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  1. Fighting Stubborn Pustular Acne / Folliculitis

    No real cysts right now, but smaller pustules keep coming up. Shaved my beard (with a clipper) today. Face looks cleaner but acne is a lot more noticeable. Between my chin and right cheek has about 8 big, red bumps clustered together in one area.
  2. Fighting Stubborn Pustular Acne / Folliculitis

    The area in question (between my right cheek and chin) is still a nightmare. Another (albeit slightly smaller) one came up yesterday and was hurting like heck this morning. The ones that were already there are red, angry and inflamed. On a positive note, the rest of my face hasn't been breaking out too much. I've had some new ones, but they've been pretty superficial, never got painful and were basically gone after a day. I think I just have to weather the storm. I'm positive that quitting fish oil / supplements has had a positive effect. My ears used to flake all the time, as did my scalp, now all of that is more or less gone. I think the only thing that has suffered is my libido. Also, I haven't been using Hibiclens too much anymore. I used it as an aftershave to keep my follicles from getting infected, but I think it's too harsh to be using on a twice-daily basis.
  3. Fighting Stubborn Pustular Acne / Folliculitis

    So over the weekend I got some new cystic-type crap near my old pimples. That whole area is like an inflamed minefield right now. Bunch of scabs and cysts everywhere. I'm not sure why I got new cysts - maybe it takes some time to flush everything out of my system, or maybe it's because I went on a squeezing and popping spree on Friday night. I'm still convinced that fish oil / multivitamins were the root cause of my cystic acne, so I'm just going to soldier on. 
  4. Fighting Stubborn Pustular Acne / Folliculitis

    So it's only the second day after ditching the god-forsaken fish oil and multivitamin, and I haven't gotten any new deep, inflamed pimples - for the first time in weeks! In fact, I don't think I've gotten any real pimples. Too early to tell, but I think I may be on to something. On a sour note, the pimples I had are still painful, oozing, and irritated. It takes me forever in the mornings to clean off the nastiness so that I can moisturize over them. Afterwards I dab a glob of BP over each one to cover it up. It's the best I can do to look semi-presentable at work, because otherwise I'd be walking around with a chin full of pus and dried blood (not cool!),
  5. Fighting Stubborn Pustular Acne / Folliculitis

    So an update - I've continued to use the Hibiclens. It has helped me contain / almost completely avoid folliculitis on my neck and face after a close blade razor shave on Monday. However, I've broken out even harder since then, and got really pissed off. I have several deep, inflamed nodules around my cheek and jaw area that hurt really badly and show no signs of going away. I've realized something though - perhaps I should stop taking supplements. I've been taking fish oil for a while now - I can't even remember when I started, and I've been taking it regularly in the last couple of months. In addition, I've been taking multivitamins. I used to take the gummy ones from Vitafusion, but those ran out, and I didn't take them or the fish oil for a week and a half when I went to Florida over winter break. My skin wasn't too bad then, although I assumed it was from the increased sunlight. When I got back, I resumed fish oil and picked up a new, even more epic multivitamin, which also contains a bunch of minerals. In addition, I started megadosing Vitamin D3. That was a couple of weeks ago. I've given up the D3 since then, but am still on fish oil + multivitamins. I've been browsing the forums and have noticed that a lot of people have reported breakouts around the chin / jaw area, as well as on the forehead (where I've broken out recently) from fish oil and multivitamins. Perhaps that is the key to controlling the cysts... I definitely am going to stay on the Hibiclens though, I think it's doing a good job of keeping bacteria out of my hair follicles.
  6. I think they would, but at this point I don't think it's not a good move considering how much it costs: last time it cost me maybe $3,000 out-of-pocket for 9 months of treatment. I'm not willing to pay that much just to get rid of 5-10 pustules. Maybe in the future, if my acne gets debilitating, but right now I'd rather look at other options. Of course it depends on what kind of insurance you have.
  7. Hi all, So for the past year or so I've been getting this stubborn pustular acne that doesn't respond to Benzoyl Peroxide very well. Ever since I started getting it, I've been applying Dan's BP generously at night, but so far I have never really succeeded at being 100% clear. The acne is extremely painful / tender, and rapidly develops into a pus-filled head. The head either dries up, or bursts (oftentimes I've been squeezing these pimples myself, because it's unprofessional to walk around with pus oozing from my face). However, when these pimples burst, they spout a lot of blood, and leave a crater-like wound - which isn't fun either. Also, if I don't squeeze really hard and get the hard "core" of the pimple out, they tend to re-form. The really bad ones tend to form around the mouth / beard region (where the hair follicles are). When they appear, I nuke them with BP. This doesn't make them get any smaller - if anything, it just makes them bigger - but it helps peel the skin and make the pimples surface faster. Because of this, I feel like the bacteria involved is not p.acnes, but something else. The one thing that seemed to help me, back in September, was dicloxacillin. It had been prescribed to me by a nurse practitioner, since I didn't have insurance at the time and had to go to a RediClinic. I was only on it for a week, but it basically stopped all my breakouts in their tracks. Shortly after the week ended, I began breaking out again. Around that time I also started using antibacterial soap (triclosan) to wash, and have been using it - without avail - until recently. Recently (last Wednesday), I picked up some Hibiclens and have been using that to wash morning and night instead of the antibacterial soap. I lather it into my skin, leave it on for a while (until it dries basically), and then wash it off. After that, I apply moisturizer (if it's morning) or Dan's BP (if it's nighttime). So far, there hasn't been a crazy amount of change. I thought I was headed in a good direction up until today, since my existing pimples had continued to dry up and I hadn't gotten any terrible new breakouts. Today, however, an older one that I thought had disappeared suddenly because re-inflamed and painful. Also, I've had a crop of new, painful ones appear to the right of my beard. I'll continue with the Hibiclens but I'm really getting tired of this. As soon as my new insurance information comes, I'm going to schedule an appointment with a GP and try to get a culture test or something. These things are really unsightly and unprofessional.  
  8. Vitamin D3 Log

