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  1. Look closely at my nose I have 2 ice pick scars that are noticeable
  2. Sup acne.org, 22 year old male wanting the communities opinion, I assure you there's nothing you can say that will hurt my feelings so be as honest as you want to be... Idgaf. Ok, so long story short acne fucked me up from 12 years old until now. I have two scars that I want to get rid of or diminish as much as possible they are right on my fucking nose too those bother me the most. I've been searching high and low on the Internet and as far as I can tell my options are tca cross, co2 fractional Lazer, punch excision or get a filler injection. What do you guy's think will help me out the most? in these pics I just shaved to better show the scars, also I know I'm not an atractive guy I plan on fixing that with plastic surgery later on. But for now I want to take on my scars and teeth issues before I move on to my facial bone structure.
  3. Holy crap you really did start this thread, i went to page 1 to see if you were telling the truth. Must be something knowing that you started a thread that has taken a life of its own. Heck even i have replied to this topic... like 20 pages ago lol, it was like two or three years back. I wonder how much of it you've read, also what made you come back to the org? Have you been checking this thread over the years or have you just now found out about it being as big as it is? Congrats on making one of the most if not THE most used thread on this site, theres a lot of history here.