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  1. skinnie added a post in a topic Help! Regimen Never Got Me Completely Clear Even After 3+ Years Use. Still Have Inflamed Pimples And Various Types Of Acne Scarring (Pics)   

    No the tazorac is really just for my cysts. And it's good for anti-aging so I use it. I still get really bad inflammatory acne on taz. For me, it really just is dealing with dry skin that doesn't exfoliate properly. My theory is that my acne is from plugged follicles from dry skin, which eventually get infected. With BP, I stop the infections but the dry skin gets worse. That's why it eventually gave me cystic acne. During summer, my skin clears up completely and looks wonderful. The dry skin really is the trigger for my acne. My acne also got worse when I moved to Chicago. The winters are harsh there. Basically, for me, avoiding dry skin and exfoliation really is the key. My family is Indian. My skin just wasn't made for dry cold weather. My mother actually got acne after moving from Delhi to NYC.
    That said, I was able to clear my skin to summer levels in January, in the middle of the winter, by cutting down on topicals and exfoliating.

    Anyway this is not the case for everyone. Just me, specifically. If you don't notice that your acne gets worse in the winter or with dry skin, dry skin is probably not the problem. I use heavy moisturizer, moisturizing face wash, moisturizing foundation if you notice. A drying foundation or a powder will break me out.
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  2. skinnie added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    Aha Comparison?
    Has anyone used AHA+ from AND Paula's AHA 8% gel all over your face? Could you share your experiences? I know Dan's AHA would be a lot cheaper but I haven't used it in ages (and back then I only used it as a spot treatment). I use Paula's AHA under my moisturizer, so if anyone can remark on texture, irritation, dryness of skin, perceived efficacy etc.
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  3. skinnie added a post in a topic Help! Regimen Never Got Me Completely Clear Even After 3+ Years Use. Still Have Inflamed Pimples And Various Types Of Acne Scarring (Pics)   

    Is your face dry at all? (Does it sting when you put moisturizer on? Do you ever feel itchy? Is your skin flaky? Does your acne get worse in the winter?) For me, Dan's regimen worked really well to clear up my "baby acne" on my forehead summer after my first year of college but the dry skin eventually led me to develop cysts that winter. Now, four years later, I wish I'd never used it. I realized this past winter ( for which I was in Chicago) that avoiding dry skin really is the key for me. That's why AHA works so well -- it exfoliates and gets rid of the dry skin but is also moisturizing, unlike BHA or Benzoyl Peroxide.

    Just a suggestion! Irritation and dry skin can make inflammatory acne a lot worse.
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  4. skinnie added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today? . This hit home for me.
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  5. skinnie added a post in a topic Acne Has Controlled My Life Over The Past Two Years. Please Help   

    Read this.

    It might help to go speak to someone who can help you through some body dysmorphic issues. Talking to a counselor, therapist, or psychiatrist might really help.
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  6. skinnie added a topic in The Regimen   

    Warning? Just An N=1 Experience
    Hey guys. So...I just realized that the reason my acne flares up in the winter is because of dryness. I'm completely clear in the summer!

    Which made me realize...that I might have gotten the acne on my cheek because of the Regimen. It was my first winter using the regimen when I got the "hormonal" acne on my cheeks. It subsided in the spring apparently because of tazorac but resurged again the next winter. And the next winter. And then again this winter. This winter, I decided to stop drying my skin out and cut back on topicals. Lo and behold, my skin is as clear as during the summer.

    I need the summer.

    I need BPO...for my forehead.

    But my cheek acne? I'm now convinced It's almost entirely an artifact of dryness. Becuase, my acne would get worse in the winter. I would add in more topicals and be more aggressive with the treatment. It was a vicious cycle. I'll update in a month to let you know if this policy is still holding true for me. See my signature to see what i'm doing. still using topicals but only every other day. And even then, sparingly. NOT when my skin feels dry or itchy.

    Something to consider if your acne flares up in the winter.... say that the regimen was working in the summer but come winter, you find yourself dry, itchy, and breaking out more often. Something to take into account.
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  7. skinnie added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    So, I feel really good. My face is completely clear because of the whole cutting back on the topicals and moisturizing bit. Now I'm using no meds every other night. And rotating Tazorac and BP on the nights I do use meds. I'm washing my face with CeraVe hydrating wash and using a clarisonic every other day. My skin is just as clear as summer! I really wish I'd figured this out earlier. I knew that I needed to control my dryness during the winter, but I guess I never tied that to cutting back on topicals. I always though that meant topicals + extra moisturizer. And I actually used more topicals in the winter. I'd break out more so I'd use more on my skin. In fact, my cheek acne started when I started using the regimen all over my face (even though I really only had acne on my forehead). It started in the winter. And my skin was unbearably dry. But breaking out. I would use more BPO and the acne would get worse. It got better b/c of tazorac but probably because I became meticulous about controlling dryness/moisturizer.

    This is CRAZY.

    How did it take me this long?