    Week 1 Update: Have not seen any drastic changes. Skin has been a little bit drier, but that could also be attributed to the cold. One thing I've noticed is that the progression of my acne has slowed down by a lot. Basically, it's like it all just stopped moving. I've gotten some new pimples since I started the log, but just small ones (although some existing ones have developed into big, red inflamed things).
  9. Vitamin D3 Log

    Thanks for the feedback! It's definitely something I will consider in the future, if my acne gets progressively worse. My first course was unfortunately really expensive, so I'm going to put off taking a second course for as long as possible.
  10. I used it on and off Accutane, as well as with the Regimen. Not using it at the moment. I think it gets the job done, but it's hard to tell how much it's actually washing off, since I don't get the cool, "clean" feeling on my skin after I've used it.
  11. Nobody really says anything except really small kids. They usually ask something like, "what is that thing?" or "why do you have that on your face?" It doesn't really bother me. I just tell them it's a boo-boo. I think we, as acne sufferers, get really ticked off when someone assumes we haven't done anything about it or we don't even know it's there, even though we've put up with so much shit and exhausted so many options trying to get our skin clear. Whoever says this stuff (usually) doesn't know the backstory - if they did they probably would be a lot more sympathetic.    ^ that seems completely insensitive - but anyone who feels the need to lash out at others like that probably have some serious insecurities of their own. Don't worry, karma always gets those kind of people in the end.
  12. I was obsessed with my acne from ages 19-23, approximately. It seemed like I tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. My face was always covered with huge pimples and red flaky skin (seborrheic dermatitis). I was skipping class and missing work just because I couldn't stand being around other people with my skin in that state. I found my current girlfriend when my acne was pretty bad, and in the early stages of our relationship it only got worse - while her skin was perfect. The whole time, she was nothing but supportive. It sounds cheesy, but it really is about what is on the inside that counts. You just have to project confidence and don't let acne get you down. Everyone has insecurities. Everyone is wrapped up in their own problems, often thinking that other people are constantly noticing their flaws and judging them for it. Truth is, nobody is perfect. Never think that you're "not good enough" for someone because chances are, while you may have acne, you're better than they are in other ways. Unless someone is a really shallow person (in which case they aren't worth your time anyway), they'll see right past your acne. Also - I started Accutane in 2013 and was on it for nine months. The change was amazing, and I really recommend you go on it if you can. For a couple months after finishing, my skin was flawless and my self-confidence was through the roof. I've started breaking out again since then, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was, and I don't worry about acne too much anymore. I've since gotten my Bachelor's, landed a good job after several great internships, and am no longer avoiding any responsibilities because I don't feel sociable.  
  13. Vitamin D Has Cured Me Of Oily Skin And Acne

    Trying this out now, started on 12,000 IU yesterday. My acne isn't too crazy after having been on Accutane, but I get these big, painful pustules every so often - about twice a week, plus some smaller ones. Whether it works or not, it's worth a shot. 
  14. It actually has. I don't regret going on Accutane at all. For one thing, it cleared my back entirely. I used to get cysts all over my back - now, I don't get anything except for maybe some tiny, invisible, non-inflamed bumps here and there. You know, the stuff everyone gets every so often. It's also helped a lot with my chest acne, although I still get small red pimples there on occasion.  As for my face - it had me 100% clear for a couple of months after finishing the course, then I started getting the occasional pimple, and eventually it progressed to where I had between 5 and 10 active pimples on my face at any given time. Still - it's a lot better than pre-Accutane. Before Accutane, I always had tons of stuff going on under the skin, just waiting to come out. I never knew how many pimples I actually had - some were active, while others were kinda lurking below the surface. My skin was always bumpy and rough-looking. Now, I can actually  see every pimple clearly - it's either there or it's not. Most of my skin is nice and smooth. It's just that the 5-10 pimples I do get now are really inflamed with big pus-filled heads, so it's a little more gross than your usual run-of-the mill bumps. I'll use the opportunity to say that nothing I've tried since August has really worked. I've added antibacterial soap to my regimen, been on an antibiotic briefly, and supplemented with garlic / turmeric (antibacterial effects) as well as taken ACV internally. Nothing keeps the pustules at bay - they just force their way through whatever I throw at them. Recently I've started on Vitamin D supplementation, since I've heard back from several people who had similar acne to mine (painful pustules, mainly around around mouth) saying theirs improved when they started taking D3. Plus, it is true that I've been getting miserable amounts of sunlight (work in a windowless office, don't go outside much since starting my new job), and probably no UV rays due to the latitude at which I live + the time of year. Regardless of whether it works or not, it's definitely worth a shot.
  15. Vitamin D3 Log

