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  1. Does accutane help hormonal acne?

    I swear every derm says something different and how are we as patients to know what to believe.  I have been on accutane three times and currently on my fourth round.  After my third round I moved out of state and switched health care systems to due my job.  The derm I had in another state said the reason accutane didn't have staying power with me because he said I had hormonal acne.  He put me on spiro.  Although it was no accutane which makes my skin super clear while on it and zero oil I did notice a huge improvement with spiro but still super oily.  Long story short I moved back to CA where I am from and my current derm told me I couldn't go on spiro after I asked him about it and the success I had because I didn't have PCOS and that is considered hormonal acne. So here I am on a fourth round, but Im sure like the first 3 it won't have staying power and plan to ask my gyn  about spiro.  I had great success with spiro but I have read mixed reviews on this site about women and their experience on spiro. Some women seem to have had a horrible experience.  It really goes to show everybody body is different and how it reacts to medicine etc for their acne.
  2. Oh no! I don't want to jinx the only side effects I have gotten is being tired, and I usually have sore joints around 4th month. That makes sense about the 30 mg being too expensive I am sure that is why my derm is doing it. I sometimes wonder if the reason accutane never has staying power on me and the fact that I don't get the severe side effects llke some has to do with the effectiveness on me. Thank you for the reply and hope you don't have to go off of it.
  3. Just curious if anyone else has had their derm do this. I am on my second month of accutane and yes my fourth round of accutane spanning over 12 years or so. I was on 40mg my first month. For my second month which I just started my derm has me taking 40mg and 80 mg ever other day. This is a first in all my rounds of accutane. I am wondering if my derm is gonna put me on 80mg in my third month which I think is pretty high. My other rounds I feel like my last month I was on 80mg a day. Sick and tired of being sick and tired of acne.
  4. My derm told me they use to prescribe low dose accutane to patients who have psoriasis, but the U.S. has gotten much more stricter, he said since the whole pregnancy issue with women he doesn't for see any time soon where the U.S. will permit low dose accutane. However, that being said I am sure it depends on whose your health care provider. The company I am with is strict with rules and regulations, but I know people who have other health care providers and the treatment is much different for all your health care. I live in California. When I was in Texas I had a different health care provider and they focused on my acne being hormonal and they said accutane would never have staying power for me. I was given spiro which is for women and it did wonders, but my derm in California says my acne is not hormonal and I am on yes a 4th round of accutane. It always works wonders but once I stop taking it it comes back. So every doctor and provider is different and says something different. I know some people who can't even get accutane and their acne is way worse than mine because their derm are so scared of prescribing it because of all the negative complaints and side effects, yet I am on my 4th round. So welcome to the I don't know how health care works in other countries, but here I feel like it all depends on who your provider is and your doctor they all have their own personal beliefs on accutane. I mean there are a lot of people who don't need adderrall or oxycontin, but theres always a doctor out there who is willing to prescribe even if not needed because of the money the doctor and insurance company makes off of prescribing it. Not to get political but theres a reason the super wealthy including Obama and his family and politicians do not use Obama care aka free health care for all. Not all health care is created equal. Welcome to America.
  5. Accutane Is Making My Ears Ring

    Hang in there. Your health is number one, but I totally understand your frustration. I am 36 years old and on my fourth yes fourth round of accutane over a span of 12 years. I know I am giving myself false hope if it didn't have staying power the first three times why would it the fourth? Maybe your doctor will change dosage and lower it? I sometimes have trouble with my hearing I feel like I can't hear as good and am saying what? to coworkers a lot, but no ringing in the ear. I hope the ringing in your ear stops that is scary, but I understand the battle of acne. Im so tired of being an adult with teenager skin. I thought in my 30's I would be worried about wrinkles but nope severely oily skin and acne. Hang in there. Hopefully just your dosage gets lowered.
  6. I had a very light initial breakout nothing major. I noticed maybe a month into it and it didn't last long either. I know everyones skin is different. I have the weirdest skin. I would say no cystic acne, but very congested skin and severely oily. My back does of some cystic acne and breaks out way worse than my face. On my face I have closed visible comedones every where so makes my skin texture look splotchy and uneven if that makes sense. Even on accutane I can say I never got a terrible initial outbreak. I got an IB the first round of accutane, but nothing horrible, and feel thats how my body responded to spiro. Spiro did not help with my oily skin like the derm said it would, but it did improve its texture. I noticed a change in my skin it was a lot clear. It also helped a lot with my back. My bacne went away as well and my back for some reason breaks out way worse than my face. Like I mentioned my face was not perfectly clear how it looks on accutane, but definitely was content with it other than still having oily skin. Thank you for the advice on getting meds. I am actually going to ask my gyn if I can go on spiro if accutane doesn't work this time around and see if I have better luck with her prescribing it since my derm is not and see how that goes first.
  7. Everyone seems to have a much different reactions to accutane. Im half mexican half white. I did notice it helped with scarring. It definitely faded them, but the scars on my face are not deep pitted. My back has a ton of scarring and not deep pitted but much worse scarring than my face. It helped fade them to some degree, but the scars on my back I feel are there forever as I have tried every fade cream and been on accutane three times and just started a fourth round at age 36 and nothing has made them disappear. I weigh 120lbs and the doctor started me at 40mg which I thought was high for the first month. The first time I went on it they started me on a much lower dose, but I believe it was to see how my body would react. My derms were actually very good and asking me and checking with me each month when they wanted to raise the dosage. If I felt I could handle it or if I felt better staying at the dose based on the side effects I was having or if it needed to be lowered due to severe negative side effects, which luckily I some how never experienced the horrible side effects some people have had and described on this site. I was extremely tired when I first started at 40mg this time which i don't remember feeling until I was almost done with my course in precious years, but for me that lasted about a week and now I just have the side effects of dry chapped lips and the tiredness as subsided. Good luck!
  8. Oh wow I am so sorry that happened to you. I was on spiro about a year ago. I actually lost weight when I was on it. And had no other side effects other than having to urinate more frequently. It definitely help improve my skin, but wasn't a cure, but was very content with my skin when I was on it for the first time since being on accutane. I would actually prefer to go back on it rather than be on accutane for a fourth time, but the derm I have now and most other than the one I had last year have told me I can't go on spiro or have hormonal acne unless I have PCOS. Sigh so frustrating all derms and doctors have such varying opinions. I move a lot thats why i have had many different derms through out the years. The derm that prescribed me spiro said my acne would never be "cured" by accutane because its hormonal yet thats what derms keep giving me. I would still take spiro had I not moved to a different state and had to change health insurance companies. For me spiro has a lot less side effects than accutane. So sorry so many women are having such bad experiences from spiro!
  9. Week 9 Accutane

