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  1. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    hey guys, I am thinking of pursuing some action following Accutane. I feel like it hurt my hair, I look older, and my lips are dry. I also get this weird thing by my lip where it is extra dry. I have terrible farts that smell like death. My bowel movements again smell like death. I get terrible spurts of fatigue. Times, I feel like I am absolutely exhausted. I had points where I pass out but, I have no clue how or why? I am talking about where I just rest my eyes on my bed and then, I pass out. Its kind of scary because the fatigue only happened after I had gotten Accutane. My lips would peel. My face was red. Now, I am trying to repair the damage of Accutane. I just don't know where to go. I saw a naturopathic doctor. It was expensive. My dermatologist reminds me of some spiritual shaman. The man is incredible. He reminded me that people visit him usually not for acne but for testing tumors. How about that for perspective? Something I notice common in everyone here with acne is that, we all seem to have anxiety. I am trying to calm myself and still repair every bit of damage I did.