    Let's see if it lasts...
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  8. skinnie added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    I have one! This is WITH a humidifier, haha. And, unfortunately, it's quite hard to get my hands on more than just the basic fruits and veggies where I live. I'd have to travel about a 1/2 hour there and 1/2 hour back to get to a grocery store with avocados. Just not something I have time for in med school. :\ I have been eating yogurt, though! That's supposed to help too.
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  9. skinnie added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Ugh. I'm on the SAME page. I thought my dryness was dealt with b/c I went to my derm. in November when it started getting cold. But apparently, that was FALL in chicago. FALL. The past few days have been constant breakouts, flaking like crazy, tightness. Also probably has something to do with the fact that I started a new tube of Tazoarac, which means it's probably more potent than my older tube. stopped all my topicals tonight and slathered on CeraVe. I want to re-normalize my skin, even if it takes a few days before I add the topicals back in gradually and in small amounts.
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  10. skinnie added a topic in Personal logs   

    Cutting Out Sugar
    Hey all! So, the acne on my face is pretty well managed. It doesn't bother me -- I still get an occasional pimple or two but it's nothing I can't handle. It doesn't feel "out of control." However, my back is a mess. I've been using Panoxyl and it's made things better, but still not where I want to be. My back still has active acne. I wouldn't really give a second thought to it, except I noticed something: my acne is acting up now that I'm at my parent's house on break. Especially on my back, but I would also say that I've gotten more/more frequent pimples while back at home. My diet is wildly different here because my parents use sugar (I use honey in my tea because I like the taste) and my little brothers love sweets. When I'm at home, I don't buy sugar and I limit my purchases of sweet things because I don't need them and they're an extra grocery cost. So, based on that, I have a hypothesis that cutting out sweets completely might clear me up. My goal is to cut out sweets completely for at least a month and fifteen days and then re-assess. It's actually not too lofty of a goal for me, considering I don't eat too many sweets to begin with...except some dark chocolate every day, when i get it from people, and during exams/during my period. So my goal is to cut these things out. The dark chocolate can often be my reprieve. I might replace that with a glass of wine or a cup of chamomile tea (I love love love chamomile). Anyway. Here goes. I kind of just want to use this blog as a way to "remember" my goal, to think about it, and to write about any difficulties.

    From a medical point of view, sugar is an awful thing to put into your body on a regular basis.

    My diet at home looks something like this:

    Breakfast, if time. Cereal (Bran Flakes) + milk OR yogurt, muesli, and honey. tea or coffee.
    Or Kashi bar.

    Lunch -- often skip. If not, go home, eat pasta or something leftover. quick lunches include quesadillas or pb/fruit sandwiches.
    sometimes turkey sandwich. sometimes salad.

    snack - whatever I can get my hands on. Maybe some fruit. Maybe a kashi bar.

    Dinner - usually some sort of pasta with veggies. some dark chocolate.

    Yeah, so my diet is pretty uninteresting and the only sugar involved is the chocolate, the milk (yes that counts in my book), and the kashi bar. Or if someone gives me free sweets. Or if my friends and I go out somewhere specifically for sweets -- like a donut shop or Ghirardelli. I can make a conscious decision to try and not be in these situations or choose not to buy sweets. I need to find a replacement for the kashi bar as a snack -- I'm thinking banana or an apple and a nut/bran cereal mix will have an equal caloric/nutritional equivalent. I think I'll switch to almond milk. And I've already addressed the dark chocolate!

    I'm still at my parents' house. It shouldn't be too hard to find alternatives to sweets here because my parents' pantry and fridge is STOCKED.
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  11. skinnie added a post in a topic Simple Skincare For Clear Skin   

    How long are you planning on giving it before deciding to stop or continue?
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  12. skinnie added a post in a topic My First Post (Very Oily Skin)   

    The moisturizer has oil in it, so that could be the issue?
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  13. skinnie added a post in a topic My First Post (Very Oily Skin)   

    please please be careful using vitamin A pills. Vitamin A is lipid soluble and as such, you retain it in your body instead of washing it out in your urine. It can have toxic effects if you OD on it. Like destroying your liver.
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  14. skinnie added a post in a topic My First Post (Very Oily Skin)   

    hmmm. So, weirdly my skin looks/ (gets?) oiler when it's dry. Does your skin feel dry or tight? If so, you might need to find a better moisturizer. They also sell oil blotting wipes at the drug store so you could try those too.
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  15. skinnie added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Chicago Winters -- Dry Skin
    I can't post a new product review because the site won't let me. (An error occurs every time I try!) Anyway, just wanted to throw the rec out there in case anyone is struggling with dry skin. Dry skin makes my acne worse and my treatments don't help because they're just adding to the dryness. But heavy moisturizers break me out. dermatologist gave me samples of this stuff called Hyalis, but when I went online to buy it, it was RIDICULOUS how expensive the stuff was. I couldn't afford it, basically. So I found a similar product that I actually think works better. It's called DHC water base moisture. I use it under my CeraVe PM and I've been using it for around 2 months now and haven't struggled with any flaky or dry skin at all. If I'd had this stuff when I was on the regimen, it would have been a god send!

    Anyway, it's like 17 bucks and I think it's really worth it for the job that it does. That said though, I can't use it alone. It's the combination of the CeraVe and the DHC that does it. I use like 3 different meds on my face and live in Chicago so I feel like if it can help my skin it could probably be useful for a lot of other people!
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