    Hang in there. It takes time. Everyone is different so try not to get discouraged even though I know its hard. I am 36 years old and have been on accutane 3 times and yes I am on a 4th round sad but true. My first time on it I did not see clear skin until my last month. Accutane is such a strange and interesting drug. I have friends that went on it at 16 and they are in their 30's now and still are acne free. Then I have a friend who went on it as a teenager and kept her clear for quite a while and now has acne again at age 40. So some people don't see results until the end of their course. Hang in there and good luck!
  10. Yes sadly we live in a world where looks is everything and we have to remind ourselves how everyone photoshops everything and the pictures they post online vs how they look in person is not the same thats how self obsessed our society has become. It doesn't even matter if you don't have acne people still are not happy with themselves and photo shop their pictures on social media. Its really hard because when you meet people and interact the first thing you see is their face. I can say though I do have acne on my back. Accutane "cured" if for many years, but it has come back with a vegance and I am actually super insecure about it as I live in a hot area where I wear tank tops all the time and always worried people can see it and definitely don't want to wear a bathing suit because I don't want people to see my back. We live in such a different world today like one commenter said about 70's. People had acne back then but people didn't care the focus of life was not only on looks. I mean there is the term now "instagram models" lol Some girls aspire to be that to get a ton of followers based on the photos they post which are all photoshopped.
  11. Hi there. I have been pretty lucky with the derms I have had over the years. And I have almost always been with Kaiser which I know a lot of people despise and hate. I lived in so cal for ten years and actually had a great derm at kaiser in the valley. When I moved back to nor cal same thing I felt like I got lucky with my derm and she was super attentive and nice. I liked her best because she once had acne herself and she put me on accutane at the time for a third time and she herself had been on accutane. I actually couldn't make every monthly appointment when I was on accutane because kaiser derm hours suck always between 830-4 when I am always working so she kindly let me do a phone appointment every other month which I know they are not suppose to let you do when your on accutane. I was living in Texas for two years very recently and I had blue cross. I loved being able to choose my own doctor and I had a really good derm there too. However, I do feel like i was rushed in and out and he too would say email or call if I had any questions about medications etc and always found it hard to get him to respond. However, I do like that he is the first derm to admit that he felt I had hormonal acne and said you don't have to have PCOS to have hormonal acne. He put me on spiro and it helped a lot. It did not cure me and make my oily skin disappear like accutane but it did do wonders for my skin. I would say the second best thing to accutane. However, now I am back in nor cal yes I move a and back with kaiser. The only thing that bothers me is I keep getting told by kaiser doctors that I can't have hormonal acne or be put on spiro because I don't have PCOS yet my derm in Texas said the complete opposite so which one is the truth? I think its really important to have a good derm you like and is receptive especially for acne. For me it means a lot when you get a doctor who understands how acne can affect your social and emotional. When I was in So cal my derm was very aware how acne can affect their confidence she really wanted to work with me and try and improve my acne, but also not giving false hope and was realistic. I Hope things work out if not if I were you I would switch derms. Good luck.
  12. Yes I am always tired as well and just started my first month accutane but sadly my fourth course of accutane. I don't remember getting this tired so fast on the first month. I literally slept all weekend and I am the type of person who can never take naps or go back to sleep after waking up even if I am tired, but I literally slept all day today and was able to take my dogs out for a brief walk and then go back to sleep. Hang in there!
  13. Length Of Roaccutane Treatment?

    Hi there. I have always had moderate but persistent acne and severely oily skin since I was 13 and I am 36 now. Most of the derms I have had over the years have told me that moderate acne is actually the hardest to treat as it is the most stubborn. I have been on accutane 3 times and I just started a 4th course as my acne on my back has gotten severe even though the accutane did seem to help clear my bacne for years but not my face. I always was put on accutane for a 5 month course. I have notice a lot of people on here seemed to be on it for 6 months.