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  1. First snow

    So, it snowed for the first time this past weekend. My apartment is crazy hot because I have no idea how to control the heaters. I also wake up feeling really thirsty and like my skin is hella dry.  I really wish I could control these heaters but they're automatic. -___- I just have my windows open all the time now. I can feel the moisture from outside. I know not even CeraVe will combat these damn heaters, and my humidifier is too small to take on such moisture sapping heaters. We'll see what this winter brings. Clear for the time being...
  2. I had these patches. In my case, they were eczema and I had to stop using BP. ( I can spot treat only with it)  CeraVe cream worked to clear up the rough spots. 
  3. BP less effective?

    Since you mention that your acne worsened in January...I just wanted to point out that I've realized that my acne is worsened by dry skin, which is worse in the winter. Using cream on my face and a clarisonic to get rid of dead, dry skin has actually helped keep the acne away for me. That could be your issue here. Something to think about. Have you noticed that your acne gets better in the summer and worse in the winter if you don't change regimens? That's a sign that dry skin might be the culprit. 
  4. Where I am with my skin

    Last winter was tough. I made a huge move to a really cold place last year (compared to the sunny, humid South). My skin was not putting up with it. Flakes for days. My skin broke out constantly. They were huge and ugly too. And my skin looked like shit. I was popping every pimple with a needle. Destroying my skin. That's when I decided that enough was enough. My skin could have pimples but it needed to feel healthy and not broken the way dry skin does. I don't remember the changes I made at the time (I tried some really crazy heavy moisturizers, a humidifier, covering my face with a scarf every time I stepped outside, all things I am adopting again since fall is here), but I do know that switching to CeraVe moisturizing cleanser (from my olay foaming) and moisturizing meticulously and even stopping acne treatments was part of it. I started using AHA this summer which is a godsend because it's not as drying as a lot of other treatments. I continue to use tazorac faithfully. Started using my clarisonic again too.  And I started using cerave cream on my cheeks. I need it to keep the dryness at bay. I go a full month or more at a time without any serious pimples now. And when they come, I deal with it like I dealt with yesterday's pimple. I ice it. I use tazorac like normal. And I skip my AHA in the morning and moisturize like crazy with CeraVe cream. And I take ibuprofen every few hours. That seems to do the trick. The pimple is gone today. It's such a relief to have good skin. That looks decent. It's one less thing to worry about in this crazy life of mine. One less thing to be depressed about (struggling with some pretty severe depression). 
  5. First thing's first -- have you considered going to a dermatologist? I'm sorry if that's an insensitive question, if you have already done that. It's just something a lot of people don't do until it's suggested to them. I waited longer than I should have when I was a teenager to see a dermatologist.  So... next. I realized last winter that the reason my acne flares up in the winter is because of dryness. I'm clear in the summer!.   But my cheek acne is almost entirely because of dryness. Becuase, my acne would get worse in the winter, I would add in more topicals and be more aggressive with the treatment. It was a vicious cycle. You can see my signature to see what I do now, but I basically really amp up the moisture in the winter.  I use AHA which is a less drying topical and I still use a retinoid. I also cover my face to protect it from wind when I can. I use a clarisonic to get rid of dead, dry skin.  This helped me clear up my skin to summer levels in January (I live in Chicago. It was really cold) last year.     As far as the picking goes, that's something you could consider discussing with a therapist or psychiatrist. They may be able to help you overcome that.
  6. Warning? Just An N=1 Experience

    I'm gonna bump this. It's fall now and I can definitively say given my experience this past winter and now, with colder weather setting in that the acne on my cheeks is caused by dry skin. This is not true for my t-zone but very true for my cheeks. Just thought I'd update in case anyone has been struggling with worsening skin given the colder weather and was clear all summer. It might be the dryness...