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  1. Not touching them, still scaring

    If they're persistentnodules they will likely scar regardless. Some will heal over time some will stay for a longer time and some will leave an indent.
  2. I had an indent too from an insertion point but that went away after a couple of months. I also had a couple of nodules but those too went away. Some quicker than others. You didn't mention if your rolling scars subsided or decreased? Any word on that? those pictures aren't quite clear There's a steroid injection you can opt for if those nodules are seriously bothering you.
  3. You can try that. Roll once every 2-3 weeks with .5mm and do a peel a week later. Intervals. Stick with .5mm-1.0mm you cars are very mild.
  4. Will lump from subcision go away?

    Yeah it will.
  5. If he wasn't in such a remote area and didn't charge an arm and a leg for every treatment I would visit him to "finish me off". But that's not the case, lol. He's someone I would trust with my skin, tho. I'll watch it later lol
  6. How severe is my scarring?

    Mild to moderate. You can benefit from treatments such as Subcision, needling and TCA cross.
  7. Scars worsened w/ one year of needling and lasers

    That's part of it :)
  8. How I can treat in my scars?

    Good candidate for tca cross! That's probably all you'll ever need.
  9. Which dermastamp to buy?

    Owndoc has a lot of reputation. But Ebay has good ones too. If you want to take needling to the next level, I suggest you invest in a Derminator. Good luck
  10. White tattoo ( doing tattoos to raise the skin surface?)

    You'll have a better outcome doing subcisionsuction. Who knows what could happen doing this on your face.
  11. Can the vbeam perfecta cause permanent fat loss?

    No, you're good, man. Don't expect results until week 3-6. And depending on your situation, you may have to do 2+ rounds. Down time is 1/2 a day sometimes a couple of hours. Sunscreen to maintain results and whilst skin is healing for those couple of weeks. I've had 3 or 4 done, lol. Good luck
  12. Dermaroller improvement photos

    Ask your mom to help - if she's literate or a critical observer to perform cross. You can have her practice on one or two ice-picks and see how that goes. (you're a nurse so i figure a smart family background)
  13. Dermaroller improvement photos

    your scars are good candidates for tca cross.
  14. Don't do TCA peel on pimples with pus

    Is your scarring only pronounced on your upper cheeks? No temple scarring or lower cheek scarring?
  15. Advice/recommendations on Scarring (PICS)

  16. What is this? Photo included

    nonchalant yet frank. this is what I see too. I see scars that have formed but they also have time to improve a bit. you can treat your erythema with pdl lasers.
  17. Don't do TCA peel on pimples with pus

    that's incredibly deep. do you have a picture? I've accidently gone over pimples with highertca percentages and this was never the result. I'm willing to be that the reason it sunk was because you poked it. also, pimples that are relatively close to the surface don't bleed extensively. you were likely dealing with a pimple that was very deep, nodule-like. those seldom form heads but when they do they're very small thus don't react as regular pimples would do (easy draining). give it a couple of days it's probably traumatized by the poking.
  18. 40% Glycolic Acid Peel last night, indentations gone

    I know. I wish we had great insightful & intellectual postings and findings like the ones you post!!!!! Lmao
  19. my strange markings on her face

    Rollings Scars. Once the redness subsides the scars won't be as pronounced but they will likely still be there. I had and still have a few scars like yours. Your best bet is Subcision and microneedling. Congrats on finishing Accutane!
  20. did your pigmentation improve on accutane?

    The improvement could possibly be due to the absence of the acne. In other words, your skin is now recuperating now that it's not dealing with breakouts.
  21. Which type of scar is this?

    Yes. Steroids like cortisone can treat these fairly well.
  22. You must have really messed with them for them to look like that. Stop that! TCA cross is probably your best bet.
  23. Hey! I use Neutrogena Oil Free moisture [with sunscreen] SPF 35. I only apply in the mornings. If i go out, I always wear a hat or a hoodie along with the suncreen the sun's rays can bounce from the ground to your face. You can reapply every 4 hours if you feel the need to. I don't apply it at night time, no.
  24. TotalFX - DeepFX + ActiveFX