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Great as a facial moisturizer!
on 22/12/2016
A staple in my routine! Really makes your skin soft and I love that I'm able to use this on my face and body. No fragrances and nothing that clogs my pores. During the humid days of summer, I can cut out vaseline and use this as a standalone. Great base for makeup. Widely available and good price. I can't use it in oily areas like my forehead without a breakout though. For my dry lower face, it's perfect. I would advise people with oily skin to stay away from this.
If the foaming cleanser is too drying, try this.
on 22/12/2016
Sort of a "halfway" between the foaming and hydrating cleansers. Not as drying or stripping as the foaming cleanser, but does a great job of removing makeup unlike the hydrating cleanser. Have bought this over and over for the past two years or so. Staple in my routine. Bar is really convenient for traveling. Lasts a long time! Each bar lasts about 4 months, which is great for the $6 it costs.
Dry, damaged skin
on 28/02/2016
Allows me to protect my skin from the elements and prevent it from losing moisture, which most acne treatments really sap your skin of! Vaseline helps prevent the acne I get caused by dry skin. I really load up on it in the winter, applying it after my aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. I detracted one star because it can be really tricky to use under makeup. I recommend a primer and a mattifying foundation. Even then, it tends to get greasy and doesn't have the same coverage. I'll deal for how good this is at preventing dry skin and breakouts. It's also cheap and easily available.
Use in dry acne-prone areas
on 03/10/2015
I get acne on my cheeks and chest, but these are areas that dry out really badly. This works so great at keeping the acne away in those areas. It's also the only thing that works on my eczema. On my forehead and chin, this actually causes breakouts. Go figure!
Beautiful skin
on 15/06/2015
My skin has never been clearer. Tried:<br/>1. Regimen<br/>2. Tazorac<br/>3. Birth Control<br/>4. Aczone<br/>5. Duac<br/>I was my face with CeraVe hydrating cleanser and then layer this on top for about two minutes. Smaller pores. Fewer breakouts. Smoother and brighter looking skin.<br/>I think it's because it has glycolic acid and bp.
Heavy moisturizing, without being too heavy
on 26/12/2014
This stuff is my HG moisturizer. I deducted one star because I still need to put CeraVe, another moisturizer, on top of it. However, the degree to which this stuff has helped me is crazy. I've always been much much clearer over the summer -- my tazorac, benzoyl peroxide, and any other acne medications I use work so well then. As soon as it starts getting cold, I have to cut out topicals or my skin becomes dry and flaky, which actually contributes to my acne and makes it worse. Which means, no matter what, I break out. In the winter, it's a choice between acne with dry skin or acne without dry skin. Which sucks because my acne scars my skin. Clarisonic helped during winters in the south, but chicago wind/winters have been another beast. I visited my derm about this problem and she recommended Hyalis, a really expensive product I couldn't afford, but the samples worked reasonably well. After a quick search online, I found that the formulation of this product was close enough to Hyalis. This stuff turned out to be better. My skin looks like my summer skin! This is SUCH a beautiful product. It handles flakes and dry skin like a charm, layered under my CeraVe. My makeup goes on like a dream. It feels so light on my skin -- literally like a drink of water. I suspect that during the summer, this is the only moisturizer I will need. Highly, highly recommended for anyone struggling with dryness.
Great for body acne
on 07/09/2014
Takes longer to work than gel, but this stuff is really effective for body acne, especially considering a gel makes it hard to wear clothing without ruining it. This hasn't bleached my clothes!
