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  1. Yes that's %100 my fault. It's weird because I swear I took them in the same lighting situations. It was cloudy both days and taken in the same room in the same spot. And yes it did help. My skin is a lot smoother too.
  2. Thanks!! It was 5 days but keep in mind I was fasting on and off the week I started and the week before. So that helped. I couldn't keep my mind off hunger. Some people can others can't. Really depends on how toxic your body is. If you eat lots of fruits and veggies it shouldn't be too bad. If you eat greasy burgers, fries, cakes and cookies, you'll CRAVE and it'll be tough. Also like I said, the marks turned pinkish, you can still clearly see them but they now blend with the rest of my skin better. My skin also smoothened out. Fasting works for all skin conditions. This was just one example. Other part of my body were healing also. Another note: I started the fast with a lot of small wounds which slowed the process. I'm just glad I finished
  3. Ok this morning I was feeling too weak and broke the fast Here are the final results. Sorry for bad lighting it has been cloudy here the past few weeks. Tell me what you think?
  4. This is old news. Even ancient. People act like its a "new age" fantasy. To me it's logical how the body heals itself during fasting. With all the crap we eat, the body has to work hard to digest it. I usually fall asleep after crap food because my body gets so damn tired working.
  5. Improvements are slowing. The first few days I saw a bigger difference but it's probably due to the fact I have been fasting intensely off and on the past few weeks. Keep in mind AFTER fasting your body will continue to heal due to having a clearer system. After fasting it is harder to get acne and it goes away a lot faster too. During this time I have gotten compliments about my looks from people who know me. One thing to note, my under eye circles are slowly fading and my cheeks are getting a pink tint.
  6. Day 5: Not much improvement Though the spots are turning pinkish which is interesting. I am feeling weak and almost feel like breaking the fast. But I'm gonna pull through until tomorrow for you guys. Remember this is a live experiment for education and documentation. Activity: Drank a little water Drank water Drank water Drank water
  7. Not long unfortunately. You start seeing huge improvements around the 10 day mark depending on your body. I'm planing on going another 48 hours. It's recommended you break the fast slowly by drinking fruit and veggie juice and eating juicy fruit(grapefruit, oranges, watermelon) Since I have an event happening on the 10th that involves good food I will break my fast the evening before. It's not enough time as you need about 3 days to reintroduce hard to digest food but I have a food addiction so I screw up a lot. At the end I will take a new pic and you can be the judge whether the fast worked or if I'm full of it. I won't expect a huge improvement but a big improvement for sure. I found when I don't fast scars take years to go away. I have a nasty bump on my chest that has been flattening since fasting.
  8. Okay yesterday I did something I probably shouldn't have. I donated plasma while fasting. My blood was very very clear obviously with not much grease/fat. Some people say you'll die if you go 3 days without eating. I'm still alive. Day 4 Activity: Drank water Drank water Drank water Applied aloe vera Applied coconut oil
  9. That's sweet. Thanks! I wish you could see how fast the dark circles under my eyes are clearing. I mean the difference today was way faster than my skin has been. Before I started working on my own health I used to look like I had dark eyeshadow around my eyes. This is a nice bonus!
  10. After a decade of trying every soap, antibiotic, scrub and pill, and doctors telling me to "just deal with it", I had so much acne and scaring I looked like a burn victim. I haven't went swimming since I was a little child and that's what I miss the most. I decided to take things into my own hands and for the first time ever I saw results. I think I have a lot more information to share than a "smh" from a person who's only here to spread hate.
  11. Day 3 I've seen some unique improvement today. My skin seemed to smoothen out more than fade. Still a visible difference which is nice. NOTE: I HAVE NOT used anything topically on my skin since starting. No soap, no lotion, no aloe Vera, no cremes, no exfoliating. Nothing. Also note: before I started I got kicked and punched a few times. I have a red scrape on my shin and a bruise on my left arm. This could potentially slow down healing since there's more the body has to deal with. Forgot to mention this Activity: Drank lime water Drank lime water Drank lime water Drank lemon lime water *donated Plasma Drank coconut kefir
  12. I've been water and dry fasting lately. These have given me amazing results fast. Yes scars fade eventually but fasting boosts it by like %500. Probably more but I'm being modest here. Water fasting is drinking water only. Dry fasting is avoiding all food and liquid. Oh and I've been water kefir fasting the first day of my fasts(water kefir only) because it's delicious and helps digestion. This fast I'm planing on 1. Water kefir fasting 2. Water kefir and lime water. 3. Water 4. Water 5 water in that order. NO FOOD on any of these fasts. Re:Detoxyfying After trying detox diets etc. I now know how it feels. I'm sure everyone's different but what I got yesterday was a headache, filth coating on my teeth and tongue and weakness. This usually hits me on the 3rd day. Not naive, you're just curious and this is exactly why I made this thread. After years of being greedy with info I figured I could give back a little. Also you said "like to try". Keep in mind it's a lot harder when you start out. Try a day a week for a month and then go from there.
  13. I have 3 types of scars. Ice pick, PIH and the ones that wrinkle your skin. All are on my shoulder as well. Yes it IS helping. Your disbelief doesn't change a thing.
  14. I'm not "claiming" anything here. This is my experience. If you can't accept it and it's too hard for you to understand than you and everyone who agree with you can off. Did you not read my post? It WORKED already. This thread is for educational purposes, to help those who are curious and may consider fasting for scars. I'm here to help people. If you're only gonna be here to criticize and be closed minded, you're only gonna disturb those who need help and they don't need this. As far as "true scars" go you can get out with that. I've had these scars for over a decade and they've literally made my life hell. Tell me these aren't "real scars". ---*Moderator edit* - Please watch your language --
  15. Day 2 Wow yesterday I was detoxing more than usual. This morning I can visually see a difference. This is nice ! Faster than expected. Activity: Drank some pineapple water Kefir left over from yesterday Drank lime water kefir Drank lime water Drank some pineapple water kefir
  16. P. S. 2 weeks ago these marks were about twice as dark. I did a few intense dry and water fasts before today which definitely helped the tone.
  17. Hello I had severe acne for about 9 years and acne for even longer, 14 years. When I say severe I mean it. I think I had what's called acne conglorama or something like that. Basically it's a ton of huge pusy pimples that leave scars even when not popped. The past few years I've been treating myself naturally after doctors gave up. The results were amazing but now I'm left with TONS and I mean tons of scars. I've recently started fasting and noticed my scars clearing up a lot faster during and after the fast. My right shoulder has the darkest and most scars compared to the rest of my body. I will be documenting a short fast here using my shoulder as reference to show you just how powerful and cool fasting is. Today is day one and I will try my best to update everything I do to the area. I have coconut oil and aloe Vera plants in my yard so I will be using these to speed up the process. Thanks Day One: Drank Pineapple kefir Drank sweet pineapple water kefir (I try to avoid sugary drinks, this one wasn't fully fermented it seems) Drank coconut water kefir