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  1. Lima added a post in a topic washing your face every 3 hours   

    I personally found that when I stopped washing my face entirely that my skin really started to heal and get back to what it's supposed to be.

    I am currently 100% clear with no washing my face for the last 2 months or so. Not even honey masks or anything of that sort - just literally doing nothing.

    I think it's very important to keep your skin's natural defence intact, but it just seems that not many people are willing to do this because they're so obsessed with the products they have, and are convinced it's doing them good.

    Okinawans, Kitavans, Inuit and Ache all lived acne-free without scrubs and cleansers, so there's absolutely no reason that we need these too, and if you still think you do then you are deluded and I beg you to go cleanser-free for a month or two. You can thank me later.
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  2. Lima added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    I completely agree with alternate and healthoid - even though we think acne is a terrible thing, at least it forces us to be aware of things like sleep, stress, inflammation, digestion and overall health - and could very well have inadverdently prevented a lot of people from developing type 2 diabetes and other serious health concerns. Even the mere fact that we flush toxins through the skin means that our body is working properly despite our condition, and I believe this is often why you generally don't see acne on fat people - because their toxins are held in causing a myraid of serious health concerns.

    Personally I think (yes it's hard to) that we need to take acne as a blessing, and I for one am about 4000 times healthier since being aware of my diet/exercise/stress levels due to acne than I ever was, so for that I say thank you acne.
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  3. Lima added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    Intermittent fasting is amazing! And if you're worried it doesn't fit with your schedule, that it just sounds stupid in general, that you'll be hungry or be an unhealthy weight, this thread I started a little bit back could change your mind completely. I'm 21 and a uni student, very competitive athlete with a girlfriend, very active social life and I intermittently fast every single day, I'm basically never hungry and I've gotten even leaner than ever. Please just read over this thread and check the links at the bottom if you need some reassrance. I'm actually so happy since I've found IF, it takes basiclly all the worry out of eating and makes you healthier! Sounds too good to be true haha.

    Here we go:
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  4. Lima added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    haha I actually can't get over this..

    that's like saying the world's flat, or that we never went to the moon.

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  5. Lima added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    Yes, no offence but it actually has verifiable sources of scientific evidence behind it, and it's not all just "in our heads".
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  6. Lima added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    Shall do! I definately won't be able to blog about it, but I'll definately inform you all when I'm back I'm just going to keep practicing intermittent fasting for insulin sensitivity, and try and avoid processed stuff/o6. those will be my basic rules also, i know this is contentious but iodine actually breaks me out (even fish .etc), but I heard that the europeans only put 1/10th of the iodine in their salt, so hopefully i will be alright as long as I avoid kelp, seafood .etc. And yes I've been clear for months, decided to eat wild-caught fish, other times just iodized salt, and every time I've had a negative reaction. It's definately not acne, apparently it's called acnieform - but either way it looks like shit so I will avoid that haha.

    Ironically, that has to be the worst part about acne. Not the actual acne itself, but the mental distress of everything you put in your mouth when you're first trying to clear yourself. Such a strain, causes so much stress.
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  7. Lima added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    I completley agree that in general it's a mental barrier - but sometimes it's just not practical to eat a diet devoid of grains/starchy carbs - for instance i'm visiting my family in europe in a few weeks and they would literally take offence if i didn't eat potatoes/bread .etc so im just gonna cop it on the chin (probably literally haha)

    And yes the best natural diet is the most awkward one - I figure as long as we can get it right 90% of the time we have have a little wiggle room for social things like I'm about to experience.

    I would much rather expel toxing through my skin than have serious diseases, its just a shame that it has to produce acne haha.
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  8. Lima added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    lllhk - I completely agree and I'm glad you had a big realzation.

    Also, it should be noted that some people want to change their diet not only for their skin, but to eat healthy too (I don't really want junk food anymore because I enjoy being lean).

    And yes, if you avoided sugar and carbs 99% of the time you would probably be clear, but that is just the biggest pain in the fucking ass and not practical at all without being awkward - so there has to be some sort of compromise as you suggested.

    Also there's the drinking issue - I'm about to embark on a 5 week holiday around europe, including a contiki tour and I estimate I may ingest about 20,000,000L of alcohol during this time, my poor liver

    Although my skin is currently clear, this has provoked me to consider a liver detox of my own just for health reasons (having acne and stored toxins for so many years, and eating SAD diet during puberty must surely have screwed alot of shit up inside me).

    P.S. this is one of the best things I've read on the boards
    "If my acne improves, I'll update yall. If not, you can disregard everything I just said. I've decided to just not center my life around acne if this fails"
    -This is compltely the right attitude to have, because after all it's just acne, not like you're severely disabled.
    Don't let it rule you!!

    Let me know how you go!!

    I'll start reading up on liver detoxes and let you know how I go to!


    Oh and I also wanted to say, don't forget food intolerances/allergies - although these don't contribute directly to hormones they can cause some serious inflammation in acne-prone people.
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  9. Lima added a post in a topic What have fish oil pills done for your skin?   

    Personally, they break me out.

    It might be due to their iodine content or a poor quality oil.
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  10. Lima added a post in a topic Fructose, Insulin, And Taurine!   

