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  1. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    Paula's Choice "Resist" BHA lotion for my back has been working SO well, that I no longer feel it necessary to use's 10% AHA moisturizer. I have a huge tub of it, so I wondered what to do with it. Why not use it for my arms, legs, and more? I've replaced my normal moisturizer with this AHA, and my legs are sooooooo smooth now it's insane! My boyfriend will love this Dairy I haven't explicitly done a no-dairy diet. However, I have been consuming so much less dairy now that I use almond milk instead of creamer in my morning coffee. Last night, I used up all the dairy I had left (cream, cheese, sour cream) to make an omelette and had a last meal of sorts. I think I'll be eliminating dairy from my diet. Even after eating that meal, I could tell I felt rather bloated and lethargic just wasn't good. What's more, ANY breakouts I've been seeing, usually preceded some dairy. It's hard to track those kind of things, but I will eliminate it. I feel leaner without it.
  2. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    I would really appreciate it if you didn't comment on this log.. I'm not really seeing eye to eye with you and not interested in having a academic journal link battle. Nothing against you personally, as I'm sure you're great and you mean well in the end.
  3. Broken

    Oh my god, break up with him now.
  4. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    What sorcery is this product? What sorcery is this?? When I first started using it, admittedly my neck dried out super quick and my face felt very tight. I get scared so I didn't want to continue, but I did notice my skin looking so nice. So...I've kept using it over the past week or so. I think my skin is adjusting (maybe?) but anyhow, holy SMOOTHNESS batman! If you have very bad acne that's incredibly inflamed and really severe, this alone will not help you. But if you're like me, where you're an adult still with all this lingering acne that's small but persistent, and you get it in the same areas over and over again, GET THIS SHIT. GET IT RIGHT NOW.  I would recommend this liquid formula over all Paula's Choice's other formulas. Slap it on right after you get out of the shower, I even skip toner. I want this stuff getting in there ASAP. Last night I even applied it before my retinol -- yes, I'm now wearing BHA and retinol at the same time. I didn't realize I would get so bold with exfoliation but, here I am. 2/3/2016 Began peeling on my chin. Slowing down 2% over the next couple days, then will ramp up again. 2/10/2016 I ramped down, then when I re-introduced this this, I mixed a few drops BHA and a few drops jojoba oil. That has completely eliminated the tightness feeling! Neck is still ultra sensitive, so that is still difficult.
  5. Dermaroller log

    I'm excited to see how this goes for you! I have a dermaroller but am a little afraid to use it. How much can dermarollers help? I have 3 pretty obvious box scars, I think they're called. I don't know a whole lot about scarring.
  6. Sometimes I have caught myself staring at others who have some deformity, abnormal feature or handicap, and shake my head. But it's out of sadness. I just think how unfortunate it is that some people win the genetic lottery, and others get dealt a lifetime of debilitating stigma. But I agree, a lot of people in California are INCREDIBLY superficial. I personally like to focus on my own looks and fitness and health, though, so I'm not sure if I'm better suited for an area that is less superficial. My roommates already make fun of my vanity, although I enjoy their company because they are relaxed and so down to earth. So...I don't know. Catch 22 for me.
  7. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    Paula's Choice BHA 2% is way too drying. After one application, the skin on my neck completely flaked off and my face felt SO tight.  Edit: spoke too soon about the 2%. But I'll be switching between 2% and 1% when/if my skin is feeling dry.  I bumped up my green cream to every night and I'm so glad I did! My skin has adjusted and feels quite good! Edit: will be ordering Paula's 1% retinol soon to integrate into skincare. 0.6% bumped up to 1% will be dramatic! However, for the bumps I do have, I have a lot of PIE (post-inflammatory erythema). I purchased the Vit C booster from PC and I hope it helps, although they recommend their even MORE concentrated Vit C serum for this purpose. Yikes...more $$$. I'm starting to notice a pattern, haha. 2/6/2016 When you apply the liquid solution to the face, then continue to add products to your face and neck, that product will spread to your neck, unless you treat the neck completely separately from the face. I've had to start doing this, because the liquid BHA is so drying for my neck, that my neck is now patchy, red and flaking terribly JUST from residual un-absorbed product spreading down with other moisturizers and serums. Gotta be careful.  Retinol has thus far NOT been drying to my neck, which is fantastic. At least some active product can be used. 
  8. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    Ok, so I might be buying a TON from Paula...they know their stuff much more than I realized. I'm digging their Vit C and HA booster serums, even their retinol. I thought I was doing pretty good with my Level 6 Green Cream. But Level 6 = 0.6% Retinol 2-3x/wk. But they have a 1% Retinol they say you can wear every night...! Damn! I'm definitely going to up my retinol Level 6 to every night, then bump to either the Level 9 or Paula. Also considering switching out the spot treatment to Paula too. They just know their stuff. 2/7/2016: PC has a Valentine's sale of 20% off a product purchase. Took this opportunity to purchase their 1% retinol, and will either wait until Level 6 is used up, or will start titrating in usage of the 1%, alternating 1% and Level 6. 
  9. I love Disney and everything Disney related. Story time: when I was about 19-20, my acne hit an all time low and it was probably the worst emotional state of my life. I can admit that right now. I had also gained weight, I admit, so that time was not good...I'm just trying to say how much I can empathize with you. I've been right there. Please find people to reach out to and talk about this. Maybe people on this site. Feel free to comment on my log or what have you, because I know what it's like to think I'm just going to be this "grotesque monster" for the rest of my life. I remember I broke down in front of my boyfriend, just weeping, nearly yelling that I was "never going to be normal." Normal is not a very amazing feat, but it can feel devastating to not at least be normal. Welcome and bless your heart. 
  10. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner - Last Resort - Age 26