    Hello all, I was on Accutane from 2013 to 2014 and it got me mega-clear... for a couple of months. After that, I started getting the occasional pimple - but nothing to worry about. Then, I started getting more and more, and started incorporating a little bit of Dan's Regimen back into my routine (I'd used the Regimen from around 2009 to 2013 with varying degrees of success). Then, in the winter of 2014, I broke out HARD - just like the pre-Accutane days. The breakout consisted of a bunch of deep, painful cysts around my mouth region. I began using the Regimen daily (only at night, since I can't apply it during the day). I've been on it for over a year now, and while it definitely helps to a certain extent, I keep getting pustules on a regular basis. Some of them are pretty minor, while others form deep, inflamed clusters that eventually burst and leave a bloody scab. The deep ones mostly happen around my mouth region. I think the regimen I use now - BP coupled with a gentle antibacterial bar - keeps the pustules away somewhat, but not entirely. I also break out a little on my chest, where the BP can't reach. I am going to give the Vitamin D thing a shot. It's cleared some people, and hasn't worked at all for others. Seems like it depends on whether a Vitamin D deficiency is the root cause of your acne or not. In my case, there's a chance it might be. I don't get much sunlight at all these days - in the office or at home most of the day, aside from some brief indirect sunlight during lunch hour and commutes. Plus, I've read that in the area in which I live, it's impossible for the skin to absorb enough vitamin D during the fall and winter months anyway. In addition, I've read that being on Accutane can shoot vitamin D levels down significantly, and I was on it for nine entire months... in any case, it's worth a shot. I'll give it a couple of months - if it doesn't work, my next step will probably be an anti-fungal wash. I'm going to take 10,000-12,000 IU a day, since I'd prefer quicker results. I've also been supplementing with Fish Oil for a while now (not for acne, mainly for concentration), and I gave antibacterial supplements a shot (garlic and turmeric). These didn't do much for my skin condition, so I ditched everything but Fish Oil. I've also started a multivitamin + mineral supplement. I'm interested to see where this goes!
  16. Struggling with folliculitis (furuncles, carbuncles)

    Thank you for the reply - I'm actually going to try the Vitamin D. I bought a bunch of D3, as well as a Multivitamin + Minerals on Tuesday, and I've already been taking fish oil for a while. I'd been focusing on taking antibacterial supplements - garlic and turmeric to be precise, as well as ACV, but that route didn't seem to have any effect.
  17. i have had a similar reaction to what u described, very painful like spots around the mouth area mostly. i tried for years to solve and succeeded at last, i stopped all products containing milk and problem sorted. now i can take butter, yogurts,cheese, ice cream etc but not too much. but i cant touch milk at all not even a drop in my tea. try it and see if it works for you

  18. So I've been battling with deep, painful folliculitis for about a year now. I was on Accutane from fall 2013 through summer 2014, and it cleared me up 100%. However, after being off of it for a couple of months, I started developing the odd pimple. I decided it was time to get back on the BP regimen - big mistake! Since then I've been developing what I've come to understand are not pimples, but rather furuncles and carbuncles caused by follicular infection. They hurt like hell as they come up, form a pus-filled head, then burst and leave a small open wound. Sometimes they cluster into carbuncles (several pus-filled heads grouped into one), and these are the absolute worst. They are not concentrated in any given area, and I get them sporadically all over my face, although they are usually larger in the beard area. It seems that BP makes them surface to a head faster, but it also seems to cause the really big, swollen ones in the first place. Recently I went for about two weeks without benzoyl peroxide, and I did not have any of the huge, painful ones - but I developed a BUNCH of smaller ones all over my forehead and t-zone, as well as scaly dermatitis patches near my hairline and in my beard. In addition, moisturizing makes the folliculitis even worse. It seems like BP keeps certain skin conditions away (dermatitis, small acne / folliculitis), but at the same time causes other ones (large, inflamed lumps)! Has anyone had experience with dealing with these? Should I steer away from the BP and just wash my face with something? Remember, I can't moisturize either, as that compounds the folliculitis issue...