the red pill" like in the matrix movie. After doing some more research and watching many youtube videos from prominent members of the mgtow community such as sand man, turd flinging monkey etc. I felt like a natural becoming a part of this group givin my past struggles with the opposite sex. I have learned much about how the female mind thinks about men in general and how western society pushes men to sacrifice themselves for the family unit. In case your unfamiliar with the mgtow community the letters are an acronym that stand for "men going there own way". It's certainly not for everyone, but for the guys like me out there I feel it's a good organization to be a part of. I already knew i didn't want kids or a family and instead have chosen to spend my life on self-improvement whatever form that it may be in physically, mentally ,emotionally psychologically, financially xcetera. If you are a male and find yourself struggling with the other gender,I recommend you take some time to look into the mgtow movement . To see if it's something you may be interested in joining. I have to say though that for me, it wasn't really that hard choosing to go mgtow. Mostly do to my sexual market value being very low if not non existent all together. Even if my smv does increase and I start getting noticed by girls. I'll still have the mgtow mentality for dealing with them. Has anyone become familiar with this and have joined because of your acne/scars? If so feel free to share your story, thanks and take care guys.