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  1. Sup guys, been a while since ive posted here on the org. Glad to see this community again. Some of you may even recognize me, but anyway. So, after 10 years of dealing with acne and its scars ive decided i want to get a personal loan of anywhere between 15 to 30k to help me deal with my acne scars aswell as to get a few other things done. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice regarding how i can go about in getting aprroved for a personal loan of that amount. So far i only have one credit card from capitol one and there app says i have a 696 credit score. How long do you think it will take me to get the score/history i need to get approved from a bank? I consider this "plan" a crutial steping stone to imroving my quality of life, as such im in a hurry to find the fastest way possible to fund myself. Any advice whould be great thanks   I myself have only thought of 2 ways so far. 1.get a studdent loan and just spend the amount i need or 2. Get a laon on a new car and eventually sell it once i pay it off to fund everything at once. What do you guy think about those two ideas? Are they a realistic solution for me?
  2. I totally agree and would support this movement. Actually ive been doing some research on ssi and have in more then a few occations wanted to apply for it seeing as i cant keep any of the jobs i get due to low self conffidance and having to deal with my acne/scars alone for the last 10 years. Thats half of my life dealing with this shit.... im 22, i got my first zits at 12 1/2.  Say, if by any chance you want to give me some advice on how i may be able to get on ssi im all ears. All i know is that having any $ coming in is better then none... even if it is by the government hands. I've tried and failed many factory/warehouse jobs, fast food, lanscaping, all shifts, all kinds of hours but still i always lose my jobs usually do to being late, missing days or simply just being told im getting let go. Hell, i was even a private in the us army this summer and yes i failed that too due to an injury.    When i was younger i was able to get my hs diploma but that was different, because in school i could get away with a lot and just make up for it all durring summer school. But as many of you know, jobs are far from being like that. You cant just fall asleep with your head down in 3/4 of your classes and just copy some random person for the grade. Work requires a level of phisical and mental awareness that i just cant keep up for long.