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  1. Brian Turner's new microneedling review video

    Surprised the doctor didn't suggest subcision too. Frankly, I believe subcision alone would have given him better results.
  2. Plump up acne scars?

    It's not worth it. If you want real a permanent solution, seek a doctor that performs subcision. For the boxcar scars, you could try @ home chemical peels and microneedling and or ablative lasers. If you have icepick scarring, tca cross (2+ sessions) followed by microneedling or ablative laser will greatly improve or remove the scar.
  3. Acne (scars), in of help please

    You're not kidding? The sun's UV's still penetrate through cloudy weather at the same intensity. The sun's UVs causes premature aging (and skin caner), not the warmth it gives off. HUGE misconception, you should read about it and buy yourself a good sunscreen! tldr: sunny day = cloudy day as far as UVs go. wear sunscreen. @thread, consider light chemical peels and or vascular lasers that targets erythema (vbeam, ipl)
  4. The Derminator Thread

    Exercise speeds up wound healing ergo your skin by improving blood circulation. So yeah, in general, a good lifestyle will improve your appearance. Keep it up; tackle this shit at all angles and you will see improvement albeit slowly.
  5. my story.... :/can't live with it anymore...

    They actually look much improved.
  6. Erbium resurfacing for rolled scars ?

    You're better off getting subcision and paying 1/2 - 1/4 of the price.
  7. subcision for acne scars

    I agree with mr.matt. Keep at it!
  8. .............

    Only nodular cysts. Those can be taken out without leaving scars using coristone shots..I just found out (had a couple go away completely in 3 days) Umm, it's time for accutane, ultra low dose that is. Ultra-Low dose Accutane efficacy: Dermabrasion whilst on accutane: Other abstract articles: ABSTRACT: Background: The current standard recommendation is to avoid surgical interventions in patients taking oral isotretinoin. However, this recommendation has been questioned in several recent publications. Aim: To document the safety of cosmetic and surgical interventions, among patients receiving or recently received oral isotretinoin. Materials and methods: Association of Cutaneous Surgeons, India, in May 2012, initiated this study, at 11 centers in different parts of India. The data of 183 cases were collected monthly, from June 2012 to May 2013. Of these 61 patients had stopped oral isotretinoin before surgery and 122 were concomitantly taking oral isotretinoin during the study period. In these 183 patients, a total of 504 interventions were performed. These included[1] 246 sessions of chemical peels such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid, and combination peels;[2] 158 sessions of lasers such as ablative fractional laser resurfacing with erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet and CO2, conventional full face CO2 laser resurfacing, laser-assisted hair reduction with long-pulsed neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet, diode laser, and LASIK surgery;[3] 27 sessions of cold steel surgeries such as microneedling, skin biopsy, subcision, punch elevation of scars, excision of skin lesion, and wisdom tooth extraction;[4] 1 session of electrosurgery. Results: No significant side effects were noted in most patients. 2 cases of keloid were documented which amounted to 0.4% of side effects in 504 interventions, with a significant P value of 0.000. Reversible transient side effects were erythema in 10 interventions and hyperpigmentation in 15. Conclusion: The study showed that performing dermatosurgical and laser procedures in patients receiving or recently received isotretinoin is safe, and the current guidelines of avoiding dermatosurgical and laser interventions in such patients taking isotretinoin need to be revised.
  9. Moderate with room for a lot of improvement
  10. Your scarring needs to be approached different ways since you display scarring of all types. Ice picks, boxcar scars and rolling.
  11. My Subcision + Saline + Suction Treatment

    lumps or fibrous nodules can be treated with steroids if persist for an extended period of time.
  12. Salt Scrub

    Tca cross for icepicks, microneedling for other scarring and texture and Vbeam Perfecta for redness.
  13. My Subcision + Saline + Suction Treatment

    Great job guys. Here's to improvement!! baby steps
  14. sure. I can find you bad reviews from other people regarding other doctors too. so check him and see what you think. we already told you he's good
  15. one of the best. I love him. extremely knowledgeable and fair pricing.
  16. What kind of scarring is this?

    boxcar scar
  17. my story.... :/can't live with it anymore...

    ^ i'm done with this forum it's trash now
  18. Best cure for mild boxcar scars

    boxcars this size could be treated with tca cross
  19. Scar and texture improvement methods?

    Chemical peels, needling and heavy moisturizing along with diligent sunscreen use is your best bet if you can't splurge on lasers.
  20. Will my scars heal with time?

    I second with beautiful said. My derm performs Vbeam perfecta and 30% salycylic acid peels in one go. This combo prevents future breakouts and also combats the discoloration: hyperpigmentation and the red marks. I pay $90 for both. What's your regimen like?.. and do you know what triggered your breakout?
  21. Trying out TCA cross

    Well give it time man, it's a lengthy process. Right now you want to test whether or not there will be any complications, downtime, improvement or an unsightly mark. Take before and afters of each scar and give it 2-3 weeks before evaluating and coming to a conclusion/professing verdict. Then move on to 50% etc etc, Don't scrub the scab or exfoliate. Let each and every scab fall off naturally! Make sure you get the solution in the scar and not around it. If you're not liking the syringe method and If a toothpick is too thick, try a broom straw or whatever it's called to treat scars.
  22. This happened after accutane. Help me identify?

    Keloidal scarring. Ask your derm about steroid shots and Vbeam to address them.
  23. Trying out TCA cross

    How are you performing the syringe method while standing? Lol
  24. Moderator and Scarsfade Postings

    I know you're increasing awareness about your situation but I want to ask you something. What do you realistically want Dr. Lim to do? Close his practice b/c of a couple bad outcomes (of 1000's)? This is a serious question. And I really hope your situation improves for your sanity
  25. Is Suctioning safe after Subcision + PRP?

    Make sure your scabs heal completely before you try. Other than that, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to do so.