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  1. Best laser treatment for my scars?

    some rounds of microneedling ( not derma roller) and " work toward improving your skin tone !! " , although IMO your skin looks really good , stay away from laser now , it's should be your final resort .
  2. Vitamin E capsules

    No!! , and it's may be aggravatethe healing of new scars ( contact dermatitis ) , it's just has moisturizing effect . http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10417589
  3. Will this scar heal?

    keep it moist using vaseline or aquaphor and then switch to regular type moisturizer and mild cleanser , it's look superficial and i think it's will heal good
  4. Which type of acne scarring is easiest to treat?

    " rolling scars" , subcision always deliver good results in this type of scars and if there is so much volume loss , filler can added to add supportive lift
  5. Maybe taking my travels east? Input please, pics included! TIA!

    Although pictures don't capture scars clearly , my advice " leave your skin alone " or just do tca cross and microneedling for ice pick scars
  6. Where to go for scar treatment. Money and travel NO issue

    Dr Davin Lim in australia