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  1. 24/M - I cant do it anymore

    I can tell you are struggling HARD. I'm so sorry.  Maybe you need a break. Just buy a normal facewash and moisturizer, do a normal routine and focus on other things. It's apparent to me that your skin isn't going to clear up tomorrow. In your 20's...being afraid of going out in the world is not a way to live. Life is out there, and the greatest discovery you could have today is realizing it's right there.  Life is worth living NOW and acne literally won't stop you from anything. Maybe a date or two, I guess...But you don't want to date someone who can't tolerate or understand your breakouts. I'm not a hippie by any means (AKA finding someone who loves you no matter what you look like), but for ACNE, yeah, you want to date someone who understands. Pro tip: At my skin's worst, I started going to school without makeup (girls will understand). Best exercise I've ever done. Because nothing happened. Surprise! Now I have friends who cry about ONE zit that they can't cover up and I roll my eyes. Just get over it man...people act like acne is a death sentence. It's not fun, I admit, but if you could be one of those special individuals who learn to live beyond their bumps, it'll reward you.