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  1. Looking for some advice on my scarring

    I think Medspa facials/mild chemical peels would be sufficient. That and Sunscreen. Your skin is in good condition bro. Glycolic peels
  2. Suggestions for a doctor

    Dr Rullan in Chula Vista, California is an expert in those 3 treatments.
  3. Looking for a solution to my acne scars (PICS inside)

    Something along the lines of this protocol could yield you good results. (30-50% improvement) within a year

    My doctor said it was fine. The consensus among many (not all) professionals is to wait 6 months but there have been attempts to rebut that 'revered' statement. Try to microneedle on one part of your face and assess the results 1-2 weeks after.
  5. TCA applied on a Rolling scar

    Those look like boxcar scars and ice pick. I see no rolling scars
  6. Scarred Pores

    Thanks for reporting!
  7. Rolling scars and fat loss I presume. Subicion with filler is your best bet. B
  8. You're a good-looking dude regardless of your 'imperfections'. Tbh we all are, we truly are our worst critics. I get called young-looking and 'cute' from time to time when I feel my worst at times. Keep it up bro.
  9. Boxcar and (Light) Rolling Scars

    Try alternating microneedling and 15% tca peels. That's your best and unprofessional, bet.
  10. Can you elab. on the cyst shrinking process and final divot? Like, did it eventually even out without inflammation(or without) but then eventually sank in?
  11. This is a 2-day report? I suggest you come back weekly and report the progress if any. Were the scars red or fairly old?
  12. With subcision you are literally cutting the bands that hold down the scar to induce collagen. With single needling and needling you are crushing/stabbing them apart (mush) to induce collagen. Scissor cutting vs Knife stabbing