    Hey all! I just read the 47 pages (actually read them, too) and wow what an amazing thread - how come it got unstuck???
    I think this is by far some of the most useful information I've read - after trying all sorts of stuff on these forums only to have temporary success, I realised that every single time I was clear and broke out again it was when I was consuming sugar or fruit - both containing fructose. I also had all the symptoms such as bloating, gas .etc when consuming fructose - and it should also be noted that my heritage is central european (30-40% have fructose malabsorption) and that I've never seen anybody in my family eat fruit! I guess that statistic is because fruit would die out during the harsh winters. I'm 99% sure this has been the cause of my acne, and if I backtrack every time I had a bad breakout (including when I mysteriously started breaking out), it was due to fructose.

    Interestingly enough was the time where I was clear eating predominantely vegies, meat and rice, and then introduced rice bran and broke out (I didn't think it was because of the rice bran) - but it turns out the rice bran has concerntrated prune juice as a sweetener (BASTARDS!)

    All backstory aside, I've decided to embark on the FODMAP diet for fructose malabsorption, and here's what I'm doing:

    Foods I'm Avoiding - some are because of fructose/fructans, others (like dairy, eggs, peanuts) are because of food intolerances that I've been tested for, or have discovered through trial and error.

    Wheat, beer, barley, rye, spelt
    Dairy, eggs, soy
    Caffeine, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, energy drinks
    Fats, peanuts, nuts, saturated fats, ham* *added sugar
    Fruit (including tomatoes), wine, honey, citrus
    Fructans, onions, carrots, garlic, sorbitol & malitol (chewy),avocados
    Sugar, brown, white, honey, molasses, vanilla essence, liquers
    Nightshades, Cayenne, Tomatoes

    Foods I'm Eating
    Macronutrient ratios:
    Protein - 25%
    Carbs - 55%
    Fat - 20%

    Oats, doongara long-grain white rice, puffed rice
    Chicken, turkey, lean beef, tuna, salmon
    Fats are predominantely those occuring naturally in oats and meat, but I use a little bit of dairy-free butter to cook with sometimes.

    Condiments include salt, pepper and herbs.

    Taurine - 2-5g per day (will work my way up)

    I will continue to be extremely strict for a few weeks and when I'm 95% clear with no active pimples I will attempt to re-introduce some low-fructose fruits such as berries.

    I will let you all know how I go! It seems so many members have dissapeared from the boards, and my money is on them getting clear from this thread!

    Cheers everybody for this amazing thread and I'll keep you posted.

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  11. Lima added a post in a topic eating too fast or too much?   

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  12. Lima added a post in a topic Your diet   

    What I had today, and similarly everyday.

    Upon Waking
    -ACV with a big glass of water

    -Rice bran with blueberries, strawberries and almond milk, sweetened with Stevia

    -V8 juice with benefibre

    -Chicken/beef salad with tomato, vegies, avocado and drizzle of olive oil

    -Rice cake with almond butter

    -Rice and meat stir-fry with tomato, garlic, vegies and spices
    -Sweet potato with steak/lamb, vegies and gluten-free gravy

    -Cucumber slices and carrot

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  13. Lima added a post in a topic Acne Diet Binge   

    Yeah but I don't really like any of the vegies that are really high fibre - I just have mixed green salads and rocket - plus it doesn't matter to me gram for gram, because I eat more g of wholegrains than I do vegies by far, so unless I eat a truckload of vegies, wholegrains are much better for me.

    And no.. just for trivial purposes.

    I feel fat slows my digestion down too much, and so does consuming a lot of chicken because its fairly hard for the stomach to digest. Just monitoring the amounts works well for me.
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  14. Lima added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Acne Diet Binge
    Okay so.. for my own personal reasons regarding acne and digestion I went on a murderous acne binge just to test the effects on my skin (100% clear at the time).

    Everything I ate I'm intolerant to.

    I was having roughly 8 servings of whole wheat cereal with milk per day, including crappy 2-minute noodles with all the MSG flavouring and whatnot, I had marshmallows and coco pops and basically whatever the hell I could be my hands onto. I had basically no vegetables or protein aside from what was in the milk/cereal.

    I broke out with 3 cystic pimples about a day or two after, coupled with some seriously terrible stomach cramps and bloating, along with some effing bad gas.

    After that I cut out the dairy and wheat cereal, but was still eating crappy foods, and absolutely no breakouts - in fact the massively inflamed cysts shrank to almost a non-existent status when I began shitting 2-3 times per day.

    I think for me, digestion is the biggest factor, and the serious digestion issues I suffered as a result of too much milk/gluten subsided immetiately after I stopped eating those foods.
    I also think that less protein made for better digestion for the junk food days following the elimination of the milk .etc, and I'm going to cut the amount of protein by quite a bit - I actually think this could be one reason why "bodybuilders" get a bit of acne: if they're not having many shakes and instead are having alot of whole protein (chicken, tuna .etc) because of intolerances to milk, ironically they are doing their body just as bad by slowing down the digestion.

    Important notes:
    After only 2 days of going back to a healthy diet, my skin is basically perfect again, and inflammation is basically non-existent.

    For me, the most important things for healthy digestion are:
    -Wholegrains - loaded with soluble and insoluble fiber
    -Fiber supplements (I take benefiber personally, as psyllium husk bloats me so much)
    -Low fat - minimal olive oil/avocado in salads
    -Moderate protein intake - too much chicken/tuna will just eff your digestion (I was having protein at every meal during the day because of exercise, so that's my idea of too much anyway)

    Other Things:
    -ACV in the morning/before carb meals
    -Good multivitamin
    -Decaf coffee (warm liquid helps move the bowels)

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  15. Lima added a post in a topic how much zinc can be absorbed in a sitting?   

    aahahaha man you give out really good advice but i think you use a car metaphor in like every fucking post it cracks me up lol.
    dont ever change
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