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    i have had backne for years. chronic unrelenting scarring backne. I've tried diet, meds, vinegar scrubs - nothing worked

    however i also suffer from a bad back and collapsed hip all caused by a slight knee dislocation years ago that wasnt diagnosed properly. I finally got sick of my chronic pain and through a combination of pilates and yoga and damn hard work at stretching and relaxing muscle groups I managed to get my back straightened and my knee aligned and my pelvic girdle to stay even. The day I got myself straight i felt that the texture of the skin on my back and chest changed - it no longer felt rougher and thicker. Instead it was soft and smooth just like th skin all over the rest of my body. I also noticed that my skin in these areas was imemdiately more pinchable and elastic. And I havent had a single new pimple appear since that moment.

    i dont know if it was poor posture affecting my glandular systems that were putting unnatural pressure on my organs or that my skin was unnaturally stretched over a warped and twisted torso that was causing breakouts

    so guys if you suffer from chronic backne and you have a bad back/hip combo and have poor alignment/posture you might find that the two are very related. consider working on your alignment as a treatment for backne as well as getting that extra inch of height back and the dissapearance of the chronic back ache.

    good luck to you all
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