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  1. ximagnesx added a post in a topic Moderate Acne...Help.   

    Don't be afraid to try it out. I admit i am in the same situation as you before getting on BP regimen but when all products don't work, i decided to give BP regimen a try since no products works, why not just try. I believe if you are not allergy to BP, it works perfectly for all skin. Give it a 4 month trial. After that, you will left with only 1 or 2 zits. Thats what happen to me. View my album. 15 weeks ago, i got all sorts of pimples, bumps. But now, i'm dealing only scars and marks. I'm using Benazc AC 2.5% bp and recently started acne.org AHA.
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  2. ximagnesx added a comment on a gallery image Clear for 2.5 years - update!   

    UPDATE! Haven't posted in years... skin has been acting up a bit though. After checking the website i realized i've only been using half to a full pump of BP only for the past 6 months or so... which seems to be the culprit as to why i've been breaking out. That, plus I've been playing a bunch of softball and getting all grimy and gross.

    I'll take another update photo in a few months to show the difference. It seems every so often I forget about the key principles of the system and I break out as a result. Even so, my skin doesn't really look too bad, right?

    I love this regimen.
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  3. ximagnesx added a blog entry in Yuan   

    Photos from Week 1 to Week 15 regimen
    Alright, i know this is going to be scary but i'm gonna post the pictures of my progress from Week 1 to Week 15. Although I'm already on my Week 16 regimen. First to note, i still don't have great and clear skin because my scar and marks are still very obvious but as you can, acnes/pimples/bumps are already gone but there are some red blemishes that might not appear in the photos because they are subsiding very fast from the aid of my BP.

    <I figured new member couldn't post images hence check out my album for the photos.>

    I hope my progress could help you to get away the fear from the side effect of BP because it really helps. If you find that you still don't the result you want by week 15, you might be doing the regimen wrongly or you might really allergy to it. Contact Dan for help and questions in your regimen or doubts in anything regarding products or skin. I did contact him quite often and they usually reply me within 48 hours. Otherwise there are forums where your issues might be discuss. Don't fear because there are always people who has the same situation as you and trying find way to help each other here. Let's wish us luck!
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  4. ximagnesx added a post in a topic Shipping to Singapore   

    I'm not sure but the shipping fee is quite expensive if you're only buying 1 only. I always buy from ebay. The seller has quite a number of Dan's regimen stock but what i'm worry is i don't get the latest upgraded version one. Am still looking for supply. Actually, this spreer do hold quite a number of US spree, you might want to contact them and ask if they can hold the spree or not. - *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
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    Week 1 Regimen
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  8. ximagnesx added a blog entry in Yuan   

    Little intro of my skin.

    I started having acne since i was 17. It was a very tough journey as i've been broke down twice crying desperately for clear skin. The pimples, redness, scars, everything on my face that shouldn't be there made me feel like the world is over for me!

    Until last year winter, i decided to give BP a try. Hence, been coming back to Dan's regimen page and reading it through multiple times, Google research for side effects to get myself prepare to start on the regimen. Finally, i got myself a bottle of Benzac AC BP 2.5% to try out.

    For being such an idolt, i start out BP for one day and i immediately start using Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cream-Gel (Lactic Acid) the second day of my BP regimen. I didn't realized that Lactic Acid is actually AHA until i'm the second week of my regimen. I immediately stop the Lactic Acid treatment and continue on applying only BP and my skin finally were safe from flakiness, redness and itchiness. But however, i will have to say during the first week of the combination usage of Lactic acid(AHA) and BP, my skin were seems to be clearing from Acne and Spot. I can see that my skin is CLEAR! I'm not gonna lie in any form but until the later week of Week 2, i saw more blemishes and acne came back. I suspect that could be the purging process that everyone is talking about. But that's not the reason why i stop but i believe other than the reason of the breakouts, i believe it could be due to the irritation that i used Lactic Acid(AHA) too early with the combination of BP. I should calm my skin to get use to BP before proceeding with Lactic Acid(AHA) treatment.

    However, I'm now on the 14th week (Started 15th Nov 2010) of the BP regimen and I'm glad to say my skin are under control and I'm ready for AHA treatment. Although i still do not have clear skin - few pimples but i should say red blemishes because they are not as huge as i used to have and they subside very fast with the aid from BP and of course scars and marks leftover by the past acnes. However, i still afraid that my skin will suffer another round of breakouts acnes like what i used to have it last time that really break me down.

    Will post the BP progress pictures from the past few months and update on my ongoing progress!
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