    What would you say your skin type is? Your skin looks so dry from the pics  possibly just the lighting. I would doubly doubly moisturize! It'll help soothe the skin and those breakouts. Hope it works out for you! 
  11. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    Got 2 new products finally in the mail: Paula's Choice antioxidant serums, 2. Both have slightly different formulations. I follow Acne Einstein's blog from time to time, and he's written about antioxidants and their benefits alongside (or even in leu of) retinols. 2/6/2016 My friend commented that my skin was looking so much more even lately. The antioxidants + Vit C might be at play. I'll definitely keep using them! 
  12. acne conglobata

    Highly unlikely! Usually relapse after Accutane is a milder version of whatever you had before. And if you're off that medication, I wouldn't worry about it.
  13. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    Vitamin B-5 (pantothenic acid): This week I bumped up my dose and plan to hold it at this dose so as long as new breakouts aren't emerging. No need to take more, although some people take so much more than what I'm currently dosing. 2/6/2016 My sugar intake has dropped substantially, and so has my dairy consumption. As such, it's very hard for me to attribute this B5 to the state of my skin. Still, bumps on my neck have faded, which is fantastic...that's a VERY stubborn area for me.
  14. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    I can't find a probiotic spray on the market that seems worth my time, so I'll have to abandon that.  2/7/2016: Still nothing on the market. Not particularly interested in messing with this anymore. I have added a second probiotic. The probiotic I was (and still am) taking, I don't feel worked very well for me, and I wonder if the capsule formulation is to blame. I bought a probiotic that has a better design, and it really really seems to be helping. 2/7/2016:  Hyperbiotic's female formulation worked VERY well taken 2x/day, and my digestion normalized as long as I ate to caloric maintenance (and not more!) on a daily basis. I ran out of this bottle's ~$20 for 30 tablets. They have another formulation that isn't advertised as gender-specific, with $20 for ~60 tablets. I repurchased this product instead. The probiotics are working fine, but I feel it's not as good (for me) than the first bottle. I don't claim to know why. I have not once read of some probiotics being better or worse if you are male or female. That aside, I noticed a greater benefit with the female one, and that's really all that matters to me at this point. As usual, I will finish this bottle and reconsider buying the female-specific formulation for my next purchase, and provide an update. I purchased 3 new products, and am officially broke. I won't be purchasing anything new, any time soon. Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Clay Mask 2/7/2016: This product was never advertised for acne, just for great skin. And it's not produced by a skincare company--just a makeup brand with a famous makeup artist as the sole formulator and inventor of the products. It smells good, I like it, I have no idea if it's doing jack sh**. All I can do is use it religiously and then observe changes once I run out. Paula's Choice Super-Light Antioxidant serum Paula's Choice Super Antioxidant concentrate serum 2/7/2016: I feel good that I've added these products in. Having 2 serums of antioxidants is unecessary; however, either I could use one serum morning/night and repurchase twice as often, or use 2 different serums and potentially gain more benefit from the different ingredients for essentially the same price. It's a good carrier for the Vit C and HA boosters I currently have. I originally turned my nose at hyaluronic acid, because it molecularly cannot pass the skin barrier; however, a lot of products don't pass the skin barrier. That doesn't mean it doesn't have any benefit. 2/7/2016: Paula's Choice HA serum is formulated with both low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, one of which can pass the skin barrier, and another that stays on top--both providing different benefits. So a double-punch HA serum? Sounds good enough. Again, these are the company's claims. All in all, I'm happy with the serum and don't feel much need for a moisturizer when I apply this after my exfoliants. My cleanser and moisturizer are remaining from I have no interest in changing those things at this time. 2/7/2016: I purchased Mychelle fruit enzyme cleanser, a cleanser I know well and remember having good effects on my skin. Trying it again, however, I'm not noticing much difference. The other products in my routine are most likely doing a good enough job to dwarf the minimal benefit that this cleanser used to give. That is my best guess. Will use this entire bottle and will not repurchase.
  15. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    Level 6 Green Cream, working like a dream. LOVE THAT STUFF. Everyone needs green cream! 2/8/2016: Just ran out! Waaaah! Paula's Choice 1% Retinol coming in the mail :). If I don't like it, I'll return and order Level 9. My PMD came in the mail and I have yet to mess with it or test it. It's definitely a little scary, considering the results others get from it--a.k.a. the scars. 2/8/2016: Returning. I'm using too many chemical exfoliants at this point for this to be a good idea. It could very severely damage the skin barrier.  I have started a supplement regimen. So far I have: Updated 2/8/2016 Daily Vitamin D3 Magnesium Vitamin C Vitamin K2 (M7) Vitamin B-5 Iodine Vitamin E Hyperbiotic Pro-15 2x/day D-mannose Supplement 2-3x/wk Selenium Zinc Vitamin B-complex With Food NOW Super Enzyme Betaine HCL
  16. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    Lo and behold...a breakout emerged! A much worse breakout than usual. Mind you, holiday sugar...but I have a suspicious feeling that trying to shave my face did the trick. I used a normal razor, not feminine peach fuzz razor. I might wait a while before attempting that again. Upping my retinol strength has made my skin a little more sensitive I believe. Therefore, I will reduce my Clarisonic use from 2x/day to only at night, to remove my makeup. I purchased Juice Beauty cleanser and nutrient moisturizer. I have yet to try the moisturizer, and can't say the cleanser is doing much different for me? Then again, I'm resistant to using the usual amounts of cleanser that I do with my cleanser, because it is so pricey. The Paula's Choice Toner hasn't performed well for me. I haven't noticed anything at all...which is pretty unfortunate.  My jawline/neck acne is starting to really bother me, seeing as it's not going away. I'll reply later with certain approaches I plan on taking. 
  17. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

