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  1. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    Well, things are a little more controlled, I have maybe 4-5 painful active pustules, and the others are, for the most part, receding. They're still raised lumps, but they are on their way out rather than coming in.
  2. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    Well, half a year later, I'm worse off than when I started this thread - but at least I've discovered several things that don't work for my acne, which is nice. Seems like most supplements that are traditionally good for acne give me problems. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Zinc - each one made my skin worse in its own special way.
  3. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    Well, I'm back on doxy. I've tried weaning off of zinc, with a tablet here and there. Haven't really taken any for the past week, and my acne is really out of control right now. I have about 10 big, painful pustules on my face. They are almost more like boils than real acne. I asked my doc to re-prescribe doxy because I feel like the BP is really useless against the big pustules.