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  1. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    Well, things are a little more controlled, I have maybe 4-5 painful active pustules, and the others are, for the most part, receding. They're still raised lumps, but they are on their way out rather than coming in.
  2. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    Well, half a year later, I'm worse off than when I started this thread - but at least I've discovered several things that don't work for my acne, which is nice. Seems like most supplements that are traditionally good for acne give me problems. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Zinc - each one made my skin worse in its own special way.
  3. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    Well, I'm back on doxy. I've tried weaning off of zinc, with a tablet here and there. Haven't really taken any for the past week, and my acne is really out of control right now. I have about 10 big, painful pustules on my face. They are almost more like boils than real acne. I asked my doc to re-prescribe doxy because I feel like the BP is really useless against the big pustules.
  4. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    I've upped my zinc intake again, and painful pimples have swelled up near my mouth / chin again. Headaches came back too. Definitely a correlation there. Need to stop zinc for reals!
  5. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    Been trucking along. I haven't been taking crazy amounts of zinc, but haven't cut it out completely either. My libido has dropped off, but my acne is now nowhere near as extreme as it was just a week or two ago. I have some small comedonal stuff, and maybe one or two bigger painful ones near my ears. Lately I've gone back to washing my face only once a day (in the evening), not moisturizing in the mornings, and only using BP every other day (or every 2 days). Anyway, my skin has liked it. Pimples that stayed swollen and inflamed have gone down dramatically, and I've barely seemed to have any breakouts at all. My face has returned to a normal color (as opposed to lobster red) which I also really like.
  6. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    Yeah, even though I know you're not "supposed" to pop them, especially the cysts, sometimes I just can't deal with the bigger ones (the ones with 2-3 heads). The pain basically pulses all up and down the side of my face. Squeezing it provides relief. Afterwards I usually douse it with rubbing alcohol and then cover it with BP.
  7. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    Small update. Zinc has been okay. The aforementioned benefits have not abated. Unfortunately, I've been noticing that I get headaches and serious brain fog / spaced out / detached feeling. I've been getting more hard, painful pustules on random parts of my face, and big cysts are still brewing on my jawline. I am going to cut out zinc for about a week and see if things normalize a little. That way I'll see if there's a definite correlation.
  8. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    So I've been taking zinc picolinate, 100mg a day for 2-3 weeks now. I've skipped a couple days here and there because the 100mg dosage is pretty high. I've also been experimenting with using the Regimen twice a day instead of once, and have switched to using La Roche Posay SA cleanser instead of regular Dove soap. The Regimen 2x a day thing was just too much to handle, so I lowered it back down to nightly. I've also been moisturizing on a regular basis. I used Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion on and off, and while it provided excellent moisture and kept facial redness to a minimum, it was really greasy and seemed like it was clogging my pores. I ended up going back to my CeraVe Moisturizer that I used all throughout last year. It makes my face redder than I'd like, but eh... Overall, my skin is still oily as hell. I have to continuously go through blotting papers (5-6 on a regular workday). Zinc also seems to be breaking me out a bit, but not excessively. I have a 5-6 painful cysts on my jawline, and one near my mouth. If it wasn't helping me at all, I would stop - but I've noticed that since taking it, my libido has great. In the past months, I've been really sluggish and was having serious ED. I could only perform adequately maybe once a week. Now it's like I'm back in my teens. Honestly, even if zinc does exacerbate acne, I'd keep taking it as long as the libido-boosting effects stay. Also, I used to have some serious BO if I sweated a lot. Now, strangely enough, I don't smell at all. My shower products haven't changed, nothing's really changed except the zinc. On a different note, I am definitely going to need to start staking copper soon, since high-dose zinc depletes copper and can have some serious consequences.