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    I totally can relate to this one, especially when someone mentioned about the jaw area acne. I do believe that there's a connection, when i used to masturbate almost 3 times a day, everyday , i would get these cystic acne on my jaw line and they would come in pairs or triples, much to my constant horror. they're very painful red cysts that sometimes even go down to my neck , they usually appear the next day, my face would be so oily and it looks dry and tired. I also felt very fatigued most of the time, also affected my mood.

    then i researched about it, and there seems to be a correlation about, cystic acne + zinc + ejaculation. Now i limit myself to less in a week and i noticed a lot of improvement. my skin is t no longer oily, and looks hydrated. and no more cystic acne or any acne for that matter. its hard to control in the beginning but i think its just knowing your body and having the discipline. I'm also thinking of getting zinc supplements for it. i haven't got any new acne for the last month since i started and can definitely see this thing through. all the medications i used was really of no avail since the acne is coming from the "inside", i used bp, etc and whatnot, now i only use a mild cleanser and moisturizer and that's all, i just make sure my skin is hydrated. Now all i need to focus on is to fade the red marks left behind. I'm very amazed myself.

    to those who find the idea silly well its alright, i just wanted to share what i experienced and seeing that other have very similar situation with their acne is a really big help iin understanding this rather odd but very real cause of acne.
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