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  1. I hear you man, an 11 year acne/scar veteran here and at this point i dont give a fuck. I see how fake all the shit around me is, the truth is our entire existence is but a instant and before you know it life is over. Do what makes you happy bro fuck everyone else, you either live for yourself or for others. To be honest the only reason i haven't gone rampage on america is due to the fact that doing so whould cause self annihilation on my part. If i where more then just a pathetic human I'd love spreading some chaos, being an ajin would be nice.
  2. In that the daily interactions of people are based off of how others perceive you. What clothes you have, the car you drive, the amount of income you generate and of course the way you look. Today's society to me feels so bland, too scripted out by those of influence that dictate our life from behind closed doors. From the day your born your life has already been predetermined for you by the society you happened to be born in, Americans pride themselves by believing in their so called freedoms. When in reality their day to day life consists of obeying the rules and doing what thier told to do, when they are told to do it. There is no freedom, just an endless cycle of trying to survive in a system that you will never escape, except in death. With that being said, I've always found the level of superficiality of human interaction to be quite appalling here in the usa. The people seem so closed minded, too preoccupied by the little things that no cares about except them. If my acne and scars have taught me anything, it's people are nothing more then primitive animals pretending to be something there not. After 11 years of living with this, I've come to the conclusion that people will never understand where im comming from so i just gave up on trying to make fake friends, have a fake family, be a fake citizen. The larger common denominator has no idea what it's like to live with a socially crippling decease, to be ousted by your own people for not being able to fit into the mold constructed by major corporations telling people how to dress, how to look, how to live. Fuck this fake society i live in and fuck 90 plus% of the people that live in it.