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  1. I used to use tazorac. Stopped because I thought it was causing my hair loss. (it wasn't. :\) But I wrote this post up about how I used it and some issues I had. If you live in a place with harsh winters, I would get some really moisturizing lotion. When I moved to the midwest, I ended up having to use vaseline before stepping out.
  2. Are you getting new breakouts? I would just do a little inventory here. Go back to exactly the routine that worked for you last summer and see what happens. Maybe the biore scrub is irritating your skin? So, just to provide a little insight. My skin got really great one summer and until I started tracking it, I didn't notice that for the most part my skin would get better during the summer. The winter/wind/heating during the winter irritated and dried my skin, causing breakouts. I was able to make changes like moisturizing more in the winter, protecting my face from the wind, and using a humidifier at home and improve my skin. Go back to a neutral regimen and then work from there. Methodically track how your skin reacts to different changes that you make or changes in weather and environment.