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  • Interests What interests me is the future limits of technology & science. I enjoy learning about other cultures & watching documentary films about a variety of subjects. Video games are a big thing for me, I play on a ps3 at the moment hit me up on there if you want to play sometime. I'm agnostic athiest. From 1 to 10 I honestly think I'm a 4 1/2 (yeah it sucks). But other then that I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person with good personal attributes. Some of them being as follows:honest, honorable, moral, understanding, tolerant, reasonable, open thinker, charitable. A few physical things i like about my self are: tall, my hair, my voice, my top row teeth & I my oder is never really too bad lol.

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  1. My parents got divorced when i was 11 and my father instead of owning up to his responsibilities by paying child support through out my teens. He instead would send me 100 bucks every once in a while, as a result i came into adulthood with nothing. Whats makes me so angry is that if he had done his parental duties like a man, i whould have been able to treat my acne scars and get the plastic surgury i feel i need to not look ugly anymore. But instead here i am, a 22 year old loser living with my mom and stepdad.struggling to maintain a job for years due to having zero self confidance. I have an ugly face crooked teeth, a big ice pick scar on my nose, crooked nose and crooked eyes. Ive done the research and all of these issues could have been addressed if only i had the money. Instead i have to go to work being labbled as a freak, i fucking hate my life.