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  1. Forehead scars

    The rule of the thumb when it comes to treating acne scarring is to combine as many modalities as possible. That said, all the modalities you mentioned are good options for your scarring! 
  2. Awesome. Good luck! Post pictures - I'm sure this board will thank you for it!
  3. Just Did Prp And Dermapen For Acne Scars

    Thanks for updating us! Glad you're content with your results :)
  4. Punch biopsy of mole

    That looks like post surgery erythema or w.e. None the less it's some form of erythema. Vbeam Perfecta would be a possible answer for you.   ' Postinflammatory erythema differs from postoperative erythema1 that is described in the literature, as the latter attributes the erythema to a procedure and is found within a surgical scar. PIE refers to localized skin erythema following any type of skin inflammation, including the erythema that may result in a scar. Accordingly, PIE may reside on normal skin or within whereas postoperative erythema is limited to a surgical scar. '  
  5. Acne fading, red marks appearing.

    If your lesions are predominantly red you're likely dealing with PIE (Post Inflammatory Erythema). Depending on the severity inflammation and your capabilities to heal, PIE can have a prolonged stay on your skin. PIE can also lead to disfiguring scarring. I've noticed that with some my past nodular-cystic or papular pimples, even after went down after a few weeks or months, some would remain there (red) for a long time (I figure this is left over inflammation). Which eventually and unfortunately lead 'permanent' scarring.' Apostrophes because over time, some of the scarring softened up (leveled out). Others I  You said you're friend suffered with acne but his red marks healed quickly. I have two theories. One - he's probably a better healer than you. And/or two - his acne wasn't as deep as yours. Check this: Basically, he could of just had a large amount of whitehead or pustule-type acne. I call them the 'nice' type of acne.   I also have very light skin which makes acne appear much more severe than it is.  Do you have pics? By the way you have very nice sytax and grammar for being a non-native english speaker.  
  6. Forehead scarring (+pic)

    TCA Cross. Albeit, that requires experience and or a Physician. However, since your scars have defined box-car-like edges, they probably can benefit from just spot tca peels alone over time. This means the edges (healthy skin) can be slowly 'sanded down'  to scar level - therefore make the scar look less prominent. The tca will also come in contact with the scarred (unhealthy skin - pit) and stimulate collagen. For a more uniform look you would essentially apply the tca over your whole forehead but that calls for down time. Your forehead seems fine , so just the spot tca peels could do the trick, again, over time.  Check out Dc-girl pic's and blog on how to.  Oh and this is a process that took a year or two I believe ^  
  7. Forehead scarring (+pic)

    I concur. However, TCA is also viable option for him
  8. Retin A + Glycolic acid study

    Seems promising. Try it out and blog it  
  9. My Vbeam Perfecta log (red marks, pie).

    Great Vlog Sassy.  I've had 5 Vbeams (Perfecta) done in the past. I'll be frank. Although they haven't 'cured' my red marks completely, I'm still an advocate of Vbeam because It has , however , given me discernable improvement. Did your doctor mention the use of Sunscreen? Because that's vital too.  Good luck!! 
  10. What has happened this forum1?

    this topic has unearthed some members that I've never seen
  11. Do not despair! Your scarring reminds me to that of Sverd's scarring found here. He was able to improve his scarring after just one round of subcision. His after pictures are somewhere inside of that post but I don't have time right now to pinpoint them out. He periodically comes by and gives us his updates. Check it out if you can.
  12. dermabrasion

    It seems like you're more worried about your hyperpigmentation than your shallow scars. I'd start off with light chemical peels and microneedling. At home, tbh.. 
  13. dermabrasion

    I love how honest and knowledgable that doctor is
  14. Few scars.

    Subicision to lift them
  15. I'm sure this person had subcision and fillers done as well..
  16. This was a depressing read.. I wish I could do something that would miraculously cure every board user's scars and take them out of the misery that acne scarring has caused in your life. The fact that people take their precious time to visit these forums and the fact that they (we) have to deal with something they've (we've) unfairly (been) burdened with is really fucking unfortunate.   I've improved my scarring the through Subcision + Suction method but I still visit these forums from time to time give whatever I can (which is empirically not much of help; guidance and suggestions), because there's still lots of dubious people (not educated due to misinformation or new to the subject) that delay treatments or people that aren't well off and can't afford the treatments.  
  17. Dr. John DeSpain for Acne scarring

    I don't know anything about hi,. But you can call the practice ask to see if he still performs subcision regularly.
  18. Acne scar help

    Good luck!! Upload pics!
  19. Not sure where to get legit 100% TCA?

    What's your occupation? This work seems like fun. Otherwise, Good luck!
  20. Sorry for the delay. It's incredibly hard for me to capture my scars with my out of date Moto G. However, I will try to upload a few this week to give you guys an insight on how things are looking. Moreover, I'd like to point out that I haven't needled for a few months now and my last Vbeam was I believe a month ago. At the moment I'm extremely content with my right temples and right side of my face -- easily a 75%+ improvement with no change for the past 2-3 months. Some scars never resurfaced and the fat loss that was present on my right cheeks is no more :). Unfortunately for my left temples although they have improved immensely, they still need a bit of work. That also goes for my scars on my left cheeks. So in terms improvement - left temples 50% and left cheeks 60%. I am also keeping my acne at bay (knock on wood) with the oil cleansing method.  My proposed course of action as of now is the following -  Needling on Thanksgiving  One last subcision, needling + suction (2 weeks this time) on Winter break 3 Month procedure-free break, then needling indefinitely for the rest of 2016 once every 7 weeks Done with Vbeam, going to focus on using sunscreen religiously now Best to all  
  21. tldr: yeah
  22. Can money fix severe scarring?

    Several subcisions for deep scaring plus several resurfacing (laser, peels, dermabrasion) for shallow scarring and evening out, several pdl for discoloration problems and finally several fillers for filling in irregularities that subcison couldn't correct. I'd say 90% is probable over time. 2-4 subcisions, 1-2 resurfacing and 2-5 rounds of permanent filler by an extremely experienced derm/surgeon would get you close...this is assuming your face looks like this (notice the fat loss on left cheek) Subcision suction + pdls + occasional needling sessions made a huge difference for me, however. You could look into that in the meantime. 
  23. Vbeam laser experience

    I have been zapped by the new model of Vbeam, Vbeam Perfecta several times now. The new model doesn't usually cause hematomas(bruises) nor does it induce as much facial swelling in contrast to the older model yet it yields the exact same results. That said, I needed to get at least 2 rounds in order to see improvement. In terms of your 'marks/swelling' -- It could last a week or it could last a few days. It's hard to make assumptions without knowing what it looks like. I talk with experience because I've had a few to deal with a few bruises/bumps from vbeam before...but they were miniscule and didn't cause heads to turn
  24. I thought of it before, but since get nauseous whenever I see pool of blood, so I decided not to proceed and waste my time.  How much will all these tools cost you?  All power to you. Good luck
  25. Sweet. My session were also 30~ish minutes and subsequently, my scars would also start to get read and appear for a few minutes but then would later disappear. As far as dryness, just keep slathering that jojoba oil over your face periodically or when your face feels dry. I would also take showers at night after and cleanse with jojoba after my last session then would re-apply jojoba oil for the moisturizing effect! Take photos!