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  1. Month 4: Day 95

    Wow! And look at that smile :) 
  2. Cold compresses

    So,  I've started using this technique that doctors use for facial eczema in kids called a cold compress to fight the extremely dry skin that's been plaguing me for the past few weeks despite a two tank heater.  It's magic I swear. You're supposed to use a mix of baby oil and water and dip a towel into that but I've been using just water. I hold the wet towel on my skin for about ten minutes then wash my face and moisturize with CeraVe cream immediately after. It's worked like nothing else. Two times a day has made my skin really smooth and supple. I'm surprised this isn't recommended more widely for dry skin. It's really simple and effective. 
  3. Try doing a cold compress. Derms use it on kids with eczema when their skin is itchy. You basically put a wet cool towel on the part of your face that is itchy for about 5-10 minutes. Then you apply moisturizer immediately after. It says to use bath oil too, but that might break you out. You can use just water too.
  4. Month 3: Day 78

    Wonderful to see the progress! 
  5. First snow

    So, it snowed for the first time this past weekend. My apartment is crazy hot because I have no idea how to control the heaters. I also wake up feeling really thirsty and like my skin is hella dry.  I really wish I could control these heaters but they're automatic. -___- I just have my windows open all the time now. I can feel the moisture from outside. I know not even CeraVe will combat these damn heaters, and my humidifier is too small to take on such moisture sapping heaters. We'll see what this winter brings. Clear for the time being...
  6. I had these patches. In my case, they were eczema and I had to stop using BP. ( I can spot treat only with it)  CeraVe cream worked to clear up the rough spots.