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  1. I use a generic knockoff of Tide. I've tried All Free and Clear and it caused far, far worse breakouts than the scented stuff, but I'm finding when I wash my sheets, bras and clothes, I get acne on my chin, back, face, and chest. It's even causing acne in my armpits. I don't know why the All Free and Clear caused such bad pimples, but they did, and they were awful. Recommendations for laundry detergent for those sensitive to dyes, fragrances (even "natural") and surfectants?
  2. I'm 30. I've had hormonal cystic acne since I was 15. In the last 15 years I've been on minocycline, aldactone, and accutane, each drug for at least 2 years. My guts are screwed up. I can't take probiotics, eat shellfish or unprocessed fish like salmon or whitefish, or consume coconut oil. Didn't use to be that way. This happened after a rhinoplasty using a nasal implant (I know that sound bizarre but I probably have a lot of biofilm or something under my skin.) I haven't been able to use regular dandruff shampoo with zinc, peppermint shampoo, laundry detergent (scented or unscented--I know tide makes a hypoallergenic, it gave me horrible cysts on my back and face), sulfur wash, or salicylic acid wash Thank God, I can still use astringent, but that's it. In brief, my skin has become hyperreactive, but I'd actually really like to be able to use a shampoo other than Suave Daily Clarifying again, since my scalp is too used to it and it makes my hair gross after a while. If I eat or use any of these things, it follows a pattern--I get a huge cyst and smaller itchy fluidless papules in the area where my skin makes contact (esp. after shampoos) and I break out terribly. I find non-sulfate shampoos don't really help with my oily fine hair, though, and worse, if they're scented or have oils, that's it. They become a problem. Have any adult acne patients experienced something like this? Reactions to shampoos skin products and bath products meant to resolve acne, possibly in addition to food issues? Do you have any ideas, or even recommendations for laundry detergent and shampoo that you could use without too many problems? I'm tired of using even a drop of dandruff shampoo and coming away from it with greasy hair, face rash and a huge cyst.