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  1. I am SO sorry to hear people around you are so cruel, especially your family. It's a shame they aren't able to show any empathy or compassion for what you're going through. Luckily, you have a family here. Feel free to PM if you ever need to talk.
  2. I look so ugly!

    I can so relate. Even when my skin is clear, I'm completely covered in scars around my mouth, cheeks, nose and forehead. It makes clear skin less satisfying because of the constant reminder of how bad it used to be. Would you be willing to post a picture? I'm positive your skin looks far better to outsiders than it does to you.  
  3. Everything is going great and then bam.

    Thank you, Ben! It's easy to feel like the only adult in the world with acne.... I've always been the only person with acne in my past jobs and even my master's program. When I was younger I used to ask my mom when I would grow out of it and she said she did in her 20s. Sometimes it gave me hope and got me through some really low lows with my skin. Unfortunately, my 20s came and went and I'm still suffering. Ughhhhh...
  4. Everything is going great and then bam.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! The feeling of absolute doom and helplessness is just the worst. I'm going to work today with makeup caked on my flakey, blemished face. Ugh. I just want to fast forward through this breakout, preferably under a rock where no one has to look at me. Thanks again for responding.
  5. For the most part, my skin has been doing 100x better than my teenage and college years. I would have a pimple here and there, but it was manageable. Then out of nowhere, I wil get a bad breakout (like I did yesterday) and become absolutely hopeless and depressed. Yesterday my skin looked pretty good, I had two pimples, but I was totally fine with that. We went and saw a movie and had a nice Sunday. I'm waiting in the line for red box before we go home when I catch a glimpse of my reflection.. My nose is really red for some reason. I get home and look in the mirror and my nose is COVERED with angry pimples and whiteheads. How the hell did this happen?! My skin was seriously looking so good, it's so depressing.  Im 30 and a therapist. I already have the fact that I look so young working against me, having teen-like acne is not helping. I wonder when I will stop being punished like this? It's seriously so degrading and the worst part is, my skin is always there to remind me that I'm ultimately powerless when it comes to the state of my face, no matter what I do.