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  1. Hi there.  It seems accutane has a different affect on everyone from reading all the posts here.  I am definitely one of them.  I totally understand about avoiding certain situations due to acne.  I am 37 I am taking accutane a 4th time.  That is of course not to scare you at all. I actually have a few friends who went on accutane at 16 and they are also in their late 30's and their skin still looks amazing.  I think I just have that unfortunately really hard acne to treat due to genetics, and hormones.  I can say my acne never came back as badly as before accutane.  My main issue is severe oily skin  as in within 30 minutes of washing my face and I mean on face, back and scalp and lots of closed comedones all over my back and face.  What really brought me back to the derm was the severe back acne that came back about a year ago and haven't had that in years. Nothing seems to work other than accutane, but for some reason for me as soon as I go off accutane all the oil comes back and black heads and white head. I am a little disappointed that I went in for my last month of accutane of a 5 month course today and the derm was actually talking to me about maybe having to go on it again at some point!  I don't think I will though as much as I hate how bad skin dictates my social life and confidence. I am very lucky  I have not had severe side effects like many users on this site have had.  All that to say definitely invest in Aquaphor!  I never stop putting it on my lips and I actually now have to put it in my nose because my nose is so dry.  I use Cetaphil cleanser from the drug store or Purity cleanser from Philosophy.  I use cetaphil oil free moisturize with sunscreen and I sometimes use a oil free night time moisturizer as well. Prepared to be red.  Im perma red all the time and my hands get really dry to which I use lotion and mix it with aquaphor.  I hope it works for you there are lots of great suggestions on this site on what products to use while on accutane.  Good Luck!
  2. Does accutane help hormonal acne?

    I swear every derm says something different and how are we as patients to know what to believe.  I have been on accutane three times and currently on my fourth round.  After my third round I moved out of state and switched health care systems to due my job.  The derm I had in another state said the reason accutane didn't have staying power with me because he said I had hormonal acne.  He put me on spiro.  Although it was no accutane which makes my skin super clear while on it and zero oil I did notice a huge improvement with spiro but still super oily.  Long story short I moved back to CA where I am from and my current derm told me I couldn't go on spiro after I asked him about it and the success I had because I didn't have PCOS and that is considered hormonal acne. So here I am on a fourth round, but Im sure like the first 3 it won't have staying power and plan to ask my gyn  about spiro.  I had great success with spiro but I have read mixed reviews on this site about women and their experience on spiro. Some women seem to have had a horrible experience.  It really goes to show everybody body is different and how it reacts to medicine etc for their acne.