Makeup removal and Brighter complexion
on 02/09/2013
Although I chemically exfoliate (2% Salicylic Acid) and use Tazorac (a retinoid that increases cell turnover), my clarisonic mia is the "cherry on top". It helps actually lift away any remaining dead skin and most importantly has been the only effective way of removing makeup for me. Makeup removing wipes, cleanser alone, oil, Jane Iredale's Magic Mitt--I've tried it all and nothing truly does it for me. The thing is that I have some scarring/ dark marks from acne, and it really affects my confidence. A little bit of foundation on my cheeks is just so empowering. And the Clarisonic lets me do that without breaking out!<br/>My skin has been brighter and my products absorb better as well! It gets rid of the dry, flaky, dead skin reduces the efficacy of my tazorac.<br/>I only use it once a day, at night, and I think any more than that would be too much for my skin.<br/>4 month Update: I still use it only once a day (at night). The clarisonic has literally changed my skin in the last four months. (I started using it in late July). My pigmentation has faded, my skin is softer and brighter, my moisturizer and my medication work so much better. I haven't had any serious breakouts in a while. In fact, it's been a few weeks since my last pimple! I use the acne brush head and I put olay sensitive foaming face wash on my face and on the brush. I move it in circular motions gently over my cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead.
Still working 2 years later.
on 24/05/2013
I've been using Tazorac for more than a year now (15 months, to be exact), and have had tremendous results. It's really cleared up my cystic acne. You've got to be very careful with dryness with this medication, however. Use it at night, and take breaks until your skin gets used to it. Wash face with a gentle, pH balanced cleanser such as CeraVe. Moisturize. I've used CeraVe lotion, cream, and PM moisturizer. I like all 3, and you should pick the one that best corresponds to your moisturizing needs. Wait 20 minutes or so, because damp skin increases irritation. Then, apply a pea-sized amount. It will take between 4 weeks to 3 months to see any change. I saw improvement around the 2 month mark. During winter, my skin regressed a bit because of dryness from the cold and wind. I started using heavier moisturizer during the day time. I've also added in a salicylic acid treatment in the mornings this spring. It seems to help with the breakouts that tazorac didn't addressed, but I haven't used it long enough to comment on its efficacy.<br/>UPDATE: I'm still using Tazorac (It's been two years now?) and it's still just as effective at keeping my cystic/painful acne at bay. 2% salicylic acid and 2.5% BPO are really effective at keeping the smaller pimples away (you know...the clogged pore kind of pimples). I actually lost my tazorac while overseas. While I managed to get my hands on a .05% formula (it's OTC in many parts of Europe!!), it wasn't strong enough and I found myself breaking out in some painful pimples a week or two after losing it. After getting back to the states, I switched back to .1% and oh the difference it has made!! So much <3 for this! And it's got anti-aging benefits too!!! If you've been given a prescription, stick it out and use it according to the instructions. This WILL change your skin for the better -- I promise.
on 03/12/2010
In Topic: Topical - SUCCESS/FAILURE thread<br/>The KEY to tazorac working is moisturization and rest days. What I do is every week, I take two consecutive days off from tazorac. (my skin is sensitive). I use cerave cream. Its non comodogenic and makes you non oily. You have to make sure you massage it in to the skin; you only need a bit. i've recently started mixing mine with Argan oil. It makes it easier to apply, and my skin glows. I'll let you know after I've been using it for a week or two. Also, when you apply tazorac, leave it on for 15-45 minutes and rinse it off with water and re-moisturize. It actually only needs 5-15 minutes to work!<br/>[link removed] contact therapy. You'll have to work up to 15 min. I leave mine on for 45. I can't stand more than an hour. I use cerave hydrating cleanser mostly but occassionally (once every two or three days) use a benzoyl peroxide wash. I also will use benzoyl peroxide for 2 days every month. why? because tazorac can be safely and effectly combined with benzoyl peroxide. benzoyl peroxide increases irritation though. that's why I use it sparingly. I make sure I've stopped using tazorac for a day and moisturize well. then I use benzoyl for two days. take one day off from medication (or two) and go back on tazorac. using it in conjunction with bp is too much for my sensitive skin. My skin GLOWS-- I've been getting compliments about my skin and how it glows. I'm NEVER going off tazorac even if my pimples heal, I'm using it, less often, but using it most definitely!<br/>By the Way, I've been using it for about 1 year and a half. This specific regimen has been for the past 4 months. (originally without all the moisturization and short contact, I was disheartened.) Nothing has worked on my acne. This IMPROVES the texture of your skin. It takes time to work, so stick with it. Please please please moisturize. cerave CREAM was the only stuff t