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  1. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    Ramped up the B5, skin cleared up and dried out. I'm getting nervous in the dosages I'm dealing with, so I lowered my dose and will possibly take Biotin and L-carnitine. My skin is TOO dry for my taste. I don't have a natural glow! Want it back.
  2. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    I ran out of Vit B5, pantothenic acid, and I started breaking out. Admittedly, I was eating sugar and not washing my face. Hey, this was spring break. I relaxed in every sense of the word..including relaxing my skincare routine. It definitely showed. My skin texture immediately changed, and I broke out terribly. After break, I started eating better and getting my skincare in check, but I didn't notice my skin snapping back into shape. However, as soon as I started B5, my skin came back. I'm at 8 grams a day. Unfortunately, regardless of this dosing, my jawline/neck still has some minor issues that I've had difficulty sorting out.
  3. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    I've completely run out of my oil serum that I used with my BHA liquid. After running out, my skin has been feeling even better without it. My skin feels a little dryer, however. I also am still trying to eat as little sugar as possible. It gets easier every day, but honestly it sucks. Food is so comforting, and what I'm gaining from it IS worth it, but I have such an emotional relationship with food. It's who I am. But I'm still going to be diligent, and hopefully get to a point where I can have treats and it be okay. Ran out of 15% Vit-C. Purchased 25% Vit-C. More is better? In this instance, god I hope so. Jawline and neck still broken out. I'm going to wear minimal makeup for a while and see if that helps. I always looooove experimenting and seeing what happens; and now that I'm on spring break, I don't mind.
  4. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    Exfoliate & Hydrate As usual, life gets hectic and keeping a consistent log is difficult. But my current routine of exfoliating, hydrating + vit C has helped so much. Moisturize moisturize moisturize. What's more, the Clarisonic has changed my skin and cleansing routine. I highly recommend anyone on this site to use Jojoba oil for makeup. Every night I hop in the shower, I grab the bottle of jojoba I ordered from the .org store, and take a sizable amount and massage it all over my face. Then I take the .org cleanser and clarisonic and cleanse it all off. My makeup is OFF after I do this, and it is absolutely necessary to prevent breakouts. The shower is so helpful, because I never avoid any areas of my hairline or neck to prevent dripping or messiness. The vitamin C has helped my complexion tremendously, and I will keep using it. I think BHA + Vit C has stolen the show, when my old favorite product was my retinol. I just can't get enough of the PC skincare, it is life. If you can find a way to afford it, I don't think you'll be disappointed!
  5. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    So....Vitamin C is the best thing ever? My skin looks so incredibly even. I'll definitely keep using the 15% concentrate, but I might give in and purchase a 25% concentrate. Paula's Choice got me so broke, but my skin just looks friggin awesome. I love it. Seriously, my skin is looking so goodddddd. My jawline is still a little stubborn, but once that is gone, my skin will be fantastic. I might have to start tanning to enhance an even glow. But that's kind of the finishing touch.