      Tell me about it...It's the worst! I suppose you just have to enjoy it and know the coming breakouts are what they are. I definitely held back this holiday season and am less bloated and have less breakouts than usual, however, and I had more energy to tackle lots of different tasks. Overall I'm happy about that side effect :)
  18. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    It's the holidays...eating so much sugar! Need to cut back. 2/6/2016: I have cut back substantially the only sources of sugar I'm really getting are in fruit. Can you believe it?!
  19. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

    Update: ~Using Clarisonic! Luxe cashmere head feels amazing, and buffs the skin wonderfully without being too harsh. 2/6/2016: Still fantastic. Definitely a forever staple in my regimen. ~Switched to Dior airflash foundation, and using Cover FX primer *sometimes*. Probably not the best idea to introduce both items into the routine at once. 2/6/2016: Returned both products, as I found Bobbi Brown's tinted foundation and fell in LOVE. I'll be sticking with this foundation for a LONG time. ~Just got in the mail my Paula's Choice antioxidant toner. Antioxidants are reported to having great anti-acne results when compared against retinols. I'd be stupid not to give it a try, considering how well my skin responds to retinol. 2/6/2016: Stupid toner. Did not like. I returned and instead bought high-concentration antioxidant serum, which I have been preferring.  ~Using clinique's eye cream. Got it as a free Sephora sample. 2/6/2016: Haven't seen amazing benefits from it. Still trying to think of an eye care regimen. 2 more things I am looking into, but do not wish to introduce until these new products have settled in as a routine: ~PMD, the personal microderm at-home device. 2/6/2016: Will not be moving forward with this. I'm exfoliating enough chemically that this would completely destroy my skin. ~microneedling, to help with acne scarring. I don't have much, however I do have some. I also wonder if this could help with stretch marks. 2/6/2016: Still have yet to try this. Waiting until skin is adjusted to my exfoliants and is more clear.
  20. Best makeup brands you've never heard of?

    Thank you! I want more suggestions! Come on ladies!  I'll be shopping at Charlotte Tilbury soon if I can't find anything better. :)
  21. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

      It absolutely can irritate your acne and make matters worse. I deal with small bumps that aren't inflamed, so I don't generally have to worry about irritating my bumps.  If you have red bumps sensitive to touch, I wouldn't mess with it. I went into a sephora though, and saw they have come out with a "cashmere" luxury brush head, which is incredibly soft to the touch. Softer than the "sensitive" brush heads that come with it. You could start out with the cashmere and work your way up as your acne clears. 
  22. The Only Water Method

    I don't know if 10 days is enough time for your skin to return to its natural state...I'm not even sure what that means haha! But I think it's great to build up your skincare rather than try 1,000,000 things at once and panic if nothing works after a week. Lord knows I used to do that and it only made my skin worse.  Moisturizer is key imo. What are you considering to introduce?
  23. So Close (1st Post Contains Updated Regimen)

      My money is on the former absolutely. Of course, if we have a good bacterial setup to help digest the carbohydrates we take in, that might soften the hormonal blow. And yet, I still do pretty well with potatoes, rice and bananas. A low carb me is not a happy me, mainly because my stomach isn't robust enough to digest an all-protein diet. :/   Update! Got my clarisonic Mia 3! Round 1...fight!!
  24. Hey guys and gals,   Anyone have any recommendations for online makeup brands that maybe aren't at Sephora, yet high quality and cost effective? I'm all about hole-in-the-wall brands and supporting companies who get it right, and price fairly. Faerie Organic was popular on this site a while back. Not sure if that still is the case. Considering getting another mineral foundation from them! What say everyone else?