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  1. Forehead Battle

    Avoiding HFCS only kept me clear for so long until I started breaking out again.. Not giving up I kept thinking it was food and went to an allergist to run blood tests (not cheap) but was worth every penny. I found out I was allergic to foods I eat on a daily basis. There were still other foods I was not tested for that I had to figure out on my own through trial and error. I can now stay almost 100% clear if I eat right... no face washs, gels, creams, antibiotics, vitamins, enzymes, powders, none of that stuff I had tried over the last 10 years. Acne made me feel like sh*t for a lot of years but I got the last laugh.. Took me all through my 20s to finally figure it out but im past it. I was driven and determined not to give up and never say f**k it I don't care because I really did. Some people don't care but I am way too self conscious. So the bottom line for me was food nothing less nothing more. If I can help one person out then all those years don't matter because I know how it feels. Good luck don't give up.