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    Yes, it is possible to have eczema that doesn't itch. Mine was located on my upper forehead near my hairline and only itched if I was sweating. The cortisone cream would help for a few days but then the rash would come back after stopping. Long term use of cortisone is about the worst thing you can do to your skin so I needed another option. Eczema is such a broad term and can take many different forms but my guess is that you're experiencing some sort of dermatitis that needs to be soothed, not killed by cortisone, BP, etc. I was skeptical about the Neo but it seriously dropped my jaw after the first night of use.
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  2. PHARMTEAM added a post in a topic Anyone Ever Experience This?   

    It sounds like you have eczema based on the description of the rash and ability to heal temporarily with cortisone cream. I had the same issue, although in a different spot on my face, and had unbelievable success with Neosporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream. It's about $12 at Walmart and cleared up my problem within two days. The itch went away almost instantly and the bumps were completely gone (and no longer red) within a week.
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